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A dark moon ritual to cleanse new spaces or simply a way to mark your territory, here are my top 5 tips to declutter bad juju.

5 Ways To Clear And Cleanse Your Sacred Spaces – Dark Moon Rituals

As someone that works from home I regularly take pauses – to reset my personal vibration – and if life is getting emotional I’ll need to reset the energy in my space.

I keep a few tools on my desk and will regularly cleanse my phone and computer, and I also have an oil burner on my desk too, introducing pleasant fragrances during the day.

I recommend the following as brilliant tools to enhance your living or work areas.

What’s more, a few years ago I experienced dark energies where I was living, which I’m almost certain was one or more spirits (it was a very, very old apartment).

I performed rituals to rid the flat of its entities, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they were still there, today. This was a very old building in the centre of London, a notoriously charged area when it comes to lingering beings and haunted corners.

If you are struggling with the energy of your space – either because of unknown spirits or perhaps the ghosts of girlfriends past (yes, these tools will even help shift them) – use the following to wipe the slate clean. Bringing about a cathartic cleanse, and prepare for a fresh start!

This is an ideal practice for the dark moon, waning moon and new moon phase of the lunar cycle.

1. Scent – Sage, Palo Santo, Incense & Perfumes…

For some serious shifting of energy it’s a great idea to introduce powerful scents in your space, to clear and cleanse the energy.

Clockwise from top right: Perfumed Room Fragrance, Sage, Japanese Incense, Palo Santo, Sage Leaves, Oil Burner and Aromatherapy Oils…


One of my favourite room fragrances and ways to enhance space is Japanese incense, one the most high quality types of incense made.

Fragrant Oils & Perfumes

Using an oil diffuser or simple burner you can enjoy aromatherapy oils, or spray home fragrances. Eucalyptus has particularly cleansing, protective, healing properties.

Palo Santo

Walk clockwise with this fragrant wood, which is a powerful tool for healing and cleansing space. It’s sweet smokey scent and tones of pine, mint, lemon and coconut could come through.


Depending on your needs, you might like to pluck just a leaf from your bundle of sage, walking clockwise around your space, burning the dried plant.

Do be warned that Sage is like the household bleach of cosmic cleansing tools, and a resource that is quickly becoming depleted. To be mindful of this – and to not completely eradicate the good vibes in your home, go easy with your sage.

Sage, Incense and Palo Santo…

Use a feather to penetrate the airwaves, and burn the sage in an abalone shell. Set your intentions, too.

Reach into the corners of your room, as stagnant energy can gather in these areas. Visualise dark energies dissipating and leaving your space. Open cupboard and cabinet doors too.

2. Sound – Bells, Cymbals, Clapping, Laughter & Music…

It’s worth remembering that you can shift the energy in your home purely with sound.

You don’t need to invest in singing bowls, a gong or expensive equipment – although these do make for an extraordinary centre piece in any space – simply ringing bells or awakening the space with beautiful choral music can work wonders.

When you’ve cleared a room or space with a powerful tool like sage, it’s worth filling the space with positive energy once again.

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Cymbals are inexpensive and create a clear, high vibe sound.

3. Prayers, Chanting & Welcoming Angels…

Like sound healing, there’s power in prayer and chanting in your space, and you can raise the frequency of your surroundings with this medium of thought and action.

If you’re feeling low-vibe in your space walk around with the positive intention of spreading good juju with the following thought: “I fill my surroundings with divine light and love, bless this space and allow my energy to be uplifted.

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Call in angels – Archangel Michael and Angel Gabriel – simply by requesting their protective presence. You don’t need to be religious, either, the angels work with those who reach out!

4. Open Windows & Doors, Sweep The Halls…

Come rain or shine, one of the best ways to burst open the blinds, open the window and break into song.

OK, warbling optional.

But really, throwing back the curtains of letting up the blinds – or preferably having a really good spring clean and washing said coverings is a great way to go.

Ushering in a breeze from outside blows all kinds of cobwebs and spirits from your space – you can even whisper on the wind, encouraging any lingering entities to walk towards the light and away from your hearth (the advice given to me when I was co-habiting with dark spirits at home)…

You can also wash your entrance and front door with a warm cloth and water infused with a highly protecting essential oil, for example geranium, sandalwood, or frankincense.

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In the philosophy of Feng Shui it’s a good idea to keep your windows bright, clean, with high visibility, as this brings about clarity in your outlook

5. Introduce Houseplants, Crystals, Rainbows & Life!

House plants are so much more that decor, they’re like family members!

With succulents seriously trending it won’t be hard to find something that suits your personal style.

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Crystals – black tourmaline and selenite.





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