How Each Zodiac Sign Falls In LOVE – Your Star Signs Style In Romance…

You might be the world’s greatest but you’ll be flying solo unless you know how each zodiac sign falls in love…

The similarities among the signs can be found when grouped by element – fire, earth, air and water, and also by mode – cardinal, fixed or mutable.

The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) tend to be impassioned, hot and heady, chasing excitement (and sometimes burning out fast!) Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) tend to be reliable and steadfast, falling in love at a more gradual pace, in a more predictable ‘safe’ manner, while air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are cerebral in their approach to matters of the heart. For air signs it’s important for them to be stimulated mentally (Gemini), in their outlook (Aquarius) or socially (Libra). Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are governed by their emotions, and will more readily follow their intuition or feelings in the pursuit of love.

The cardinal signs like to initiate and instigate the pursuit of love, the mutable signs tend to be accommodating, while the fixed signs tend to have the most longevity.

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Aries falls hard and fast…

The Zodiac’s Ram is notorious for diving head first into all her endeavors and that’s true in her pursuit of romantic connection, too. Leave the gentle simmer to the other signs – Aries needs bubbles, sparks and even fireworks to fall head over heels, and once she does, she’s smitten. Once it’s over however, it’s usually well and truly over, the way to an Aries heart is to remember they love being number one.

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Taurus falls slow and steady…

The patient bull is the fixed earth sign of the Zodiac, and therefore doesn’t hurry her affections. Sensual and gradual, she indulges her senses fully and will want an attractive partner that smells good and who’s useful – ideally in the kitchen! Not a great fan of change, once she’s set her sights on a partner she’s in it for the long haul. Practical, Taurus will choose a safe bet who’s trustworthy.

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Gemini falls in love with the mind…

The sign of duality, mutable air sign Gemini is curious and fascinated by multiple interests and stimuli, so to be attracted they must find someone who can keep their attention. They will often fall for someone worldly, educated or philosophical, the traits of their opposite sign Sagittarius. Despite being incredibly flirtatious, the twins don’t have to stray once they meet their match – just keep them talking!

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Cancer falls when they feel truly secure…

Cancer is the cardinal water sign, which means that of all the emotionally attuned–water–signs they’re the most assertive. Known for their fluctuating moods (like the tides,) crab’s fall in love with those who bring stability and stamina; powerfully brooding, a sensitive soul that brings them out of their shell is ideal. On some level, this sign wants to create a family or find her tribe, so talk of nesting will appeal.

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Leo falls when they feel adored…

The star performer of the Zodiac, Leo is a dazzling fixed fire sign, who burns bright solo. They fall for a mate who will fans their flames and boosts their ego! Don’t criticize or antagonize the lion, who is warm and generous until tested. Better to crown them in their rightful position as benevolent leader, and bask in their rays of happiness. Childlike, they will cherish a playmate that stimulates their creativity.

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Virgo falls when the practicalities add up…

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Virgo is the most discerning, astute and particular of the signs, rigorous about cleanliness or picky about certain traits favored in a mate. To fall in love they weigh up the details, and only really commit when they’re satisfied they’re on to a sure thing. They will often choose a mate who’s more artistically inclined, someone who balances out their earthy nature with soothing qualities to ease their nerves.

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Libra falls when they meet their match…

The balanced scales, Libra seeks harmony and naturally gravitates towards being in relationships. Her opposite sign is independent, autonomous Aries, however Libra loves to pair-up. Sociable creatures, Libra can be sweetness and light, dimples and smiles, while the partner that stirs up mischief could win her heart – she’ll often be attracted to controversial types and will love holding the reigns.

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Scorpio falls when they sense undying loyalty…

The fixed ‘still waters’ sign, Scorpio needs to feel emotionally secure – like Cancer – but her instincts and sense of trust runs far deeper. This sign has a notorious sting when betrayed, and has learnt only to let their guard down with deserving friends and lovers. They will usually do their due diligence with a full investigation before falling head over heels, scoping out a lover before truly committing for keeps.

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Sagittarius falls when they’re free to roam…

The freedom loving fire sign, Sagittarius falls in love when they’re guaranteed a good time and can follow their passions at will. They frequently need to loosen the reigns, so will adore a partner that’s as lively and colorful as they are. The optimistic archer needs to be stimulated with ideas, philosophies and wanderlust, falling for someone who helps them pursue knowledge and broaden their horizons.

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Capricorn falls for a good long-term investment…

The most ambitious of the signs, Capricorn falls in love with a promising future, choosing the partner that helps them ascend to higher heights. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn comes off as cool and even austere but once they’ve set their sights on a worthy candidate can become an old romantic – and an enduring lover. As the cardinal earth sign they can literally move mountains to achieve what they want.

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Aquarius falls for a bright spark…

The fixed air sign of the zodiac, Aquarius has often made up his mind on many different areas of life, with his astrological mantra “I Know” front of mind. Thus he will often be drawn to partners that have the ability to shake him up, challenging his perceptions or introducing different dimensions, which he adores. Note the star qualities of his opposite sign, Leo – confident, bright, entertaining and inspiring.

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Pisces falls in love with the romantic ideal…

The mutable water sign Pisces is the most capable of using her imagination and artistic talent to mold potential partners into her highest aspirations – if only in her dreams. However with almost psychic intuitive faculties, Pisces can swim towards helpful, practical types that can keep the cogs of life turning for them both. Note her opposite zodiac sign Virgo, who pays attention to the details, or the earth signs, attuned to the practicalities.


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