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Twinning! What June Has In Store – Your Monthly Horoscope….

A symphony of stars announces June in sparkling, melodic fashion.

Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter enjoy harmonious ties on the 1st and 2nd, positioned in the watery constellations of Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio, while Mercury and Mars synchronize in sprightly air signs Gemini and Aquarius. Relish the capacity for elevated levels of understanding and empathy, and welcome the great potential that comes with thinking outside the box.

As realizations dawn, we might be inclined to surrender certain ideals, letting go of our expectations of progress, while making space for new stories to inspire. Notice a collective exhalation on the 8th, allowing for shifts on the weekend of the 9th, and look ahead with optimism on the 19th. The new moon in Gemini, June 13th (3:42 p.m. EST), provides a halfway point to catch a breath.

The full moon blooms June 28th (12:53 a.m. EST) in Capricorn’s constellation, in line with its ruling planet, Saturn. Around this time, efforts of the year to date will be illuminated, so shine a light on accomplishments cemented.

Aries or Aries Rising

Social activities, company connections, or friendly ties are a prominent theme in the weeks ahead, as you’re offered opportunities to engage, network, and integrate. It’s likely you’re making more effort to align with community now; however, June could feel pretty slow compared to your usual pace, Aries.

People from the past—or peers that reflect former lifetimes—could come back around, with the weekend of the 9th particularly noteworthy for powerful group gatherings. Make space for your own interests and passions too—including romance; the 21st presents conflicting interests.

Domestic life provides consistent background noise throughout the month; it’s an excellent time for tackling close emotional bonds, home life, or family or property matters. On the 29th, the professional efforts you’ve made this year are clear to see.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Relationships enjoy a high note entering June, with your sense of connection blissfully aligned. Close kindred spirits are particularly well positioned to enhance your outlook, and life delivers seamless rapport. Enjoy working, learning, and exploring new terrain with friends; however, navigate the 5th with care—there’s the potential for overbearing influences to disturb your fun!

There’s opportunity for a fresh look at your role or income on the 13th, by which time you might have experienced a shift in your direction; from the 14th, domestic life seems increasingly appealing. Though initially it might be hard to settle, you’ll feel at home by the 19th. Note, the 21st prompts you to choose between public demands and nesting, while the 25th asks you to divide your attention, too.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Sail into June with pressing ventures and personal growth front of mind, Gemini; it’s a swift-moving month with exciting opportunities to broaden your scope in front of you! Around the 8th, you’ve got ties to a path or project that feels familiar; be willing to take risks and make shifts in your perspective.

Toward the 13th, you’re primed to claim a fresh start. Make space for inspiration; this is a day that can deliver insight around important transitions connected to work.

Your income, role, or financial standing is highlighted throughout June, with your position at large considerably on your radar in the second half of the month. Efforts to restructure important private investments—either your time or money—are illuminated by the peaking moon June 27th.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

June presents a favorable time to escape; incubate; and focus on personal relationships, passion projects, and your private life, Cancer. You’ll come across beautifully during this time, with graceful Venus blessing you with friendly amicability and an increased sense of pleasure or indulgence. Allow yourself to be inspired, awakening romantic or creative impulses—and enjoy yourself!

Toward the 13th, you can really embrace the birthing pangs of a cathartic shift that’s underway, gaining closure, and transitioning into a confident new you June 19th. Emerge on the 21st, willing to embrace and own the spotlight. You might ruffle feathers as you come out of your shell and step into your chosen role, so anticipate fireworks. Your most important business or love partnerships fill the frame June 27th.

Leo or Leo Rising

Personal relationships and your place within a crowd, company, or peer group are emphasized now, Leo, with the 6th and 7th being particularly compelling days to connect with community. Despite the social pull, you could feel intensely emotional; the stars are aligned for introspection and reflection, so deep-dive into private interests, too.

Come up for air on the 13th for a fresh start among friends, acknowledging shifts around important partnerships. The 19th is ideal for recognizing your warm magnetism.

From the 21st drawing inward feels easier, and you’re ready to recharge and recalibrate—your path is clear to see on the 23rd. June 27th challenges your ability to press pause and indulge in escapism, as work- or health-related matters come full circle; acknowledge practical efforts made this year.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

The practicalities surrounding your position—and your worldly direction—are foremost in weeks ahead, as the stars are lit around your vocational path. It’s likely you’ll be busy, with plenty of action indicated in everyday dealings, and you might need to let go of some aspects of your usual schedule. Use the 8th to initiate shifts, welcoming a fresh look at your profile on the 13th.

You could then be ready to announce your standing to peers, as networking climbs higher on your agenda. From the 13th, your connection to community and friends can be embraced —although relationships are truly in a sweet spot throughout the month.

Progress around your personal passions can be honored on the 27th, signaling a good time to step back from the crowd.

Libra or Libra Rising

You can enjoy visibility as June opens, Libra. Your reputation and standing in the world is boosted thanks to growth in your chosen role—it’s a glorious month to be seen, leveraging your efforts since October last year. However, navigate newfound notoriety with care on the 5th, a day with the potential to deliver powerful emotional challenges.

On the 14th your focus shifts toward developing strong ties with peers or colleagues or making inroads to another social scene; though initially this may seem unfamiliar territory, you’ll be at ease in your community by the 19th. Toward Monday the 25th it could be difficult to enjoy yourself among friends, as professional commitments loom large.

Domestic life and efforts to feel established at home are spotlighted on the 27th.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

You could be thinking deeply about home and your domestic circumstances upon entering June, Scorpio. The month ahead is ideal for claiming a fresh start in your private life, and yet you might have to surrender some ideals or expectations about a living or working space.

There’s emphasis on establishing yourself, with personal relationships to tend and contractual agreements to navigate; June 8th promises important shifts in your emotional landscape.

You’re in a favorable position to embrace new ventures, and a special journey further afield beckons. It continues to be a strong time to educate yourself, allowing you to leap up a few rungs of your chosen ladder. Note, the 19th gives you the potential to claim recognition, while the 27th spotlights connections made to date.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

Personal relationships and your private life dominate this month, Sagittarius, and how you express yourself to others is presently an important theme. It’s a compelling time to connect in key partnerships, with your rapport keenly emphasized. However, there may be some aspect of your connection that needs to be renewed or reinvented.

Your sense of companionship is strong as June opens, with the 1st providing remarkable closeness and a trust that continues to permeate your space—home, office, or otherwise. There are great opportunities for introspection, as your inner world is aligned beautifully with plans taking shape; the 19th deepens your clarity.

Welcome exciting ventures that broaden your outlook: A journey of importance is in the cards, creating distractions June 25th, while revelations around your income arrive on the 27th.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Social relations and partnerships are strong as June begins, with friends or lovers available to enhance your experience of the wider community. Confidence around your role is thriving, and you’re experiencing a productive streak where work or your routine is concerned. The 6th and 7th could be disorientating; however, as focus around your schedule dissolves; the 13th breathes new life into productive ways of working.

Take time to consider your income and what you do, Capricorn. Your sense of purpose is a hot topic around the 8th, and you can make headway when you consider your values and what you’re ready to release and embrace. June 27th sees the moon peaking in your sign, emphasizing your newfound discipline and the sense of self you’ve begun to cultivate.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Put personal passions first in June—you’ve plenty of opportunities for fun and games—burning off excess energy with invigorating pursuits. Embrace playfulness and the things (and people) you adore! Mid-month presents an excellent time to add new interests to your repertoire; if you’re single, it’s an awesome time to date afresh.

Note, partnerships—and a busy lifestyle—could prove distracting from an introspective practice you’ve commenced. Family, home life, or an emotional matter could clash with your relationship agenda on the 14th, 16th, 27th, and 30th, while the 28th emphasizes transitions you’ve been making this year. Professional life or your position at-large continues to swell; however, you are experiencing a sweet lull in June, as your professional expansion is on an even keel.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Lucky Pisces, your sense of fun and enthusiasm is high, so let your personal interests dominate the first week of June. You’re in an ideal position to elevate the journey of growth that’s been unfolding since October 2017, with creativity, passion, and all the right ingredients available to help your most important ventures fly.

Elsewhere, giant shifts or a type of transition is in motion, which aligns with a timely spell of introspection. Ready or not, home life or private emotional issues are on your radar (particularly the 6th to the 10th) readying you for a fresh start on the 13th.

The 19th is ideal for affirming ideas and brainstorming, while the 27th reveals the community you’ve cultivated this year. Take a moment away from solo pursuits to celebrate your tribe.

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