August 8th: Last Quarter Moon In Taurus…

The Moon is with Jupiter at its waning phase of the Lunar Cycle!


Planets in your sixth house of day-to-day toil work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your second house of money and earned income.

The practical sectors of your chart are activated, so tap into habits, routines, tasks and rituals that pay! Come up with ideas that compliment your approach to the material world, aware of what’s valuable and real for you.

Edit and organize your schedule and look to healthy practices that work well!

Just note, the bold, boisterous Sun and Venus in Leo encourage you to focus on your fun, playful, creative side, indulging personal passions, hobbies, solo interests, sports and entertainment, humouring yourself with what you love!

Look to your talents and what’s enjoyable!

Pick up tools for maintenance, health, wellbeing, and make choices with discernment that have potentially lucrative outcomes, while also stoking the fire in your heart. Draw on your vivacious nature and meet your desires.


Planets in your fifth house of romance, creativity, kids, pregnancy and playful desires work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your own sign. Connect to your own passions and sense of fun!

Amplify your purpose, plans, a journey or new beginning for who you are and your identity, tapped into what you enjoy, making decisions that bring you closer to what you’re truly interested in or keen on conceiving. Take a risk, develop your look and love life, going after what’s most aligned with your heart… Enjoy your own presence and persona now!

Just note, a focus on safety, stability, a property, or all that’s familiar. The past, nurture, nesting and even self-care may be a prominent theme: family or a parent, home life, your domestic life or roots developed.

Your affections, happiness, pleasure and joy may feel incredible now, yet your foundations, lineage and land are in the spotlight, too.


Planets in your homely fourth house work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your twelfth house of closure, catharsis, surrender and secrets.

Connect to ideas that are aligned with your highest self, rest and recalibrate in your own special sanctuary or on home turf, healing or developing tools and techniques to find peace of mind. Be attuned to your roots, where you’re from, open to shifts and a transformation, as you hide or escape from view.

Just note, a focus on local circles, those in your surroundings: siblings, best friends, co-workers, neighbours, and close ties. Stay curious, willing to learn and develop your communication skills!

Home and domestic life: your property, space, and the ways you deal with life’s inevitable challenges may be compelling and motivating. However, your ability to get on with those in your surroundings is important, too…


Planets in your neighbourly third house work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your friendly eleventh house of team work.

Amplify your part within a group, and come up with bright ideas among sisterly types or a brotherhood. Connect to folk in your area, literally neighbors or best friends, school pals or work mates, involved in your wider social scene. Touch on the issues that matter to everyman and your peers…

Just note a focus on your assets and personal wealth, the way you make a living and add value! Leo Season puts the onus on sustaining yourself: earning, contributing, taking pride in all you do.

Write, make calls, get together with community in mind and your circle, while also spotlighting practical plans, money and your own resources.


Planets in in your second house work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your tenth house of career, standing, prominence and success.

The practical sectors of your chart are activated, so tap into what you have and what you can do to step into your leadership role that’s blossoming.

A title, notoriety and your reputation may be blossoming, with your career or the impression you make publicly now looming large. Make a breakthrough in your vocation, trade or outer appearance as a figurehead, with personal resources to hand.

Just note, a focus on your body or physical constitution is to be considered, too. Be present with your own character and any adjustments underway around you identity and who you are at your core. Something you enjoy may now pose reason to pause and assess how you show up.

Think about what you do that’s valued, appreciated and allow a professional or worthwhile endeavour to move you into action.


Planets in your first house of self work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your visionary ninth house of truth seeking.

Notice a personal connection to a big project or plan, or quest for meaning that connects to your own interests – including your body or look! Come up with ideas, make purchases or hold talks and conversations that centre around a global or educational path you’re on.

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14th | 15th September: New Moon In Virgo Horoscope…

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Just note, a focus on the hidden, unknowable parts of yourself can now add complications. All that’s unconscious or out of sight and out of mind may be challenging to face or accept! The way you deal with misunderstandings and circumstances beyond your control may now come into view…

Think clearly about what’s true for you, what you believe in, with wisdom, teachers or guides that lead you to answers you’re seeking… You may have a breakthrough today if you connect to a foreign friend or someone with an alternative view!


Planets in your twelfth house of closure, catharsis, rest and escapist tendencies work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your eighth house of investments. Look to what needs to be accepted, and dig deep into a process of patience and surrender.

Thoughts and ideas – or even dreams ¬– could now align with a new approach or plan, borrowing, lending or merging assets with another. Consider you’ve luck on your side in this regard.

Just note, a focus on your circle of peers, the greater good, and acquaintances in your circle of friends may now prove distracting, as you identify a way to be a part of the group.

Taking pride in teamwork or finding your place in society might not be easy as you commit, or rely on an outside resource or partner…


Planets in your eleventh house of community work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your opposite sign and house of partners.

Network among peers alongside someone special, be among friends or fulfil the role of an audience member, participating at the level of the group, noticing one person that stands out.

Just note, a focus on your public position, a promotion or your outwards facing role may add complications. Being seen, advancing or recognised in the public eye, your career or reputation may now seem overly complex and set you in limbo.

Allow key relationships to be pertinent, add your voice to the choir as well as the way you make a name for yourself.


Planets in your goal-oriented tenth house work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your work-a-day sixth house, so consider your lifestyle and ambitions, how you come off in the public eye, your aspirations the your everyday routine that leads you to excellence and success!

Think about your mission statement or personal brand, who you are to others, what you represent, and how this aligns with the habits you’ve cultivated.

You may experience luck in your job, tasks, and chores, the way you manage admin or a schedule.

Just note a focus on your philosophical nature, travel or folk further afield (including publishing online or venturing out educationally) may be complex.

A visionary lens and path to broaden your horizons might not be easy, as you strategize a way to the top, and boost diet, health, work and wellbeing.


Planets in your adventurous ninth house of growth work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your fertile fifth house of children, playdate and fun excursions.

Come up with ideas that connect you to those abroad, or with a different political, moral or educational viewpoint, tapping into your own inspiration, talents, hobbies, kids or passion projects.

Just note, a focus on ways you consolidate or share (money, resources or anything that’s jointly held) could pose an issue. Closeness with those you trust, and your vulnerable side may pose a problem, as you evaluate how to open up to those that need you (and you them).

Engage with the paths that have opened up to you recently, that teach you about the cultures or philosophies you have come to love, cherish and adore, while also reckoning with where you’re contracted, tied in or obligated to show up (or pay up)…


Planets in your eighth house of pooled resources work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your foundational fourth house of home life, family and property. Your domestic surroundings, environment or plans with parents, parenting and your roots may present a breakthrough moment!

Address the notion of sharing, merging, committing and promising what you have, with talks that explore private bonds and agreements (where you’re bonded, tied or beholden to another). Your family or the familiar¬ may be prominent.

Just note, a focus on relationships comes with Leo Season, and now that Venus in Retrograde in this sector you could be reviewing intimate unions and the way you understand another perspective or outlook on life.

Connect to the idea that other people have something to offer around your security or sense of place, while figuring out how to collaborate in a language you both speak.


Planets in your seventh house of partnership work in harmony with the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus in your zone of connection, news, teaching, reporting and learning – your house of kindred spirits and communication skills!

Look to have a breakthrough in the way you spark bright ideas and relate to those around you. Intimate connections may now seem dynamic and compelling, allowing you to grow in your local area (and with one person in particular).

Just note, a focus on work life, employment, your health and wellbeing may seem complicated – the way you manage or maintain your purpose, sense of use and routine, or complete tasks and admin to a schedule.

Sense your mindset, your approach to your neighborhood ties and people around you now has momentum (and even a dash of luck). Build your rapport, and let another person help you process and come to a conclusion that’s positive for you.

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