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Leo February Horoscope…

Check in with the stars, Leo, it's your horoscope for the month ahead!

A very special quest involving others is spotlighted in February, emphasizing a journey you’ve embarked upon, passions you’re presently embracing, and how other people can enhance your experience. Later, the month takes on a more serious tone, as your interests begin to formalize.

Now, lets look at the month ahead in more detail…

Leo February Horoscope 2019…

February opens with passionate stars, as amorous Venus aligns with sparky Uranus in your adventurous zone of playful fun! Aquarius Season is generally a time to team up, for Leo, and so certain encounters might now be in focus, helping you to enjoy yourself all the more.

The new moon February 4th spotlights your relationships, creating a fresh slate for how you deal with the most significant people in your midst. Aside from a partner to love and cherish it’s also worth considering all kinds of interactions you have one-on-one at this time, bringing the best bits forward with you.

Early in the month there’s also tension, as prominent, domineering Pluto clashes with impulsive Mars, making routine tasks and maintaining momentum challenging. Although you’ve been terrific at keeping up a positive pace it may be shaken up as February begins, so be a little flexible.

The 8th is an awesome day for unions, and a great day to involve those you have fun with in projects or plans that are creative or spark joy! With Venus in your practical and astute zone of everyday tasks from the 4th, you can renew enthusiasm for daily habits, health and wellness.

Between the 10th and the 14th there’s a heightened sense of excitement around a special venture, as Mars closes in on Uranus in your zone of broader horizons, foreign climbs, and long-distance connections. If you’ve been seeking knowledge, distant shores, or experiences that offer a unique perspective these days can cement the changes made in your outlook.

By the weekend Venus syncs with Neptune in your area of commitments, property, daily life, and your day job. You could experience a positive, settled feeling in partnership, or feel good about a contract or certain permanence that’s been pursued. The 17th is a day to take those everyday circumstances seriously. If you’ve been focused on your wellbeing this might be a key day to add extra awareness around your habits.

With Pisces Season (February 19th) comes a full moon in your income and finances sector. The sun’s move into fishy Pisces’ waters takes your commitments deeper, however a dreamy connection between thinking Mercury and hazy Neptune could make it hard to navigate relationships or serious contractual agreements. You could be ready to tackle your private life but know that with an upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Pisces things could be subject to review at a later date.

Take a good look at your material assets but be flexible about what you see.

Enjoying yourself in your role (your job, routine or position) is a hot topic as the months draws to a close, and there could be an intense relationship issue or agreement that needs tending to that throws a spanner in the works.

Practice acceptance around the gifts delivered in the final throws of February, as both positive and negative news can arrive about everyday circumstances.

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