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Free Monthly Forecast – Leo January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

Welcome the New Year prepared to embrace a fresh perspective on day-to-day living, Leo, as a clean slate is offered around habits, health and wellness.

Routine tasks and the way you operate in your environment – and important relationships – are a focus as you enter 2019, and the first half of January really puts your daily schedule, practices and behaviors front of mind. It’s time to take the little things seriously – particularly on the 2nd!

The new moon in Capricorn (January 5th or 6th)* is an ideal time to commit to healthy patterns across diet and exercise, but also an opportunity to introduce support systems. For example, if a cleaner would make life that bit easier then plan to hire help, or if you need other kinds of assistance at work welcome them now; streamline systems. Similarly, if you can be of service to others do volunteer! The 11th puts you in touch with the magnitude of your situation, as the bright sun meets potent Pluto in your zone of everyday dealings. Note the 19th could feel erratic too.

A fun, romantic spell has started for the lions, and when Venus moves into your amorous zone of playful interests on the 7th you could be increasingly inclined to fulfill your hearts desires! Yet balance is needed, with the current emphasis on life’s practicalities, and an underlying intensity that could at times feel overwhelming…

From the 20th there’ll be a much greater emphasis on special unions, marking the time to step towards the important partnerships you crave. Buddy up, keeping it cool and friendly. Some interactions in your world are no doubt more established than others, enhanced by a sense of consistency, trust and unspoken loyalty. Others are peppered with excitement, adventure and an uplifting quality! Late January it’s easier to enjoy the latter, yet putting in the necessary commitment is an overarching theme this year.

On the 21st a full moon in your sign is a gorgeous moment to reveal yourself in all your glory, Leo – take time to shine and enjoy yourself! The subsequent days in January mark ideal times to pursue adventure – be sure to take others along for the ride! Truly engage on the 30th, listening as well as expressing what you burn to say…

* Depending on time zone.

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