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Libra April Horoscope

Check in with the stars, Libra, it's your horoscope for the month ahead!

Lets look at the month ahead in detail, Libra!

Libra April Horoscope 2019…

April opens up with powerful celestial weather, as potent Pluto comes into contact with the south node (the point of past karma, and the exit point in our astrological map).

Embrace the major shifts that present themselves, Libra. For you, these rumblings and transformations point to your zone of home spaces and domestic life, your roots, foundations and heritage, your nest and your ability to nurture and recharge. You might be experiencing transitions around the structure and dynamic in your household or even your emotional life. Bear in mind that these are long-term developments, not simply themes pertinent to April in particular. January’s new moon eclipse in Capricorn and the past two years of Saturn in Capricorn touch upon this area, and the responsible approach you’re now taking in the domain of your domestic or inner world.

Depending on the seeds you’ve sown – the efforts you’ve made towards home and hearth, you may now encounter notable developments; accept them wholeheartedly.

On the 2nd and 3rd of April the moon will join Venus, Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, and the area of your horoscope governing routines, daily habits, work schedules and day-to-day life – including health and wellbeing. Mercury (now direct in these dreamy, fluid and flexible realms) will be in Neptune’s arms, making it an ideal time to reflect on managing everyday life with serenity, and the flurry of tasks at hand. Bring acknowledgements and realisations about your position and duties full circle, my Libra goddess.

The New Moon in Aries arrives April 5th (at 8.50 am GMT) at 15º of the sign. This is a moment to renew your enthusiasm for partnerships, personal relations and your sense of collaboration. This includes the union between yourself and a lover but could also be a particular tie to family, a friend, therapist, student or colleague. Being a new moon you can claim a fresh start for interactions, however you might not want to lavish too much enthusiasm on others, as sun and moon are in tension, with heavy planets gathered in your domestic zone. Anticipate distractions, and strike a balance between coupling up and meeting the demands of home life and everyday demands.

Sunday April 7th has the potential to deliver clarity, as Mercury and stern Saturn now align around work and home. You could gain a sense of enduring realism and structure, with stars syncing up delivering a sense of security and the ability to navigate your objectives. Consider how established footing at home underpins and enhances a refreshed take on work, so you can drive ahead on your path. This, coupled with the support of others may be the key pillars that enable you to advance. It’s likely you’re carving out a new career path for yourself now, so take a flexible approach to your routine – the lesson of the recent Mercury Retrograde, perhaps.

We’ve an interesting day Wednesday April 10th, as the vibrant sun in Aries comes into tension with responsible Saturn; you may want to engage with a special someone but go steady, and anticipate some kind of block or restriction underfoot that slows your roll, Libra. At the same time, Venus, Neptune and Mercury in your health, habits and work-a-day zone will align with home life, and deliver a fun, enjoyable edge to routine matters! Acknowledge how you’re thriving in your position, and how your private life nourishes progress (be grateful for trusted allies).

It’s on this day, too, that Jupiter begins its retrograde, which presses pause on growth in your inner circle, which has experienced momentum since November 2018. Soon after (on the 12th) Mercury clashes with Jupiter, while on the 15th Venus clashes with Jupiter. This suggests that two areas of life may be struggling against each other (i.e. your work and momentum in your routine versus your connection to close friends or siblings), which has been the challenge for Jupiter since he entered your sign Sagittarius back on November 8th. With planets in Pisces overwhelming his ability to connect, it could be hard to embrace the full potential of Jupiter this year. Jupiter Retrograde offers a chance to grow close ties and your inner circle, for example new school or work friends, local connections and peers that stand beside you; think over how they’ve developed and will continue to evolve.

On the weekend of the 13th and 14th the sun experiences tension with Pluto signalling another power struggle (like the 10th), which could again be connected to home life vs. relationships. One promising aspect is that your special star Venus is aligned with Pluto at this time, suggesting that your consistency and routine makes it easier to work through any tension. Use the lessons from this recent Mercury Retrograde to overcome the intensity – your refreshed outlook on everyday routines and lifestyle.

Easter weekend begins with the second Full Moon in your zodiac sign, Libra, Friday April 19th (11.12 am GMT). The moon peaks at 29º Libra, and could be a moment to acknowledge and appreciate your physicality and presence. This is a good day to pamper yourself, if you love beauty treatments go all out on this day! A massage or new outfit is idea.

The sun then moves into Taurus, giving you a chance to deepen your commitments, and envisage a totally new way of relating. Your relationship status could begin to turnaround, with talk of marriage if you’re not yet hitched! No doubt you’ll be taking an unconventional route down the aisle… On Sunday April 21st Venus moves into Aries, and your partnership zone Libra, signalling an excellent time to embrace special relationships and have fun with the most important people you know.

Motivator Mars enters Gemini on the 31st March, and spends April moving swiftly through this adventurous sign. Foreign connections, travel and looking further afield to learn and grow are terrific activities. Note that on April 27th, adventurous Mars will clash with Neptune in Pisces in your work zone, so that while part of you is keen to develop knowledge and venture into new terrain, another side might be keeping your work and professional objectives in check.

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