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Free Monthly Forecast – Libra January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

There are major renovations underway for all the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) – including you! Pluto is passing underfoot, dwelling in your domain of home, family life and your nest, bringing a slow and steady transformation to your sense of security, place and space. In December 2017 Saturn moved into this area, and on January 5th or 6th* 2019 a new moon (and eclipse) brings your focus to the ground beneath.

Boundaries around your family, establishing your own home, building stronger emotional foundations – these are just a few themes that Pluto and Saturn can unearth over the longer-term. The new moon, January and 2019 open with this focus, and are underpinned with a strong sense of purpose and work ethic.

From your regular day job, to consistency in your approach to health and wellness, or simply showing up in a flexible capacity in your usual environment, it’s the small, routine efforts that enhance your current stance. For example a daily meditation practice might serve your take on family, or exercise might now come in handy as you establish your home; your day job might help you feather your nest or a positive diet might nurture those around you.

Mars enters your relationship zone on the 1st, bringing heat and spice to your one-to-one dealings. Mars is known as the energy planet and aggressor, and you can expect spirited interactions, or enhanced passions in partnerships. With Jupiter in fire sign Sagittarius, it’s a highly engaging time for Libra to connect; Venus joins Jupiter for fun on the 7th, spelling a great time to be among friends – particularly on the 22nd. This is a 5-star day to relate and enjoy yourself!

If you need to have conversations with parents or members of your clan it’s likely they’ll be strained between the 9th and 18th. Chatty Mercury feels extra emotional after the 5th, and gets into all kinds of tension in this window.

The onset of Aquarius season brings light relief and a true focus on your personal agenda from the 20th, what’s more you can share what brings you pleasure with those around you! Good times…

The full moon on January 21st shines its pearly glow in your community sector. Reach out to the network you’ve made this past couple of years, acknowledging your gorgeous social set or company of peers.

* Depending on time zone.

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