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Weekly Horoscope – September 24th, Libra New Moon Ahead!

It's time to accept life on life's terms, and make the most of personal rapport...

There’s a New Moon in Libra this week, delivering a beautiful fresh start for us, however, there’s also tension in the stars…


Tuesday, September 24th to Monday, September 30th, 2019


With Libra Season now in session, it’s a great time for you to improve your personal relations, reach out to those further afield, and to explore adventures in a pair, Aries.  

Your career or purpose is also in the headlines this week, with shifts that must be fully accepted and acknowledged.

The weekend’s New Moon in Libra invites you to reset the agenda on one-to-one exchanges, and important interactions, yet you’ve got to be mindful of your public ambitions and outward persona, too. 

Consider how you can improve collaborations across home life, working relationships, as well as with your lover or best friend. 

You might be feeling a little more self-conscious this week, perhaps less effective or powerful in relation to others; hand over the reins to a partner, and focus on being more considerate, and aware of others.


It’s a busy time for you now, Taurus, as Libra Season allows you to engage with your daily habits – from work and your usual tasks to diet, exercise, and general wellness. 

You can reset the agenda on your routine and rituals with this weekend’s New Moon in Libra, feeling rewarded thanks to the investments you’ve made. 

A special partner could have proved motivating and inspirational, or a lucky windfall may have made life that bit easier. 

However, there’s also tension in the stars connected to the overarching journey you’re on; a long-term project, educational venture, or life experience may now deliver a hard truth. 

Try to stay open to reality, even if there are realisations you won’t be going as far as you’d hoped…


Gemini is now called to focus on her sense of passion, self-expression, creativity and all that makes her happy – Libra Season is a time to pop the champagne and have fun! 

The weekend’s Libra New Moon invites you to re-set the agenda on romance, personal passions, and enjoyable projects – including children.

Embrace the things that make your pulse race and ask yourself, what’s next for these endeavours? 

There’s intensity around commitments and partnerships, however, with tension in the stars heightening the serious side of investments made. 

It’s now time to look at other people, and what they offer you, with realism. 

This week delivers incredible rapport in personal relationships, yet you’re tasked with manoeuvring those challenging revelations.


Surrounding spaces, family life, or your home environment fall under the realm of Libra Season, however, you could be facing some hard relationship truths presently, too. 

You might now be wondering how reliable other people are, particularly those that seem unavailable or are failing to show up in some way. 

There’s been a turn in the right direction across your one-to-ones, and yet still some way to go before relief in partnerships is deeply felt. 

The weekend’s New Moon in Libra resets the agenda in your domestic life, or family setting; it’s an emotional lunation that invites you to explore your sense of security and what your ancestral roots mean to you. 

You might feel inclined to beautify your office, house or another location frequented, or rejuvenate your sense of self-care. 

Recharge and nest. 


Libra Season puts focus on your sense of connection, communication skills, neighbors, and local areas. 

It’s a time to grow your awareness of those right on your doorstep, from your inner circle, siblings and best friends, to colleagues, or more superficial social ties. 

With the weekend’s  Libra New Moon you can reset the agenda around your mindset, Leo, particularly how that relates to your closest network. 

The status of your job or health has been an area to practice acceptance, lately, and it’s a good week to know your limits when it comes to your efforts, and ability to work productively. 

Bring attention to the words you speak and affirm relationships with those around you, while being careful not to overdo it.


It’s Libra Season, and your time to feel good about what you do – and how you do it, Virgo. 

Demonstrating confidence can have a knock-on effect on your earnings, and the way you carry yourself at work. 

You could now be thriving with a more assured demeanour, flourishing in your role; this weekend’s New Moon in Libra serves to enhance your resolve in material matters. 

Write down your money goals and manifest abundance. 

There’s a contender to your industrious approach, however, with tensions in the mix. 

You may have to accept that something you’re highly passionate about has fallen through, or won’t materialize as you want it to. 

Rather than let this put you off, simply take comfort in your community, home life and what is going right. 


It’s an ideal week for self-reflection, and to think about you, Libra! 

But there’s also a lot to be acknowledged about home life, your standing, security, family or environment. 

An issue (or several) in your space may be raining on your parade, and although it’s your birthday month you could have a strong contender distracting from your fun. 

Tensions or an emotional block are almost guaranteed this week, yet you can help yourself by reaching out to close friends or a sibling for relief – talk it over Libra! 

The New Moon in YOUR sign is an invitation to start afresh with your very own new year. You can make powerful resolutions that are all about you, and your connection to others – and you place in the world.  

Yes, there are very real situations underfoot but allow yourself to shift into acceptance and into gear.


With the Sun’s tour of Libra you’re invited to take a step back from the action, Scorpio, particularly this weekend, when a New Moon promises an opportune moment to exhale and draw inwards. 

This is a month that signifies closure, rest and retreat, and you’ll be wise to take the opportunity to escape everyday workloads and commitments in favor of peace and expansion of your own ideas and outlook on life. 

It’s likely you’re engaged in some big thought process and have had to accept certain perspectives or allow them to shift – for example, where your connection to others is concerned. 

You may have had a breakthrough in terms of conversation, thinking, brainstorming or building and developing skills in your role. 

Now, accept your limits and try not to do anything detrimental, as you take a moment just for you.


It’s a great time for networking, being part of a team, and generally enjoying a sociable time of the year — Libra Season ignites friendships and group work, Sagittarius. 

However, with tension in the stars, you could find you’re preoccupied with financial commitments or having to practice acceptance around your position, role or income. 

The weekend’s New Moon in Libra invites you to reset the agenda on your extended circle or peers; you may have attracted an incredible team of cheerleaders to help you realize your dreams. Imagine what else you’d like to achieve through your community, social position, colleagues. 

Look to the network and group you’re part of, the societal culture that assists you in your dreams and plans while acknowledging your limits.


Now that Libra Season has arrived there’s a focus on your public persona and path, Capricorn. 

Perhaps your ambitious side is becoming more prominent, as you lock in your aims and goals for the future. 

The weekend’s Libra New Moon invites you to think about the image you project in the world, and the impression you make – including your personal branding! 

Mood-board your style; as Libra governs your image and career – it’s possible to refresh notions of how you hope to present yourself. 

Meanwhile, Saturn in your own sign is releasing some karmic bonds to self. You could now find your physical presence or ego has reached its limits, and you’re now prepared to surrender to teamwork, partnership, and collaboration.


With Libra Season arrives the opportunity to connect to people, projects, or places overseas, to ideas, personal philosophies, to education and learning, or to a big venture – consider what it is you’re keen to know and master, Aquarius. 

The New Moon this weekend points you in the right direction, allowing you to hone your knowledge, message, and higher purpose. 

A wonderful quest is beckoning, and yet these broader horizons must compete with shifts going on behind the scenes, as tension stirs in your closure and transformation zone. 

Be mindful of grand plans that have the potential to sabotage personal progress – you’re able to move in the right direction, however, it’s also necessary to acknowledge the necessary steps taken to heal. 

While you’re keen to experience exciting avenues it’s also necessary to continue your inner journey of solitude.


Time to take your commitments deeper, Pisces, as Libra Season encourages you to dive beneath the surface of your most intimate relationships and explore the serious side of life. 

Trust, loyalty, and investing your resources (time, money and influence) are pertinent themes, so take a look at your strongest bonds, finances and who pulls through for you in partnership. 

Meanwhile, you could be coming to important realizations about your community or social setting; your position among friends or even your professional network poses tension this week, as you realize your limits in broader circles. 

Lean into your ambitions and creativity!

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