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Moon’s In Sagittarius At The Start Of LFW… Fun And Froliks!

London Fashion Week 2013

Check out the natal chart (below) for London Fashion Week 2013, the SS14 shows! It’s looking both beautiful and brilliant for the upcoming bi-annual event, which starts on the morning of the 13th and lasts through till the 17th September. Venus is sitting pretty in the spotlight of the first house, designer-friendly Virgo’s in the area of social groups and organisations, and the entire chart is touched by lovely Libra.

What Is A Natal Chart?

A natal chart (a.k.a. a birth chart) is a snapshot of the planetary positions. You can produce a natal chart for events in the calendar, including births, marriages, businesses launching – even fashion shows! Just take the time and date of the beginning of the event, and see what you can see – or consult a professional astrologer as your guide.

London Fashion Week, Horoscope


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LFWSS14, starts 13th September 2013 at 9.30am in London

Key Themes Of The Chart…

Venus in the first house – the chart is shining a light on beauty-loving planet Venus, with its presence in the area of identity, making this a highly attractive period. Well, how befitting! There could be a superficial charm, lots of air kissing and such, but generally this is a super charming placement.

What’s more, the chart ruler is Venus, because the ascendant is Libra. This gives a Librian feel to the event – harmonious, beautiful, focussed on partnerships and co-operation; peace and love abound! Note that Venus is in Scorpio – will there be particularly Scorpionic attributes to some of the aesthetics? Because they’re showcasing fashion for next Spring Summer 2014 I’d say there’ll be a nod to the pastel hues of Libra, although pastels have been done to death over the past few years. Whatever the trends, Scorpio’s colour black is always in, look for crimson reds too…

Moon in Sagittarius will bring foreigners to the fore! This moon is happy blending in with people from other cultures, and this moon in the third house is very communicative and expressive. Perhaps there will be lots of shorts tips to go on too – models of hopping in to London’s black cabs then, or maybe even the tube! I can’t see Karl or Tom Ford on the underground though… Will there be global theme running throughout with this Sagittarius placement? One thing’s for sure, I anticipate a fun twist on fashion, possibly lots of bright, bold colours…

Virgo Sun Sign – that’s right, the Sun’s in in Virgo right now, the detail oriented, natural designer of the zodiac, whether they turn their hand to clothes, cars or cogs. I love that this fashion week falls in the sign of Virgo; this sign is a nit-picker, has an eye for detail and so suits the fashion world no end. Some of the top fashion designers are Virgo’s, and there’s a reason model’s don’t go down the runway with threads dangling off their hems. The Sun’s passing through the area ruling communities and wider groups – the fashion week philosophy is bringing large groups of people together – the fashion community. Isn’t astrology amazing? And accurate!

The Cancer Midheaven is creative and intuitive, serves the public and is ever so empathetic. But does it denote extra sensitivity? Quite possibly… There could be tears before bedtime! Jupiter’s not conjunct the midheaven but it’s placement hints that the message of London Fashion Week will go far and wide… Bring it on!!

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