Aquarius Fashion Designer Mary Katrantzou Zodiac Dress…


Mary Katrantzou JQ Blo Dress $1,418

Mary Katrantzou is a Greek fashion designer born on the 29th January, 1983 in Athens, Greece.

Although I don’t know the time of birth I took a look at her astrology profile, to discover her Star Sign Style

Weird and wonderful, Mary is born under the progressive sign of Aquarius, with her Venus sign under the Water Bearer too! She also has expansive Jupiter aligned with radical planet Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, adding another zany dose of the unusual…

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Asked to describe herself in five words, Mary says “Ambitious, honest, demanding, loyal, positive.” The loyalty and positivity are definitely attributable to her Aquarius / Leo axis, two positive fixed signs.

Aquarius is a zodiac sign closely linked to astrology, and I love that Mary has incorporated this mythic art into her designs…

Mary Katrantzou Dixicult Dress

zodiac Mary Katrantzou Dixicult dress

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