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“Matthew cast his eyes to the skies for this breezy, beautiful collection.” Sam Conti, WWD

Matthew Williamson used astrology as his main muse for Fashion Week 2015, as he was inspired by my favourite – the twelve signs of the zodiac.

Astrological symbolism informed all aspects of the design process – from shapes and colours to embroidery and print.

Cosmic Inspiration

Feminine silhouettes and the distinctive mood of Pisces is mimicked in the style of a beautiful draped skirt and birth stones influence the rich jewel colour palette, including garnet, amethyst, jade and sapphire.

Creatures of mythology and the flowers associated with the zodiac have been painted by hand, layered and intertwined in a folk print style.

The horoscope symbols add a mystical narrative, while gold bullion embroidery is reminiscent of eighteenth century costume.

The bold crystal hues are inspired by the horoscope too – see the Gemstones for Your Zodiac Sign, here.

Lisa Potter-Dixon (author of ‘Easy on the Eyes‘) worked on creating a look for the catwalk show, complimenting the idea of the zodiac signs.

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The Print…

matthew williamson astrology print

The Belt…

astrology belt mattew williamson

matthew williamson astrology dress

matthew williamson astrology gown

Must be for Pisces…

pisces designer dress

And Scorpio?

scorpio shirt matthew williamson

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