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ELLE South Africa talked to the design dup behind Missibaba, Chloe and Lizel about their dreamy zodiac handbags – limited edition leather totes!

What sparked the inspiration for this collection?

A visit to Buenos Aires Planetarium had both Lizel and I in tears… The experience had definitely struck a chord somewhere. Seeing the constellations dance across the domed ceiling left us in awe of the creation we are part of.

What do the signs of the zodiac mean to you? Do you follow your readings religiously?

We would not make drastic life decisions based on frivolous readings but when you dig deeper and apply knowledge gleaned from an in depth reading the path forward can sometimes become a lot clearer.


What is the one memory from your trip to Buenos Aires that you will always hold dear when you see pieces from this collection? 

Our hours and hours of drooling and fondling the luscious leather will always remain with us. Our endless wanderings through the treasure trove San Telmo Market really did make both our hearts leap with joy and satisfaction! Colour – pattern – hot men – delicious fresh grub – vintage lace & linen – floor to ceiling leather pieces… What more could a gal want?


If you could use one Spanish word to describe this collection what would it be and why?

El firmamento – meaning the heavens above. It encompasses all the gloriousness of this wildly wonderful creation at play.

What was your starting point when creating each sign of the zodiac design? Did you have a specific person in mind for each sign or was it just general knowledge of what each sign represents?

General knowledge of each sign was the starting point, but once leather cutting commenced the pieces really started to unfold…Though the Pisces fish is a riot of colour in order to speak to my dear business partner Liz, with it being her month and all.

What is your favourite zodiac sign design and why? 

The Gemini – It feels to have opened up a slightly more sensual route of exploration which is appealing to us moving forward.

Why did you decide on using the Delicious Monster Tote style as a canvas for your creations?

It is a wonderfully simple style. The central square panel created a canvas framed in leather which seemed to be a perfect match.

Please describe the leather used in your creations? 

We have had such fun working with all our delicious new acquisitions. They definitely inspired much of the design. All bags have been made in our luxurious buttery soft locally sourced charcoal. As a background for the designs one of three glitter suedes have been used: Midnight, Gold and Deep Green. The reverse central panel has been done in Midnight glitter suede to mirror the heavenly night sky.

The handmade and limited edition Zodiac Collection aisre available from Missibaba in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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