MOON FRUIT – Treats From Herbivore Botanicals…

Blue Moon, Superfruit Night Treatment for Luna Lovers!


From Herbivore Botanicals

Moonfruit is a multi-tasking night treatment that repairs skin from everyday stresses with its powerful blend of anti-oxidant rich super fruits, like prickly pear and goji.

Deeply nourishing with non pore clogging butters like shea and kokum, the lovely lavender shaded solution works  while you sleep.

These Q&As from their insta!

Q: What is the scent of moon fruit?

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A: Natural ylang ylang oil, ylang ylang is known as the “flower of flowers” and often used in perfumery. It’s a tropical flower known for its calming properties so is perfect to apply before bed.

Q: Why is moon fruit turning my face purple?

A: Moon fruit is a night treatment butter/cream and needs to be massaged into your skin. It is not a face mask so it does not sit on the top of your skin. After being massaged in for ten to twenty seconds it will absorb all the way, no purple face should happen, ever. Your skin will thank you for massaging it in and If it’s not fully absorbing just wipe away excess-you’re probably using too much product.

Q: Why is moon fruit purple? A: The majority of the color comes from indigo root powder which is a natural anti inflammatory skin soothing root powder. We added a sprinkle of natural manganese violet and ultramarines for a purple hue. These are not dyes, they are natural mineral based colorants, and we added them for fun and a little color therapy.

Q: Do I apply moon fruit before or after facial oil?

A: Before, and its a great idea if your skin needs even more moisture this fall because the facial oil, when applied right after, will seal all the moisture into your skin and act as a natural barrier! We formulated Moon Fruit to work well with our facial oils. My favorite oil to use over it is Orchid oil because it’s so light oil and works beautifully with Moonfruit.

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