Real Review: 5 Reasons I Love My MoonCup…

Overcoming the first tries, to success with the lunar cycle!

Mooncup, so many reasons I love you!

I’d wanted to try the Mooncup for ages and ages before I did, and not just because of its lovely lunar name!

No, in fact there’s a myriad of reasons to opt for this alternative menstrual protection however, I hesitated before taking the plunge. I was fearful of trying something new and oh so alien!

I had no reason to be apprehensive and if you’re on the fence, I’d like to share the top five reasons I really love my lunar cup…

5 Reasons I Love My Mooncup

1. Cooch

poor-lady-flowerThis is the number one reason and biggest benefit in my eyes.

It’s hard to believe that pharmaceutical companies do this but did you know tampons are bleached? What’s more, they can leave tiny fibres behind in your cooch that are drying and damaging – poor lady flower! The Mooncup is made of soft silicone and contains no dyes, toxins or bleach, so it’s great for women with especially sensitive skin, or those that just don’t fancy damaging themselves with unnatural additives from the inside out!

This tool respects the natural balance in women.

2. Consideration

eco-friendly-mooncupA woman can use over 11,000 tampons in a lifetime, which end up in landfills or the sea. Investing in one or two rubber cups is so much greener and better for the environment. Instead of adding to our toilet waste, Mooncups are reusable rubber devices that collect the menstrual period and are then washed out. They’re super environmentally friendly with no waste at all!

3. Convenience

messy-handbagThe Mooncup is pretty small and very light. If you carry a make-up bag around or use one main handbag day to day you’ll find it very easy to pop this in a corner pocket and be grateful when you come on and it’s there.

It’s easy to travel with and unlike tampons, it’s not at risk of ruining due to moisture or general bashing around (if you’ve ever carried tampons in a bag only to throw them away again, once they get a bit tatty, you’ll know what I mean).

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Even if it ends up mixing with pencil shavings and cosmetics dust, the Mooncup is still hygienic – simply boil it in water to distill and use again.


Simple, Safe And Somewhat Sophisticated…

4. Cost

happy-piggy-bankMooncup will save you money in the long run.

The cost of all those tampons adds up over time, another reason to get yourself around a Mooncup – the sooner the better! It’s estimated that we women use up to 22 tampons every period, and given you only need one Mooncup it’s the most economical option. You’ll recoup the initial outlay or cost in about a year or so.

5. Comfort

I’ll never go back to tampons, and here’s why.

Once you’ve tried the Mooncup and become used to rummaging around (in your vagina) a bit more than you’re used to, it’s unlikely you’ll revert to your old ways. It sounds crazy but it’s so much more comfortable than inserting a cardboard tube (I don’t care how they market it, it’s cardboard, or hard plastic), this is lovely smooth rubber we’re talking about.

Dragging out a wedge of cotton versus popping out the cup? There’s no contest.

If you’ve ever been in a position where your tampon has been tested to it’s maximum capacity, you’re stuck and unable to get to a loo, you’ll recognise that heavy, heady, toxic feeling, needing to eradicate and get the thing OUT! You’ll never feel that way with a Mooncup, as your period just collects in the cup – you never feel like you’re full and flooding, fit to burst!

So many reasons to go menstrual and opt for a MoonCup! They’re incredibly environmentally friendly – and kinder to your body too.

When I first used my Mooncup I was frightened – I thought I’d lost it, and perhaps wouldn’t be able to get it out, was worried that I’d make an incredible mess going to the bathroom, and that it wouldn’t hold or would leak!

While it’s true that it does take a little getting used to, none of those concerns were valid, and the benefits will more than outweigh the initial difficulties.

By my second period of use I was a convert. I think you’ll love it too!

You can buy your own MoonCup direct from the Mooncup website, here.

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