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Fresh Starts And New Beginnings, March 24th – New Moon In Aries, 2020…

Tuesday March 24th ushers in opportunities to do something totally new!

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Moon Muse: Lily James, Sun And Moon In Aries…

New Moon In Aries, 04º12’

  • Weekday: Tuesday – Mars Day,
  • Element: Fire,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mars.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 8.28 pm
  • Hong Kong: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 5.28 pm
  • Kolkata: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 2.58 pm
  • Moscow: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 12.28 pm
  • Paris: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 10.28 am
  • London: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 9.28 am
  • New York: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 5.28 am
  • Los Angeles: Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 2.28 am.

About This New Moon…

This New Moon feels promising.

Sun and Moon join together at 4º12′ of the first sign in the astrological cycle: Aries.

This zodiac sign carries with it raw qualities of initiation – a force powerful enough to announce spring, and an energy that annually breaks through the barrier of winter to begin again, starting afresh with endless enthusiasm. 

The ruler of the Aries Moon is Mars (now at 25º31′ Capricorn), and while there’s no tension between the Luminaries and their governing planet, there is a T-Square in the skies formed with the Nodal Axis, and the New Moon.

This speaks to leaving the past behind, (South Node in Capricorn – the old ways of yesteryear,) and birthing something totally different (the clash against the Cancer North Node)…

Uranus (4º45′ Taurus) and Mercury (6º27′ Pisces) both align with Nodes, with the New Moon exactly at their Midpoint.

Venus (20º12′ Taurus) and Neptune (18º59 Pisces) reflect the same pattern, and both align with (the stellium) in Capricorn: Jupiter (plus Pluto and Mars).

The Aries New Moon is at the heart of this ‘buffer’ of water and earth, softening its heady drive; Venus adds beauty and grace, while Uranus says “change is possible”; Mercury and Neptune allow for hope and selfless thinking.

Although there are no planets in Fire, and only one in Air (Saturn), the sense of direction and momentum is poised and dare I say potent! 

Spring Equinox is March 20th, 2020, the Friday before this New Moon in Aries, suggesting a terrific opportunity to pause soon after the celebrations.

Most importantly, Saturn has just moved into Aquarius, now at the critical 00º09′ point.

We cannot highlight this strongly enough.

Although Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn, this is his first taste of Aquarius territory for some time, and his presence is emphasized on this New Moon – here we have the New Moon sextile this strong point of entry.

In a few days, Mars will connect with him, boosting his presence, therefore, the New Moon is very much leaning on Saturn, and speaking to his new journey through this Air Sign.

What enthusiasm can we lend to him? What spark can extend his way? Questions worth contemplating during these first breaths of springtime…

This New Moon is about acknowledging the act of breaking away from Capricorn and realizing the potential that lies with Aquarius.

The New Moon Chart…

How To Work With This New Moon…

  • Look for ‘hot’ degrees in your own natal chart: around 3º–6º, 17º and 18º of Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable – all are involved at this New Moon – and look to the point of 4º Aries, and the house governed by Aries and Aquarius.
  • Focus on Aries/Aquarius themes – this is a progressive, sparky energy with heaps of potential to do something totally NEW. Both signs like to disrupt, and are somewhat rebellious, and although this is very much tempered by earth and water, there is still the ability to act in ways that are brave and different. Be fearless, serving the greater good.
  • Work with Fire – with the New Moon resets in Fire Sign Aries, with little support from Air Signs and no planets of points in fellow Fire Element (Leo or Sagittarius). To amp up the energy of this Lunation use the ceremonial lighting of a match – remembering safety first, of course. Aries is the initiating spark, symbolizing fresh action.

Your New Moon In Aries Horoscope…

Appearance, Identity, Persona / Career & Home

New Moon, New You…

The New Moon in your zodiac sign today, Aries, brings a cosmic re-set opportunity that’s not to be missed. Although the Moon meets the Sun in the early hours, both today and tomorrow, the earth’s satellite moves through this bold, driven sign of initiation, courage and autonomy.

It’s a day – and a month – to focus on you, your presence, physicality, and persona; consider your sense of vitality and the way you express yourself – particularly if you’re now experiencing some kind of identity crisis, as here you have a route to change, a fresh start, a new beginning.

However, the New Moon is set against a challenging backdrop that steers your attention elsewhere, so it may feel like a struggle to meet your own needs, or give yourself the attention you deserve, physically.

Growth Planet Jupiter and your ruling planet in astrology, Mars, both now stride ahead ambitiously in your tenth house of career and notoriety; there is great momentum around your position, calling, outer world and vocational situation.

It’s a trying time to achieve balance, yet you’ll want to allow for both your personal agenda and your profile in the public eye – and these don’t necessarily mesh well… (Imagine ‘Instagram’ vs. In Real Life – who I am on the outside, vs, what I really look like!).

Tune In To Your Feelings

Consider your surroundings, Aries, both the literal environment you inhabit, and the emotional realms you dwell in.

With Mercury now in Pisces, there’s a fluidity, imagination, and sense of fantasy humming in the background. This can heighten your senses, and your ability to identify what you feel about certain situations, in particular, your priorities where home and family life is concerned.

You may have recently struck gold where your role, career, contribution or work life is concerned, with realizations around your ability to recharge, hit the ‘off’ button, and escape to reflect and focus in peace and solitude.

You’re perhaps now well placed to ground yourself in a more secure, safe, comfortable environment, a welcome change from the successes you’re achieving in the outside world.


Retreat & Rehabilitation / Connection & Personal Development

Switch Off, Check-Out, And Hit ‘Airplane Mode’

Generally speaking, it’s been a sociable time for you lately, Taurus.

Beauty-and-attraction planet Venus now tours your sign, boosting your allure, personal development, and appeal, while communication planet Mercury now sparkles with sociable magnetism, allowing your networking skills and aptitude among friends to flourish.

You might sense that your ability to relate, connect, or develop your writing and communication skills has been a subtle yet consistent theme this past couple of years, and the last month has given you a chance to put into practice your ability to speak up – even on behalf of a cause or at a group level.

However, it’s a big time for closure, as the New Moon resets behind the scenes in your house of mystery, retreat and isolation, and draws you offline – and into the unknown.

Therefore you’ll want to balance your sense of enthusiasm for projects, travel, goals and group work with a slower pace – even if it’s uncomfortable.

Dare To Dream…

You have a prime opportunity to retreat, and pull back into your dreams, Taurus.

The New Moon in Aries brings focus and attention to hidden matters, to the unconscious behaviors – even bad habits, vices, or phobias you conceal from the rest of the world.

This is your day (including tomorrow) to address any misunderstandings that are calling you.

Disappear off the grid to lend your attention to healing old wounds, contemplating how you might easier tackle anything that bothers you from the past. We all need tools, methods, and remedies to put certain issues to rest, and today you can strike upon ways to recover yourself, your inner wellbeing and peace of mind.

Rigorous exercise, shaking off baggage, purging and detoxing, even showing up for a partner, taking action on their behalf can help clear the decks – i.e. helping a sibling with their workload, doing something unrewarded, charitable and selfless.

It might feel really disconcerting to switch off, take a break from your own agenda, to do something for others, or do something that’s not recognized or engaging, however, it could do your soul the world of good!

Friendship, Company / Career, Public Image

Community Is Yours To Cement…

The New Moon in Aries brings focus and attention to your house of friendship, allies, teamwork and the company you keep. Although finances may be dominating it’s time to step away from sustaining yourself (and a loved one), and into a cause for humanity – your peers or people around you!

The Moon meets the Sun in the area of the skies that represents society at large, delivering a cosmic refresh – and reset – for you in your social network (including online spaces), city, or circle, and what you do in a crowd.

Consider your community and social scene, and any discomfort in your place among friends – be honest with yourself, Gemini!

If there are people you want on your team, or if you’re seeking to be part of a different industry or crew – or if you’re looking to extend your reach towards ‘the masses’ through a digital platform or channel – NOW is the time to consider the potential all around you.

As an air sign, you’re a natural cheerleader for others, now, who needs to pull through for you (and sing to your hymn sheet)?

Follow The Call!

Mercury now appears in the most visible part of your chart, Gemini, with connection to your public image, profession, outer life, or employment.

Conversations with the boss – or a parent – could finally bring you relief and reassurance in your role, and you could feel well placed to pull back and focus on the serious business at hand. This counts across love commitments and intimate relationships, too.

You could be thinking about your goals and ambitions, particularly how you’re keen to move ahead on your path, and the image you wish to portray of yourself, your brand name, or connection to your status and job role, your achievements or even who your married to.

Both your professional role, your role in your family and significant relationships, what you give and get back from the world around you are worth contemplating – either in terms of a financial investment, or the way you’ve invested your time, energy and resources.

Path & Calling / Relationships

Career, Status, Standing: Strong Yet Challenged

The Moon joins the Sun in your public, professional tenth house of reputation, career and outer life today, Cancer, with a New Moon delivering focus and a fresh start in matters of work, earnings, and the way you’re seen in the world.

There’s tension at this New Moon, thanks to a heavy emphasis on ‘others’.

Pluto is now joined by aggressor Mars – dynamic and driven – in your house of intimate relationships, with growth planet Jupiter here too. This suggests that individuals you’re well aware of could now impose on your ability to visualize your path. This isn’t limited to romantic relationships, but anyone you encounter.

For example, a powerful influence and potential distraction could come courtesy of a parent, best friend, sibling, professional colleague, or even someone you see as a threat to your success – an arch rival! Equally, it could be your spouse that’s a little threatened or jealous of your accomplishments in he public eye.

Set aside other people’s opinions of you to affirm where your interests lie; what others want you to do and how you’re actually coming across could be quite different.

Social Circles & Personal Relationships: Strong

It’s an incredibly sociable time for you, Cancer, as the planet of attraction and desire now moves through the house of friendship and networking, steering your attention towards the people you move among.

Your industry or peer group could appeal to you now, with certain people really standing out as collaborators – someone to team up with more closely in business, projects, love, or friendship!

While you could be keen to indulge in the superficialities of mingling and getting to know others, you’re already taking certain agreements more seriously – and setting your sights on your own path.

Today’s New Moon puts your direct attention on your advancement, your worldly direction, and reputation. While there might be an uneasy feeling around the pursuit of your own success, do carve out time to consider your goals.

It may be a balance between fitting in among friends and a partner’s expectations, versus how you actually show up in your employment – or employers eyes.


Beliefs, Principles, Growth, Travel / Wellness, Retreat, Health

Dare To Face Your Truth…

Refresh notions of what you believe, and your quest for knowledge, Leo.

Today’s New Moon in Aries puts focus on your ability to step out in the world to seek answers, and experience the Truth, as Sun and Moon embrace in your ninth house of education, travel, and philosophy.

You may be grappling with blue-sky thinking, big projects or ideas, as this house of wisdom and inspiration now calls your attention. And yet, it might feel uncomfortable acknowledging how far you’ve come – or where you now stand.

Perhaps you wish you’d have chosen a different learning track (or political stand), and regret the course of study you’re on; perhaps a trip away from home is proving harder than you thought; perhaps principles, your religion or perspective is not what you thought!

Thankfully, you can use today to recognize not only how you feel about your own attitude, learnings, and (dogmatic) avenues to growth but also change direction. Consider adjustments around your outlook, and be honest and true to you.

Health & Healing: Strong

It’s a busy time for you Leo, as you’re actively transforming your health, work, or an avenue to serve and be helpful. Remember, when we’re healthy, fit, active and feeling good – body, mind and spirit – we’re better able to follow our path, and show up in the world as our very best self.

Now, you could be well placed to recognize and acknowledge those people that are able to support you, emotionally, or provide you with some other resources that encourage you along the way. You could also be able to recognize what you’re giving, investing, or pooling for others – your legacy – addressing intimate issues.

However, although you’re keen to take life and your commitments seriously, be consistent, and address the practical nature of productivity, efficiency, diet, fitness and how your recoup – or more broadly, health and healing – the New Moon asks you to connect in a very different way, which could throw you off-guard.

Be willing to step outside your routine, to contemplate fresh perspectives; although it may feel counterintuitive it’s a great day to go the distance and fearlessly explore your broader options and interests.


Relationships, Creativity, Community / Intimacy, Investments

Commit, Consolidate, Unify…

The New Moon in your intimate eighth house of mergers presses upon a need to establish a sense of commitment, and this could send you into angst if you’re unsure of where you stand, or where a particular agreement is headed.

Focus on what you want from a partner in love, business, friendship, or even what you expect from a family member. For example a ring or marriage proposal, company shares, half the rent, inheritance money, or to trust that person with your secrets… Notice where your needs or demands are out of whack with what’s reasonable, and be brave enough to own your fears and any worries that arise.

You might like to put an agreement on paper, secure assets, bond with another, or agree on what you feel should be yours, however it’s possible that you might need to show more camaraderie, team spirit, or be more balanced and pragmatic in your approach.

Collaborate & Converse: Strong

Conversational Mercury, the messenger of the Gods and the planet that guides our thinking faculties, now flies through your opposite sign, Pisces. This adds spark and interest to one-to-ones, and you could find you’re revising conversations, or inspired by a partner to contemplate and engage with ideas and subjects outside your usual knowledge or sphere of reference.

It could seem like a fun time to team up, date, go into business and collaborate, or simply hang out with the individuals you enjoy spending time with. Growth planet Jupiter now swells and expands your creativity, ability to conceive, conceptualize and take pleasure in life, with Mars and Pluto too, dialing up the temperature in your fertile fifth house of art, sex and personal expression.

Yet although friendly fun and games – and romance – is on the agenda, it’s also a pressing time to take relationships to a deeper level.

On the one hand, pleasure, socializing, and travel or experiences take precedence, on the other, you could be keen to seal the deal. It’s an intense day, and you might not be 100% sure of what you want…


Partners, Intimate Relations / Home, Career

Be Genuine In Your Desire To Buddy Up…

The New Moon in Aries for you signifies a fresh start in one-to-ones, Libra – from a spouse or sweetheart, to the way you relate to everyone you encounter. Liked or disliked, those key individuals in your midst must be dealt with as individuals.

Ironically, you’re the sign of the Zodiac that values the spirit of collaboration, and being part of a ‘happy couple’; balanced, congenial, in love with the idea of love itself. And yet your ‘other half’ is Aries: bold, independent, bolshy, and self-serving.

It’s your job to navigate, no matter how challenging certain people prove to be, and today, you can affirm the tools and tricks at your disposal for engaging any hard-to-handle customers.

It might be a confronting day, yet dig deep, willing to take others (and love them) as they are – not just how you’d like them to be. You have no idea how much your acceptance and endorsement may mean.

Emotional Stability Breeds Success

Three planets now tour your foundational fourth house of family, feelings, and the way you nest and settle down. This includes energizing Mars, the heroic action planet of drive and motivation, deep-and-probing Pluto, and growth planet Jupiter; you could now find your household, surroundings or environments are a hot topic, and key to your outwards success.

Perhaps the smooth running in your space allows you to step out and succeed, maybe your comfortable home life brings you the stability you need to feel safe in the world, or perhaps your parents are to thank for their inspiration, urging you to go further, ambitious and advancing in the public eye.

Be grateful of inner and outer anchoring, for your ability to recharge and head out, to maintain a consistency and thrive thanks to a sense of ease and wellbeing.

You’ll want this strong basis and launchpad (home, family, or your roots) to serve as your pillar of strength today, as the New Moon brings a partner or person onto your path who proves distracting – and even interrupts you as you make your way!


Work, Health, Lifestyle, Organization / Fun, Passion, Connection

Get To Work! Address Niggles & Maintenance…

The New Moon sees Sun and Moon join together in your efficient, productive, purposeful sixth house of chores, work, healthy habits, and all you do to maintain a positive lifestyle.

If you’re feeling less-than-enthusiastic about any facet of your day-to-day, now is the time to address those niggles – from an overdue doctor’s appointment to starting a diet or fitness plan, or bringing help on board at work or at home.

We all need support, Scorpio, even a private eye like you needs wind beneath your eagle wings to help you soar that bit higher. Though it might be difficult letting someone else tidy up – or initiate change – it’s perhaps the right time to address issues, particularly those such as health, wellbeing, streamlining systems and tackling organizational tasks.

It might not be easy, in fact, you could now be forced to look at things that make you feel downright uncomfortable – from plain bored to cringing, to confronted!

Yet you’ll feel all the better for it, cultivating impressive progress along the way.

Express Yourself: Strong Yet Challenging

Mercury now moves through Pisces, and your dreamy, romantic fifth house of artistic expression, lovemaking, fun and recreation. It’s a great time to enjoy clarity around the projects, people, and interests you’re keen on, and to relish an outlet to express yourself, Scorpio.

And yet, because there’s a New Moon in Aries – and your house of health and organization – you might feel distracted, and less able to focus on your passions – your usual plans, relationships, and activities.

Maybe you’re now heavily involved with some local endeavour, writing project, neighbourhood connection, or developing skills that are hugely important; note that today you will need to spread yourself a little more thinly, tending to some unwelcome but necessary facet of life that calls.

It may even be an opportune moment to clear your schedule, to find ways of bringing order to your everyday – so that you might more easily pursue the more exciting, fun dimensions of life! Sit through the discomfort, before resuming personal interests.


Pleasure, Enjoyment, Love, Romance / Earnings, Money, Role, Income

Work Vs. Play

The Moon joins the Sun in Aries, which is now lighting up your fifth house of playful notions and creativity, Sagittarius – it’s a day to acknowledge what you love and enjoy, what makes your heart race, what your heart wants to conceive or create – what would make an ideal expression of you?

The New Moon moment helps you affirm your artistic side, however letting loose on your creative inclinations and impulses might not be as ‘fun’ as it sounds, particularly since you’re likely taking life seriously, now.

Your ruling planet – Jupiter – now flourishes in the financially oriented house of stability, security, wealth and income, helping you build, develop and sustain yourself with a role you’ve worked hard to establish.

There’s great momentum around money and earnings, so taking your eyes off the prize to go carefree could feel utterly counter-intuitive! Strike a balance between work and play, stepping away from the desk job for simple entertainment and light relief.

Work & Stability: Strong

You may now have a better handle on your emotions, home life, and a general sense of stability and place, Sagittarius. Mercury now moves through your domestic realms, helping you think clearly and intuitively about the more routine side of life; supported by planets in earth, your practical inclinations receive a boost.

While all work and no play does make for a dull day, you’ve likely got momentum and quite a stride on when it comes to feeling good in your job, or how you contribute. This is particularly important in intimate collaborations, as you might have worked hard to be a responsible, trusted pair of hands.

Have faith you’ve proved yourself, and can drive ahead in your position with ease; meanwhile note that today does stimulate your frisky house of play, love, sex and conception – find the balance and satisfy your need to pursue something enjoyable (or you might end up in hot pursuit of something risqué).


Home, Emotions, Domestic Life, Security, Family / Presence, Vitality, Energized

Full Of Enthusiasm Vs. Full Of Emotion…

Today’s New Moon in Aries brings your focus towards home or domestic life, your surroundings, emotional environment, or feelings.

What’s left to heal in your family life, Capricorn? It may be a tough question to ask yourself, yet the Sun and Moon together at your sensitive core demand you look at what’s beneath it all – your roots, ancestry, and even old patterns that go way back.

You might not like to gaze inwards, since so much is now occurring at a personal level – it might be hard to pause and tune in to your past or sensitive subjects.

The buoyant planet of luck and abundance – (larger than life) Jupiter – accompanies enthusiastic Mars, energizing and vibrant in your own sign. You could be fuelled with vitality, a sense of urgency and adventure that’s palpable.

Yet find the balance between taking stock of how you feel, and engaging adventurously at a more physical level.

Passion & Self-Expression: Strong

There’s an amorous quality in the stars for you now, Capricorn, as Venus tours your loving house of playful indulgence – it might be a season to date, relish entertainment, to treat yourself to something special, or enjoy good company.

Enthusiastic Jupiter – planet of growth, expansion, travel and education – now stirs you, bringing enthusiasm for a new chapter (if not a new book in the series) in the story of you! No doubt you’ve worked hard for this fresh start, which is all about stepping into your power and transformation…

However, while you claim the spotlight and relish attention – and the feel good factor – you’ve also to consider life through an emotional lens (yes, even you, cool, conservative, traditional Capricorn!).

It’s Aries Season, which has the capacity to kick up all kinds of domestic or emotional dust; you could even be experiencing new shoots underfoot / within your property, which requires you to look at the ground you’re standing on – is it solid and secure?

Despite passions sparkling with great appeal, be sure your home fires burn warm and bright…


Consistency, Retreat, Regularity, Routine / Connection, Navigation, Peers

Health, Healing, Consistent Effort….

It’s possible you’re currently in a place in your life where it’s important to focus on health and healing. This includes keeping a regular schedule, maintaining your position and efforts – particularly at work, and around your income, role and showing up as needed – while also doing some excavation behind the scenes.

Detox, rehabilitation, working in isolation, overcoming a misunderstanding or scandal – all these could be important ways you’re progressing, preparing, and readying yourself more responsibility that’s upon you. You’re almost there!

However, today introduces a distraction; the New Moon in Aries resets your focus around your connection to the people and places in your immediate vicinity, so that friends, a team initiative, or ideas and communication skills could throw a spanner in the works, breaking your routine.

Try to navigate what’s presented with flexibility, Aquarius. You are one of the Fixed Signs in astrology, so your MO can be stubborn or rigid when it comes to opinions and thinking, yet today you’ve really got to stay on the ball and be open.

Engage With Fresh Ideas!

It could be tempting to go slow now, Aquarius, languishing in comfort, the tried and tested, allowing yourself to wrap up the old and loiter a little longer over projects behind the scenes.

While this is absolutely valid, the stars are calling you loud and clear, to address something pretty pertinent that’s been said, thought, or related.

The Aries New Moon brings about a cosmic reset in your third house of navigation and neighborhoods. You’re called to connect, communicate, relate, engage and examine the way you talk, approach, message and use language with those around you.

Be willing to be curious and explore, revisit awkward conversations, rumors or statements. It might be necessary to address something painful – a brutish or unkind word had with a neighbor, co-worker, sibling or school friend.

Pull off the Band-Aid and let it breathe, Aquarius! Resolve to find different, responsible ways of moving forwards.


Money, Wealth, Job Role / Friendship, Connection, Communication

Income, Earnings, Personal Account

Take stock of income and finances today, Pisces, as although it’s uncomfortable to look at what we earn – and even what we’re worth – it’s a great exercise for the New Moon in Aries!

The Moon meets the Sun in your second house of wealth, personal gains, and material comfort, spotlighting your capacity to pocket resources, save and make a living. Perhaps you’re ready to start hunting for a new role, or are welcoming a shift, craving the ability to step back and focus on saving – rather than socializing.

With money on your mind, make note of your goals and intentions – even if they seem far off, you can heal your money story, and grow confident about your capabilities and personal value.

Though you’re a great friend – the life and soul of the party much of the time – you’ve also to sustain yourself in a practical sense, and give yourself time to develop, work, build your resources and what you have.

Make no mistake, your network can help you get to where you long to be, but sometimes you’ve got to carve out boundaries and go solo.

Friends & Supporters: Strong

There’s presently a big focus on your network, company, and circle of friends, how you get along with those around you, and gain support from people in the wider context of society, too.

Mercury now moves through your sign, Pisces, giving you a silver tongue and the gift (of the gab,) speech, salesmanship, persuasion, and relatability.

Your capacity to get along with others is strong, as likeable Venus tours Taurus, and your keen-to-connect third house of besties – close friends may flock to your side. What’s more Jupiter flourishes in your house of allies, potentially bringing benefactors to your door, and showing you where you’re most influential and effective at a group level – as part of humanity, a team, or on social channels.

And yet you need to be self-serving today, (and think about money today) too.

While it’s great that you have a squad of peers and cheerleaders, you might also need to be practically focused, and balance your energy and purpose with careful consideration.

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