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Stay Balanced – Your New Moon In Libra Horoscope Is Here…

Look for a way to work around this fierce lunation!

Moon Muse: Kate Winslet, Sun And Moon In Libra…

New Moon In Libra, 23º53’

  • Weekday: Friday – Venus’ Day,
  • Element: Air,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Venus.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Saturday October 17th, 2020 6.31 am
  • Hong Kong: Saturday October 17th, 2020 3.31 am
  • Kolkata: Saturday October 17th, 2020 1.01 am
  • Moscow: Friday October 16th, 2020 10.31 pm
  • Paris: Friday October 16th, 2020 9.31 pm
  • London: Friday October 16th, 2020 8.31 pm
  • New York: Friday October 16th, 2020 3.31 pm
  • Los Angeles: Friday October 16th, 2020 12.31 pm.

About This New Moon…

At this New Moon, the Sun is joined by the Moon at 23º52′ Libra, both find themself opposite a conjunction of Mars and Eris in Aries.

This is bound to be a fresh start with a frustrating undertow; not only are this fiery pairing putting up a discombobulating front, the Sun has recently been square to Pluto and is still up in arms against this potent planet that packs a punch!

The ruler of the New Moon is Venus, coming into opposition with Neptune in Pisces. 

We also have a mutable square in the skies when we take these two romantic planets and compare them with the North and South Node (at 21º33′), meanwhile the Libra / Aries point bring this into a mystic rectangle.

Mars retrograde is trine to the Sagittarius South Node, Sun and Moon trine to the Gemini North Node (and with Ceres at 28º36′ Aquarius this makes for a wide air trine).

And so we can logically ask ourselves how best to work with this Lunation in mid-October… While we might want to put faith in others (Venus trine Jupiter, grand trine in air), we know this isn’t entirely well founded (Neptune’s position).

Careful negotiation seems the way to go – volatility is high – talking it over, letting go of big ideas to hear and discuss the facts, without getting hung up on the details… Using broad brush stokes to arrive at something profound (Pluto quincunx the North Node…)

Your New Moon Horoscope…


The Sun and Moon meet and greet in your seventh house of partners today, Aries, so that it’s an opportunity to reset the dial across your one-to-one dealings, and the way you connect and communicate with diplomacy, fairness, balance and equilibrium – knowing others hold their part.

The ruling planet of the New Moon is Venus touring Virgo and your house of efficiency, maintenance, productivity and daily toil or tasks. It’s worth considering the relationships (including a spouse) connected to your work or employment, and those that help you stay fit and healthy.

Be mindful that an argumentative tone permeates this lunation, with Mars opposite (and disruptive asteroid Eris, too). You could be frustrated and fed up with your inner navigation system and path to growth – get back to basics, Ram, this is not an easy time and you may need to think and talk it out…

Mercury is now retrograde in Scorpio and your house of commitments, consummation and consolidation, so you may be rethinking your strategy when it comes to partnership and how to progress (and even work out the financials between you and another).

Yet, with today’s Libra New Moon in your house of intimate relationships, you can consider what’s next for all kinds of encounters and how to dig deep and play nice. It’s not only about what you can build, develop and make happen together (benefitting or gaining from a merger)it’s about the experience of being engaged in a mirroring exercise – call and repeat, with someone else to guide you and help you explore, learn, and navigate.

Today’s New Moon is a new beginning for your approach to unions, and it’s really worth deep diving into thoughtful consideration around what a sense of pairing or matrimony can deliver.

However, with Pluto in your tenth house transforming the way you’re seen in the public eye – your vocation, career, direction or reputation – it could be necessary to dig deep into leaning on (or involving) a plus one.

You’re known as the fearlessly intrepid independent sign, and don’t like to share fame nor glory with anyone, usually. But with Mars now retrograde in your sign it’s a time to lay down your sword and open up to partners – while also sustaining your impressive professional accolades & accomplishments, too.

Allow your ambitious work life persona to propel your willingness to co-operate with others, now. See the logic in being available in a pair.


The Sun & Moon now meet in Libra and your efficient, diligent sixth house of work, toil and wellbeing, delivering a healthy, moderate, balanced fresh start to harness across your routine, rituals, and usual schedule (as well as those you manage or employ). Note that it may be easy to see the most rewarding, lucrative avenues with the potential to deliver income, confidence, or self worth your, Taurus!

What’s more, your ruling planet Venus now move through a fellow earth sign, ‘Virgo’, and your fun house of passionate expression, play and creativity, so that it might be easy to revamp your day-to-day with a touch of panache.

Just be mindful that a process underway – behind the scenes – could now prove contentious and distracting, with Mars in your house of secrets, solitude and sacrifice churning up discord and an inner disturbance…

With Venus in your fun fifth house of dating, sexuality, amorous wiles and wonton abandon, you could be having quite the opportunity to flush a rosy shade of blush now Taurus! Yet Mercury appears retrograde in your opposite sign, so that it’s important to listen and hear what a partner is saying – or keen to emphasize. Pick up on cues.

Amorous Marsis burning with heady passion in your clandestine house of closure and surrender, so that despite hitting a sweet spot in matters of the heartyou may have to deal with unconscious stressors and strains…

With the Libra New Moon now showing you where you might be usefully employed, it’s an awesome time to recognize your day-to-day practices, Taurus – what fulfills you and pays your way?

Embrace areas of life that are consistent, keep you fit as a fiddle, and allow you to maintain a sense of equilibrium – and fair management – around those you work above or below (from your employer, secretary, cleaner, nanny, personal trainer, to your babysitter). Look with fresh eyes at hired help!

With Mars,Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all at odds with the New Moon, it might feel as if you’re only just keeping your head above water, yet it’s at times like these we’re really able to dig deep and pull through with something valuable to contribute… Perhaps it’s time to find someone new or let someone go?


Sun & Moon meet and greet in your fifth house of creativity, conception and artistic expression, so that you can embrace a fresh start for your passions and greatest loves, Gemini. Focus on personal gratification and pleasing yourself – an astrological hack as the stars usher in experiences that bring it back to you (and your presence, persona, autonomy and interests).

From a fresh look at dating, your sexuality, and love life, to personal projects, hobbies, beautiful crafts or even your sense of fashion style, now is the time that centers on your own inspiration and desires…

But be mindful that with Mars in your community sector, social activity could be heightened, presenting an abrasive backdrop with friends, your crew or colleagues demanding attention too – note group work that’s fired up, heady team spirit, and a compelling purpose among peers…

With the New Moon in your fertile fifth house it’s a lusty moment to consider amorous sentiments and your passionate side, Gemini – all the you love and are willing to put your heart into.

However, with Pluto in your eighth house of commitments, consolidation, and consummation, bonds and personal agreements could loom large and come off as seriously intense right now, with investments or pledges made that are formidable and considerably binding or hard to untie.

Still, it’s important that you now bring it back to you and your presence and capabilities–don’t be too concerned with others now, do focus on number one.

While it’s a poignant time to focus on you and your passions, creativity, desires and love life, there’s great tension in the stars that must be acknowledged, and you’d be wise to take on board the undertones now.

Pluto has been traversing your confronting eighth house of fears and anxieties, presenting you with an alliance, commitment, or union that’s resounding and runs deep.

With Marsmoving through your trailblazing eleventh house of community, common causes, humanitarian aims and friendship, it’s hard to know which way to turn and lend your attention.

What’s more, Mercury now appears retrograde in Scorpio and your efficient sector of streamlining, health & maintenance, your house of habits, work and employment. Keep your cool – and your head – and be sure to stay present.


The Sun & Moon meet in your hidden house of land and lineage, family and feelings, household matters and home, so that you can take a fresh look at domestic life and your surroundings, but also underlying issues of security, place, roots and parenting (and your relationship to those subjects).

Be mindful that with Mars in your house of career and professional life, it could be hard to sink into issues where you live, where you’re from, and where you intend to rest and recalibrate, or to surrender to your emotions. And yet try and give yourself time, Cancer, as you private life might now be beckoning with a new beginning – or chapter – to settle into…

While the Libra Sun and Moon meet in your sensitive inner world to bring you focus around home life and your family setting, there’s tension too, thanks to Pluto looming large in your house of partners. You might find you’re disagreeing on everything from parenting styles to the right wallpaper print, as controlling powerhouse Pluto looms large, interrupting your focus.

What’s more, Mercury now appears retrograde in Scorpio and your amorous, passionate house of romance, fun, (sexual expression) & personal gratification! There may be a good reason to pause in matters of the heart; dream of your ideal, Crab and allow yourself space to drift and exhale as you tread water…

It’s a frustrating time in the stars for us all, and you may be greatly challenged now, Cancer, with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn gathered in your relationship realm, and the New Moonand Marsboth square to this stellium.

Finding your way could seem like an impossible feat – career drive (and how you want to appear in the world)and home life (and your priorities for emotional stability)are at odds with no apparent way to find a happy medium!

Rather than struggle against the issues that now seem contentious, try to give yourself a break – step back from work and daily toil and instead use your imagination to anticipate something wonderfully comforting. There are some times when fantasy and escapism are due, today is one such time dreaming is a worthy pursuit…


The Sun & Moon meet and greet in the civilized zodiac sign Libra and your third house of communication skills, spelling the potential for congenial contact and connection – you can take a fresh look at your approach to those closest, from neighbors & siblings, to co-workers, best friends, & old school pals.

There’s no better time to vow to improve your relations to others and be in touch more, Leo, with language, social media, and navigational skills to boost.

Just be mindful that people or projects further afield may also light you up, or draw your interest, with Mars in your house of higher education and personal development – and travel – broadening your horizons…

With the New Moon comes the chance to address ties to your inner circle, Leo, your amiability and pleasantness among local friends and your immediate surroundings. But you could also be hotly pursuing an engagement beyond your usual parameters, with ardent, zealous Mars in your ninth house of foreign climbs and unfamiliar terrain stirring your passions.

Venus tours your second house of personal gain, value and self-confidence, so although you’re circulating and mingling – and discovering who you get along well with in close quarters– you could also be finding your way with comfort and security bearing influence, too…

It’s a powerful time to come together on the common causes you care about, to forsake your own interests for the group dynamic, humanity, or being a part of something exciting – a buzzing social scene! The Libra New Moon brings focus toward communication skills, so that you can now consider a fresh page is being turned, and a new chapter being written around close ties and connection.

From social interactions and refining your message, to enjoying enhanced rapport and speaking or verbalizing with surety, now is the time to mean what you say – and find a crowd or audience that appreciates your input!

Only your usual habits, daily rituals or practice can get under your feet, with a square to Pluto in your sixth house creating a dominating signature: your schedule, health, maintenance and wellbeing, your constitution, or commitment to a certain lifestyle could impede your ability to think or move freely, now…


Sun & Moon meet in your second house of sustenance, salary, savings and personal gain – your sector of material assets, belongings and the traits you possess with confidence that help you feel worthy of making a living, valued.

Seize a fresh start for your role and input, the contribution you make solo but be aware that with Mars burning bright in your intimate house of commitmentyou might be equally interested in what can be accomplished with you work with another to consolidate, commit and combine your efforts.

Mars is nowbacktracking through your house of mutual gainsand joint endeavors, so that agreements may presently be in flux. What’s more, Marsis square to planets in your fertile fifth house that are boosting your sexuality, sense of fun, capacity to date, mate and generally love.

Entanglements could be laced with pressure and a need to secure some kind of bond or commitment could be interfering with your general sense of buoyancy and ability to derive pleasure in matters of the heart.

Try to make the best of situations that seem trying, keeping your side of the street neat as a pin. With Mercury now retrograde in your communication zone your message or connection may now be thrown off…

Take the day to affirm your own efforts and position, and how you might sustain yourself single handedly (you’ll come together in due course)…

Vivacious, beatifying Venus is now moving through your sign and your house of ‘self’, lending you a looking glass (and some gracious tools) to enhance your appearance and the way you come across with (sensitivity &) charm–effortlessly amicable, cordial & diplomatic.

Meanwhile the Sun & Moon lend focus to vocational matters, work, earnings and all you do to contribute and sustain yourself, bringing in an income or finding another way to show your resourceful side…

Though there’s pushback from both Mars, Jupiter, Plutoand Saturn, you can lean into the emphasis & attention on you and what you’re working toward.

Put your best foot forwards, to show up with amicabilityto those you meet; coming across wellhas a wonderfully unexpected effect on our day, and by increasing your likeability factoryour career might experience a positive flush.


The Sun & Moon meet in your sign today, Libra, for a New Moon moment that you can consider your personal New Year, new beginning and fresh start! It’s an opportunity to reset the dial across your personal projects, and the way you develop and grow as an individual.

The ruling planet of the New Moon is Venus touring Virgo and your private house of gestation, prep, closure, secrets and dreams, so that this runs much deeper than superficial appearances – you might be transitioning into a brand new you!

Be mindful that an argumentative tone permeates this lunation, with Mars opposite (and disruptive asteroid Eris, too) in your house of partners, so that one person might be stirring up mischief and how! Rather than dig your heels in go high, making space to discuss your options & visualize the path ahead…

With Marsin your house of one-to-onescertian people could now seem extra challenging and troublesome, Libra, a significant othercould be driving themselves – and you – to distraction.With the Libra New Moon you may want to carve out time to focus on you, don’t feel hesitant to get clear on your personal priorities today, all the while knowing there are likely many demanding types on your radar.

Domestic surroundings, home life or family – or the world you’ve established beneath you – could also warrant your time; land and lineage or your ability to parent could dominate, so eroding space for number one… Rise above!

Libra Season lends focus and the spotlight your way, and yet this year there are so many conflicting agendas that getting some headspace to consider you and your own priorities may seem a baffling notion.

And yet it’s important to set aside time to check in with ourselves, Libra.

You’re known as the peacekeeping zodiac sign of balance, marriage, equality and equilibrium, notorious for finding harmony in all areas. Yet even you likely can’t maintain a veneer that’s polished and lovely now, with the stars throwing you some curve balls.

Rather than try to resist or change what’s (or who’s) before you, consider the broader knowledge you need to navigate and overcome. It might be an outside voice or teacher gives you the wisdom you’re seeking – reach out…


Sun & Moon meet and greet in your twelfth house of gestation and solitude, your house of prep, release, surrender and spiritual serenity, giving you a fresh start to make shifts in your private, inner world and emotional realms.

This is one of those times to let go and find peace amidst the madness, Scorpio – your co-ruling planets – Marsand Pluto – are presently engaged in a spat (or square) resulting in a combative window for yourwork & effectiveness.

It might be nice to disappear into a space where you can switch off from the demands of your day-to-day, to dream of something a little more elusive, intangible, and totally unproductive! Give yourself a long leash…

The New Moon in your twelfth house takes you offline and into a mood that’s reflective, Scorpio. Yet that’s not to say you can’t invite a trusted friend who’s loyal to walk beside you as you process and exhale.

In fact, now is a great time to welcome in experiences that teach you who can be vulnerable with and show your truth to – share and open up, talking with select people who are invested in you, and you in them.

Venus tours your sociable eleventh house, brining sweetness to your friendships, and a circle of loose acquaintances in your orbit, Scorpio,but aside from peers and allies you may have one or two special folk who get you.

There’s a reason for every season, Scorpio, and Libra Seasonis one to sit out, to contemplate, anticipate, and gestate in relative isolation– healing, recharging or even sacrificing yourself for another…

However, with busybodyMarsurgently pressing on health, work and wellbeingissues you may ongoing job matters– fighting fires & maintaining your position.

What’s more, there’s extra tension thanks to planets in earth, now elevating your connection & communication skills – conversations or being involved in local issues and your neighborhood might seem compelling, but with Mercury retrograde you might need to revisit what it is you’re looking to share or say…

All in all it’s a day that allows you to stand down and find deeper meaning with those you trust and are willing to open up to.


The Sun & Moon meet and greet in your sociable eleventh house of groups and community, friends, hopes and dreams for your tribe, Sagittarius, so that you could be turning over a new leaf – or embracing a fresh start among your peers. Perhaps it’s time to reenergize your network and play nice with others.

Be mindful however that your passionate nature is bubbling away beneath the surface, so that attention and interest is divided – what captures your imagination, and what serves the greater good.

Notice what you’re keen to do among allies with the spotlight landing on collaborative efforts and team spirit, and earmark those particular unions that help you develop your place at the heart of a movement.

Your friendship circle garners attention with the New Moon in your house of humanity, social issues, group work & peershowever the luminaries land opposite lusty Marsin your sector of sexuality, romance, play & conception.

While indulgence, personal gratificationand matters of the heartare pertinent and laden with intrigue, you might need to relinquish what you want and desireto succumb to a true sense of partnership…

Sun & Moon clash with planetsin your money (and earnings) zone, including your ruler Jupiter, as well as Mars in your house of creativity and conception.

Passion projects and personal interestsnow compete with social engagement, relationships, and the job that pays the bills, Sagittarius, with celestial bodes all muscle for space in the stars.

2020 has likely seen your work and personal contribution boosted, with plenty focus around your position, your self-worth and material belongings, and all you do to make a living or input something valuable

But today, you’ve a unique opportunity to connect to others, now, so don’t dip out on the opportunity among peers, allowing workor your own impulses dictate.Instead, consider acquaintances and allies that beckon…


Sun & Moon come together today, with a New Moon in your prolific tenth house of notoriety, outward reputation, career goals, and worldly persona, giving you a fresh look at the direction you’re headed in – and your image in the public eye. Affirm your vocation, trade or purpose with a smile!

Yet be aware that with Marsin opposition in your zone of land, lineage, and inner foundationsthere may a distracting undercurrent. Household, parenting or your feelings and securitymay pull you from your post, so find the happy medium between establishing yourself at large, and knowing there’s hot buttons to contend with at home. Find the sweet spot in routines, habits, and upholding your position with a healthy, consistency.

With amorous, heady Marsnow retrogradein your domestic zone of home life, family and feelings, you could be purging or processing emotional issues, hidden from view, really discovering what’s stable and what needs to be bolstered and re-upholstered in your surroundings…

Yet with such emphasis now directed towards your professional life or outer goals and vocation you might be better off pressing pause in your surroundings to leverage the opportunity before you.

Rather than getting hung up on relationships, notice how you’re useful, proficient, efficient and helpful to those in your orbit.With Mercury Retrograde in your community sector you may need to rethink, refine or re-strategize your approach to social endeavors, too!

Venus tours your expansive, visionary house of global pursuits, personal development and truth seeking now, so that it’s a great time to enjoy learn and lean into the specialist subjects you know about, teach or be student, withopportunities to broaden your outlook.

What’s more planets in your own sign have bolstered your experience and authority, demanding you exert a sense of autonomy, wisdom or knowledge, embracing a new chapter.

And yet, with the New Moon in the highest house of your horoscope your visibility and the professional guise you adopt – your public face or vocation – is important too, so that it’s necessary to set aside personal projects or assimilate your know how into the path or occupation you uphold. Try to welcome opportunities that allow you to stand in your power while also being in service – and humility…


Sun & Moon meet and greet in your ninth house of far flung places now Aquarius, your house of vision quests, travel, growth and personal development, and all you learn and assimilate through people outside your usual domain (either because your cultural or moral beliefs are opened).

With today’s New Moon you’re given ample opportunity to think big, and look further afield for inspiration; perhaps a long distance connection will spark your own creativity or romance will begin to blossom.

Be mindful that those in your inner circle don’t interject with an opinion, news, gossip or sentiments that are troublesome and vexatious. Mars retrograde is still posing discord & disgruntled mews in local environments, competing for attention, so that gathering your thoughts isn’t drama free.

Venus now tours your intimate house of commitments, bonds, and close personal relationships, bolstered by planets in your gestational twelfth house.Your private life could now be mobilized to really allow for healing, closure, andvulnerability, so that aside from blue-sky thinking & excitement on the horizon, you might now be feeling shifts at a profound, deep level.

The stars are presently ushering in a strong cycle of pleasure, play, romantic and creative paths, so that it’s an awesome time to lean in to your own visionary abilities. Yet you’ll want to be a little discerning, logical, and astutein matters of the heart, too.

The Sun and Moon now combine forces in fellow air sign: Libra, flying high in your house of travel, truth seeking, and personal development, so you may be considering options for growth, education or an experience that’soutside the box, using your imagination to soar…

But with Pluto in your twelfth house exhuming skeletons it could seem that your journey is conditional or held up against some tough conditions underway – you’re undergoing an inner process that’s not so simple (and yet being challenged could actually drive you further towards creativity and personal gratification!)

Know it’s a time of tension, and carry on regardless, knowing you’ve to consider broadly, and embrace what’s now calling you towards joy.


Today Sun & Moon meet in your eighth house of joint responsibilities and endeavors – the house of commitments, loans, mutual gains, and of bonds, consummation, consolidation (of assets), sharing and loyalties…

With today’s New Moon you’re given the opportunity to consider ways you’re wiling to trust and pledge yourself to others, following through on a promise, to allow your legacy to continue on – or to build & develop with the support of anther (spouse, mortgage lender, house mate, parent or business partner).

Yet be mindful that with Mars now retrograde in your house of personal efforts and solo gains, you could be directing attention towards what you do to sustain your role & position autonomously. It could be necessary to reflect on ways that a partnership adds comfort, stability & financial security, Pisces.

Venus now tours your opposite sign Virgo, and your seventh house of partners and one-to-ones; this is a time when coupling up or working with a friend one-on-one could greatly appeal, with the stars focusing on bringing balance to unions, taking them to the next level…

You may have found your feet within yoursocial sphere, industry, group or industry, and now find that a plus one enhances interactions with peers.

Today with a fresh start beckoning around your private life be quick to see where joint endeavors (for mutual benefit) make sense, and allow one person to help you channel your position among friends to experience a sense of place.

The Sun and Moon now combine forces in Libra, so that dealing with other people – and trusting certain folk to pull through – could be on your mind, dealing with your vulnerabilities; what you give, what you gain, figuring out the partnerships that are a ‘safe bet’ and worth your time and energy, or getting your house in order to share – borrowing or loaning, sharing bills or space, even co-parenting.

But with Pluto in your eleventh house transforming your sense of teamwork, you could be beholden to your group, social status or position, or the expectations of friends and what ‘they’ demand of you.

Allow your network to motivate your private life and decision to settle, root yourself, or prioritize family, knowing it’s a stressful time to come invest but a necessary feat, too… If you need to tend to hidden matters do so!

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