New Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…

Aim Arrows and Intentions Sky High, with the Archer's sign illuminated!

  • Weekday: Wednesday,
  • Element: Fire,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter in Pisces.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Thursday, November 24th 2022 at 6.56 am
  • London: Wednesday, November 23rd 2022 at 10.56 pm
  • New York: Wednesday, November 23rd 2022 at 5.56 pm.

Your New Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…


The New Moon in your ninth house has designs to reset the agenda around visionary ventures – projects and plans that involve far reaching ideas (and even idealism), with optimistic beliefs or pathways potentially on your mind…

Look to a journey or quest that’s allowed you to embrace your own education, and center your focus around amassing knowledge, publishing or exploring!

Be open to what’s on offer, teaching or broadcasting your views – sign up to a course that will advance you in your vocational life or help cultivate greater awareness of a culture, religion, philosophy or perspective on global matters…

Relationships… Address foreigners or connections long-distance, now Aries, be open to a different way of viewing the world and its many opinions or takes!

Set your sights on those from outside your usual area, gaining insight through others’ experience – align yourself with people, places and outlooks that warm up your adventurous nature, saddle up for a fun ride and go far & wide!

Head someplace you’ve never been, be philosophical as you talk to those that lead you toward another avenue in life, with hot topics introduced by a partner. Say “yes” to fresh perspectives and broaden your outlook!

Growth… A fresh start for personal growth and development can be affirmed today, with the Sagittarius New Moon in your house of higher education, expansion and publication – look to share a view with international audiences!

Consider what needs a fresh pair of eyes, what needs more attention around your outlook, belief systems, moral or legal stance, a code of conduct or way of broaching others… Take a leap in the right direction.

As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today, your intuition can improve, along with alternative methods for healing amassed, gaining closure or acceptance. Grapple with your personal blind spot, all that’s unknown, unknowable or unfathomable about your circumstances.

Come to terms with ways you’re selfless, ways you lose yourself or escape into secretive tendencies, checking out with art, music, substances, or spirituality.


The New Moon in your eighth house has designs to reset the agenda around collaborations – particularly those you’re inclined to take seriously, even showing a certain type of vulnerability in order to gain trust with others.

Think about how and what you share, see the benefit of a contract or sure thing, ways adhering to your obligations or pledging yourself makes sense!

Be open to resources offered, identifying those that need something from you, and how you can pull through for others, with something mutual to gain working together to build, develop and profit when you’re sharing aims!

Relationships… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your eleventh house), sail toward friends in the community, sensing the social scene, circle of peers or team mates that surround you…

There may have been much to learn; perhaps you’ve gotten lost in a crowd, with plenty now understood about collective interests, what matters to everyman, who’s popular, what’s trending, the hopes and aspirations you have within a group. Get on board with gatherings & opportunities to mingle, with a prolific or important set of influential types. Flourish among your allies!

Growth… A fresh start for committed relationships is written in the stars now, as celestial bodies assemble in the sector of joint ownership; look to what you expect from other people, verbalizing your wishes, what you’ll give in return.

You likely know what you’re capable of [solo], but what about profiting through an outside party, arrangements, inheritance, or coming to terms with where you’re indebted or owe others… You can likely see who has your back…

Take time to think through the details, knowing where you might rely on others, honing in on mutually beneficial circumstance, investments made, or ready to be honored. Merge your agenda, money, space and share secret parts of yourself! Lend a friend cash, or talk about what you’d love from your grandmother’s jewelry box, or the pension plan you’re entitled to!

Make a motion, visualizing a way forward in tandem with another, invested in outcomes, pooling your time, energy and resources, so you’re both satisfied.


The New Moon in your seventh house has designs to reset the agenda around interpersonal relationships & key people you deal with one-on-one, Gemini.

Note those on your horizon and your plans for togetherness looking ahead, or how you might freshen up your approach to a rival, competitor, client rapport or develop interpersonal skills with the help of someone special.

Don’t limit yourself to your spouse, best friend, family member or a business partner, consider a coach, therapist, someone fun to act as a creative collaborator who offers hope doing things another way! Get colorful in the way you look at different approaches and options, and be sure to listen!

Relationships… It’s a huge time for your personal relationships and sense of true partnership, as your ruling planet Mercury appears in your opposite sign with the New Moon and loving Venus. Note people encountered who you’re keen to please, and willing to hear from. Pick up the phone with a fresh slate!

You’ve a new beginning with potential, so plan to make sense of any back and forth, ready to understand and appreciate a significant other or plus one. Let ‘them’ to come up with bright ideas, too – look to ‘them’ for inspiration!

Your unions can be boosted in the right direction, so be optimistic about the warmth between you, and contemplate what might be fun to do together…

Growth… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your tenth house) your direction, goals, ambitions and career or trade could become clearer, with smoother seas to sail in as you advance with the wind behind your sails, getting you to where you want to be!

No doubt you’ve experienced growth or many important lessons around what it takes to follow through with professional aims this year and last, really experiencing major wisdom and takeaways around your path in the public eye–including how you’re seen, come across or are perceived by others.

Having come so far really see your journey through on its course – if there’s any title you’re still eager to claim or an award, praise or accolade, swim to it!


The New Moon in your sixth house has designs to reset the agenda around work, health and the lifestyle choices you make as a conscious decision – ways you set about your tasks, chores and get on with your job, with a daily practice or regime that lights you up and makes good sense!

Address your habits and routines, affirm what works for you and what still needs an adjustment (be it your back and body, a system upgrade, a new appliance to make cooking and domestic life easier, or an app or assistant!)

Be open to fresh thinking and a new way approach to admin, focus on the way you live well, (and the people or teammates who support you!)

Relationships… Look to helping hands or connections that serve you, Cancer, or ways you can be helpful, in service, setting about your best work – efficient, effective and enjoying what you do (with positivity around subordinates, managers or those you manage and assist). Make appointments or check in!

Do you need a virtual PA, cleaner or simply less on your plate? Talk it over and make plans today! Visualize your next move, health kick or position, and who is well placed to boost you in the right direction to get further along on your path… There may also be a nudge to purify your thoughts and approach to less desirable people you meet, take another glance at those you don’t like!

Growth… A fresh start for daily rituals or your schedule can be considered, with ways to stay organized; make clever, intelligent choices with a healthy dose of confidence to operate as you see fit, and live your best life…

As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your ninth house), a path you’ve taken to expand your knowledge, experience and personal understanding can resume…

There may be exceptional wisdom you’ve been exposed to, with an educational perspective or journey you’ve been on that’s allowed you to see into another culture, or way of life… Lean towards your specialist subject or the unique and profound awareness you have, able to share, publish, broadcast or announce your truth, vision or a just outcome you’ve reached.


The New Moon in your playful, artistic fifth house has designs to reset the agenda around people, places, and things (interests) you adore, Leo.

Look to your own passions, creativity, sports or your sexual prowess, your ability to conceive and find pleasure in the world and your talents! Focus on love & all that’s in your heart, waiting to be expressed or ignited around plans.

Be open to what’s on offer, with music, art, dance, drama or a vacation, an excursion or entertainment – say “yes” to playdates and affirm what brings you joy and happiness – steer your gaze to your personal inspiration…

Relationships… Look to the people that light you up: your kids, friends or a loved one that makes you smile with optimism, or amplify your love life, with a re-set around dating, romance and your recreational life.

Enjoyment can be placed high on the agenda, with your guiding star ‘the Sun’ now accompanied by Moon, Mercury and Venus, steering you to hone in on heartfelt wishes. If you’re looking for love or more excitement and adventure then today is a day to contemplate how you might make it happen…

As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your eighth house of intimacy and commitment), you could start to peddle your boat forwards, into smoother seas. Note a journey you’ve been on with trust and an enduring faith in others, and see through on a promise made…

Growth… A fresh start arrives for your personal expression, creative endeavors, hobbies or a talent you’re devoted to – or a fun sport, pastime, game or project that’s a sheer pleasure (like a party you’re eager to plan).

Be entertained and entertaining, think of your own happiness, and make a date with children or those that make your heart race. Warmly cherish what you have the capacity to do that brings you utter joy, ways you can get creative in your professional or personal life.

Progress in your private life is possible, with special bonds, the support or input of others you can count on, or a special commitment that’s seen you deepen what you give and what you get. Realize the fears you’ve faced!!


The New Moon in your fourth house has designs to reset the agenda around your sense of place and security – family or your nesting instincts, what you do in home spaces, what you contribute to your pile or how you play house!

Domestic life may now feature high on the agenda, even cooking, entertaining in your property or on your turf, talking or engaging with parents or parenting issues, or getting to know a partner’s caretakers or roots!

Embrace and affirm what brings security, a sense of familiarity in your environment, even what helps you identify what’s comfortable or familiar to you – what feels safe and secure… Prepare the dishes or plan to lay claim to recipes that fuel you and feed you and those under your roof with pleasure!

Relationships… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your zone of partners), you may find you’ve a better grasp on other people.

It’s possible your judgement has been slightly clouded in one-to-ones, that others have seem mysterious with your relationships watered down or just out of reach – there may have been a state of confusion, with romanticism or an illustrious and seductive state of affairs around marriage, unions or ways you come together. You can now allow any fog to dissipate, having moved through a growth spurt, learning and developing awareness of others.

Your other half can continue to feature largely, with improved perception in the way you collaborate find yourself intimately involved as one…

Growth… Consider your base and roots, the land you live on, your body, foundations, your ‘comfort zone’, and how you think about the past… Be willing to contemplate all those matters pertaining to your lineage, ancestry, and how you approach your household, four walls and the ‘right to abode’.

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A fresh start in the stars may inspire you at home, with a potential need to feel to feel tethered or identify with family members or your family line.

Be optimistic as you broach your address and homeland, how you move forwards with a home of your own, or vow to deal with those that have some sway over living spaces (from your landlord to people who help pay the rent).


The New Moon in your third house has designs to reset the agenda around kin and your inner circle, how you communicate or talk to those in your local area, connecting with the news, gossip, siblings, school friends or messaging neighbors, co-workers – navigating your environment or conversations.

Look to a writing project, discoveries in your environment, and what you’re most curious about learning, teaching or passing on to others (even getting together in a book club, commuting with others or elevating an educational program! Be open to big ideas that can be passed around or discussed…

Relationships… Address your inner circle, your tone, speech or mindset – your intellect or the opinions you have in common with those in your usual space or hang out.

You can experience a fresh start around navigational skills or your own aptitude and development (i.e. lessons from a friend or therapist). Turn over a new leaf in the way you connect, communicate and relate to those around you, making your way with clarity and more to know or find out…

Talk with close friends and allow those around you to add to your own take.

Be in touch and really hear what’s being said, allowing information, facts and data to be revealed… Pay attention to pertinent conversations, with new directions and discourse to follow…

Growth… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today, your duties, health and wellness journey could begin to make more sense. Some profound developments may have sent you back for a second glance at work matters or sensible practices…

Now, you can consider where you’re best employed and useful, able to move toward your optimum lifestyle, staying well, able to avoid sickness or that you’re unable to get on with chores, tasks or your position.

Get back into the flow of things in weeks ahead, having learnt and realized so much about your ideal approach to your daily life, habits and regimes, sure you can be effective, consistent, efficient and fit for what’s expected of you…


The New Moon in your second house has designs to reset the agenda around material assets and your approach to money – the way you make gains or draw abundance your way, with tools to profit or make more of what you have!

Think about earnings, what you possess, belongings and your role, your expectations around what you’re paid or how you’re compensated, and ways you might breed confidence in yourself.

Look to self-knowledge, optimistic yet wise around all you have in hand, the approach you’re keen to bring forward into the future (realism yet hopeful!)

Relationships… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your fifth house of personal passions), you can move forward in your approach to matters of the heart, children or pregnancy, your love life, fertility, sexuality, dating or finding a way to your own happiness…

You may have developed knowledge or wisdom around your own lust for life and what brings you joy, what’s fun and who’s capable of making you smile, laugh and fall deeper into love, romance, compassion and your heart…

Take all the experiences you’ve had to date around sex and pleasure, remembering its all of our birth right as human beings – God given!

Growth… Consider how you might like to be rewarded or compensated with a fresh start & new beginning for your position, material life and sense of prosperity.

What will bring you a sense of satisfaction and justify your input, your focus and attention? What are your personal priorities when it comes to your assets and attributes that are valuable, prized & help you prosper even more?

Today, sense where you’re thinking about your role and financial investments, how you might spend, save or develop personal security.

Keep your own ends in mind, what’s lucrative and practical for you! Bring it back to your part, content in ruminating over the positive parts of your input – what makes you happy about your role, what are the cherished ‘best bits’?


The New Moon in your sign has designs to reset the agenda around the way you step into your person or body, into your character, truth and authenticity – the way you follow through with personal plans, your purpose and persona.

Embrace renewal, new chapters, and a fresh start that’s all about you, Sagittarius, with the Sun & Moon, Mercury and Venus all in your sign amplifying your special qualities and what you’re about.

Be uplifted in your character, the side of yourself that’s optimistic, hopeful, honest and capable. Get any health checks, refresh your wardrobe, or mood board your appearance to make yourself happy!

Relationships… It’s a special day to map out your future, and gaze ahead with your autonomy and solo adventure in hand; it’s great to be aware of partners now in the frame, yet you could command the attention – not only is it your birthday but the ruler of your relationships (articulate Mercury) now flies through your sign, so it may be easier to do the talking on behalf of you both!.

Remember, today really is about you, full of potential and solo promise, so be at liberty to focus on number one and let individuals in your midst look to you and even spoil you with treats and affection!

Venus and the Moon in your sign allow you to receive, so say “yes” to gifts of all descriptions, putting your own pleasure and happiness first…

Growth… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your fourth house), know you can move forwards within your property or household arrangements, with domesticity, nesting and nurturing, parenting or a sense of place you’ve been leaning into over time.

The propensity to take care of yourself and others may have swelled in importance at different times this year and last, so that you’ve considered where and how you settle. Now, take all the knowledge you’ve amassed about the past and present situations concerning family life and how you want to live, and move ahead…Water your roots!

Make space to honour your inner, emotional needs, and drop anchor!


The New Moon in your twelfth house of healing has designs to reset the agenda around closure, release, sacrifice and surrendering…

Notice what’s gotta give (or what you’ve already relinquished, given up or bought full circle), take a fresh glance at methods you use to move beyond hurts and hard times: intuition, spirituality, charity or escapism.

Embrace quiet time, fantasy and note any self-sabotaging behaviors or habits you’re ready to knock on the head, as the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus assemble in the most elusive zone of your horoscope.

Relationships… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your third house), you might sense the tide is turning, particularly with interactions concerning siblings, communication skills or dealings with neighbors and those in your local area or environment.

Much wisdom may have been tapped into among your tight knit circle of trust, with ways to navigate, speak up, express your opinions (including on social media), and perhaps some confusion as you learnt or informed others, with teaching, news, gossip or data a big theme this year and last.

Elevate important connections and take the best of what you’ve said & come to understand about your rapport into the future; tap into winning relations.

Growth… Consider where you’re in a state of limbo, healing, detoxing, doing things differently, with a wave goodbye to people, places, habits or tendencies that no longer serve you. Use your intuition, prepared to switch off and do deep inner work. Be in reflection, waiting, watching, observing…

Be willing to move out of your own way, pulling on the secret strings you’re able to manage without others knowing… Who can you help side stage?

Lean into recovery, respite and take a break. Note ways you might get out of yourself and think of others, or drift into sleep, taking the pressure off. You could be well placed to work behind the scenes, making moves as you ‘read’ the bigger picture, or maybe it’s best to stand by, isolating and only offering an opinion when asked (even if you do have profound answers…)


The New Moon in your eleventh house has designs to reset the agenda around friends in your community, human endeavors and group work.

Look to the way you come together with colleagues or fellows on a team, or experience those in your broader network, industry or social circle – you’ve a fresh start buzzing with potential, so hone in on a crew or crowd of peers!

Get behind a cause or concern that moves you, that you can believe in alongside an audience (i.e. all standing singing along to the same songs, cheering your team with a loud positive cry!) Fans, followers or folk online could be clapping for you as you step out with interest in the greater good.

Relationships… Address the spirit of camaraderie and those in your sector of society, your city, district, village or niche. Allow a sociable, humanitarian focus to catch your attention, lighting you up and heightening your capacity to network or mingle – playing nice among your people!

Claim your fresh start with ‘good company’ on your mind and all around you!

Turn the page on those you know – and those waiting to get to know you, as this is a time to welcome loose acquaintances closer. You may not know friends of friends intimately, yet you’re likely to share hopes, dreams, aspirations and can stand with a common passion among you… Join the club!

Growth… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today (in your money zone and second house), your belongings, possessions, earning capabilities and self-worth may turn a corner.

A boost to your role, income and capabilities may have seen you grow in your position, or maybe you’ve enhanced your role with another revenue stream!

Take all the knowledge and wisdom you’ve amassed about what you do that’s lucrative, profitable or worthwhile thus far, and go just that little bit further in this realm of wealth, tangible and immaterial trappings…

Your net worth or awareness of your value may have blossomed – take stock of what that means, with the capacity to move ahead with something to gain.


The New Moon in your tenth house has designs to reset the agenda around your ambitions, goals, aims and notions of advancement – the way you climb towards success and outwards visibility, and get ahead in life.

Address your reputation, notions of praise or recognition in whatever area (personal or professional) matters to you. Think about what would make for the ideal stamp of approval – perhaps a title, award or nod of respect for your experience or knowledge…

Be open to fresh thinking and a new way to approach your career, shoot for the stars and dream big on this day that’s inviting you to succeed & thrive!

Relationships… As the biggest planet in our Solar System (Jupiter) appears direct today, you can move ahead with personal plans and a very special journey that’s been unfurling just for you! Present the real version of yourself as best you can.

There may have been an invitation to blossom, take risks and develop your identity away from others and their influence over you (and your look), with an autonomy that’s been ultimately refreshing and affirming.

Now, the very last pages of your current chapter are ready to be written by you. Rather than devote yourself to relationships, take the day to sink back into what’s possible when you’re fully embodied as a solo entity, Pisces – bring others into your world but be sure that you’re the true guide!

Growth… A fresh start for the road ahead calls, so aim high with optimism, and consider how you’d ideally like to be seen in the eyes of the world, or revered and appreciate by a boss, parent, higher up or even your partner.

Visualize your public image and what it looks like to say you’ve made it to the top! Where does your sense of validation burn bright? What’s your ideal guise or profession? What’s important that others know about you and all you’ve accomplished or done? What’s your overarching message, ethos or USP?

Write down your number one aspiration or the feeling around your leadership role, authority and the expertise that sees you stand proud.

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