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December 4, 2021: New Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…

Aim Arrows & Intentions Sky High, with a Total Eclipse in the Archer's sign!

New Moon In Sagittarius, 12º21’ TOTAL ECLIPSE

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  • Weekday: Saturday – Saturn’s Day (Vesta is sextile Saturn),
  • Element: Fire,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Saturday December 4th, 2021 3.42 pm
  • London: Saturday December 4th, 2021 7.42 am
  • New York: Saturday December 4th, 2021 2.42 am.

About This Sagittarius New Moon, Aspects…

Moon meets Sun for the New Moon in Sagittarius – a Total Solar Eclipse!

It’s a great opportunity to take stock of all the changes and moving parts that have been most prevalent this year (with the South Node transit Sagittarius).

As the Sun touches Uranus (with a quincunx aspect), we can pepper the Eclipse with innovation and excitement – progress can be injected into our New Moon intentions!

Note the Sun, Moon and Mercury answer to Jupiter in Aquarius, growth in community and a swell around the notion of the Everyman…

Chart cast an hour before the eclipse, to show Moon-Uranus Quincunx…

We’ve a window to reset, reseed, and regroup thanks to major shifts in the broader landscape – look upon the world at large with fresh eyes, sensing what’s been purged, personally and collectively.

By the time we see the corresponding Full Moon (13º 18′ Sagittarius) in 2023, Pluto will have moved into Aquarius! 

Interestingly, in both charts, Mars is square Jupiter (the ruler of the Moon) in fixed signs. Heavy emphasis lands in Taurus, which makes the original part that Uranus plays so much more vital to be aware of!

Your New Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…


A Solar Eclipse in your ninth house has designs to reset the agenda around visionary ventures – projects and plans that involve far reaching ideas (and idealism), with beliefs, a journey or quest to center your focus around.

Be open to what’s on offer, teaching or learning, publishing or exploring – sign up to a course that will advance your involvement with peers, be open to a different way of viewing global issues in your community setting.

Inspiration can arrive from people, places and things outside your usual experience, so look to foreigners or topics introduced by your network. Say “yes” to wild adventures among friends that are different, and importantly what they lead you to know about the world

Relationships: Allow your passionate side to kick in and set your sights on those from someplace different, or further afield… Pursue someone who thinks alternatively – with the Sun, Mercury & the Moon in adventurous, philosophical Sagittarius it’s a time to broaden your outlook!

Venus in Capricorn suggests an attraction to those with ambition, responsibility, and a long-term plan; let your lover reflect what it is you’ve worked so hard to realise on your own career path or trajectory…

Your ruler Mars is in Scorpio bringing motivation, energy and drive to your house of bonds, mutually beneficial agreements, and dealings that see you commit your time, energy, resources and money to others. Note positive moves for your personal – and joint – advancement.

Personal Growth… A fresh start for personal growth and development can be affirmed, with the Sagittarius New Moon in your house of higher education, learning, expansion and publishing.

Consider what needs a fresh pair of eyes, even what needs to shift in your outlook, perspective, politics or moral code and belief system. Talk about another phase or direction to pursue…


A Solar Eclipse in your eighth house has designs to reset the agenda around collaborations – particularly those you’re inclined to take seriously, even showing vulnerability in order to gain trust with others.

Think about how you share what you have or pull through for those that need something from you, offering a deposit of faith. Visualize a way forward in tandem with another, invested in your relationship to forge ahead unified.

Reach out a hand & solidify your involvement – make a motion that helps you get ahead with greater success, security and promise!

Relationships: This is a powerful time to affirm what you expect from other people, strategizing, planning and verbalizing your wishes, what you’ll give in return.

You likely know what you’re capable of [solo], but what about what’s to gain in a dynamic duo or arrangement with someone outside yourself?

With your ruler Venus in Capricorn there’s perhaps an attraction to those further afield, outside your usual terrain, something different that appeals. Allow those you know to impart wisdom, and enjoy what you can do as one.

Personal Growth… Drive ahead in one-to-ones, with Mars in your opposite sign; delight in learning, wanderlust, another belief system, cultural experience to personal development with a partner.

A trio resets the agenda in your house of commitment, so you can likely see who has your back – take time to think through the details, knowing where you might rely on others to advance. Who has aspirations that compliment your own?

Hone in on mutually beneficial circumstance and people that you feel good about pooling your time, energy and resources, so you’re both satisfied.

Think of investments made, or that are ready to be honored. Lean into a vision that’s good for you both, merge your agenda, money and space…


A Solar Eclipse in your seventh house has designs to reset the agenda around relationships. Note those key people on your horizon and your plans looking ahead; how might you learn and grow thanks to partners and people encountered?

A New Moon is a new beginning with potential, and it’s now time for you to bring about change or recognise what’s shifted, particularly with thinking planet Mercury – your ruling celestial guide and clever go-between helping you make sense of it all…

Relationships: It’s a huge time for your personal relations and sense of partnership, Gemini, as the New Moon indicates

Venus in Capricorn suggests an attraction in cementing those key unions, with a strong bond to bind you, that allows you to take partners seriously, financially, energetically or with trust, commitment and mutual gains part and parcel. What is there to gain from those you meet on your path? Can you reasonable rely on them and what they have or can build with you?

Partake in the conversation and pay attention to what others are saying.

Personal Growth… With Jupiter in Aquarius this is generally an epic year for your own path and educational ventures – seek out key people to assist you as you learn and grow, with so much potential expansion that’s already been encouraging you.

Yet note Mars is in Scorpio, and your sixth house of work, toil, chores and labor bringing motivation, energy and drive to your daily life, to healthy routines, regimes, practices and agenda. Look at the ways you’re organized, streamlined and sensible, how you stay well, fit and resilient (against disease or ailments).

One trusted alliance might have a role in your upkeep or continuity, in helping you deal with the inevitabilities of life – let them do their job. Relish purification, detox and take action in your office, gym, kitchen cupboard, medicine cabinet, or any space that has the potential to bring about a better way of living – even an excel spreadsheet or emotional support animal can enhance your routine or employment…


A Solar Eclipse in your sixth house has designs to reset the agenda around work, health and lifestyle choices – ways you set to the tasks, chores and get on with your job, with a daily practice or regime that lights you up.

A New Moon in your zone of habits and daily routines helps you affirm what’s good for you and what still needs an adjustment. Focus on the way you live well, (and those people or teammates and support systems that make your day and life run more easily). What are the key commitments that you’re beholden to that make it possible for you to operate as you see fit?

Relationships: Mars is in scintillating Scorpio, and your house of love, pleasure seeking, entertainment, sex and fun! Take stock of the joy you find in expressing yourself and the motivation you have to play or indulge…

Venus in Capricorn suggests partnering holds a great appeal, so all kinds of personal encounters have potential for pleasure & a good time, be it platonic relationships, professional unions, or a romantic encounter, one-on-one…

Personal Growth… The Solar Eclipse touches down in the most organized house of your horoscope, with astute, thoughtful, perceptive Mercury. Make clever, intelligent choices about how to invoke a fresh start at work, in the gym or wherever you need a healthy dose of inspiration to live your best life.

As a Cancer you might be especially sensitive to the Moon, so today really afford yourself space to think and consider what’s best for you as a daily ritual or scheduled in. Is getting in a run or healthy eating ideal? How might you feel most effective? Do you need a virtual PA, cleaner or simply less on your plate? With cerebral planner Mercury on side write down your plans and intentions.

Allow whatever isn’t serving day-to-day to fall by the wayside and visualize your next move, health kick or ways you can be helpful, in service, at your best setting to your favorite work… With Jupiter in Aquarius have faith there are agreements or bonds in place that make it possible for you to be efficient, effective and at your best.


A Solar Eclipse in your playful and artistic fifth house has designs to reset the agenda around the people, places, and things (interests) you adore, with the New Moon inviting you to focus on love, and your own passions, creativity, and ability to conceive and find pleasure in the world!

Affirm what brings you joy and happiness, with inspiration arriving from within you – or through something that lights you up: your kids, your hobbies or talents you’re devoted to, a sport or craft, or playtime! Be entertained and entertaining. Allow your own outlook on pleasure to take into great consideration a partner or key person, a collaborator in your midst…

Relationships: 2021 has likely helped you grow and develop wisdom around what relationships mean to you, with Jupiter and Saturn teaming up in your sector of one-to-ones forcing you to engage in ways that perhaps aren’t always easy or comfortable. Really allow yourself to hone in on what you’ve learnt, and let your newfound outlook inform how you might find happiness.

Think about what lights you up, make a date with the people who have your love and affection – your heart – and what’s missing that might be enhanced in time… Warmly cherish what you do have and what you know to be true…

Personal Growth… Mars is in sensitive Scorpio, and your fourth house of domestic life, home comforts, family & parenting, Venus in Capricorn suggests an attraction to daily life, bringing order to routines with action to take in your surroundings.

Yet romance and recreational enjoyment is high on the agenda, with the Sun, Mercury & the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius & your expressive, creative, passionate zone of projects, fun plans, children, pregnancy, fun & amorous liaisons. Hone in on sheer pleasure and affirm your affections for a friend, your kids, a lover or even your sporting prowess! Anything you love and adore that make your heart race.

Allow others to put wind beneath your wings, while not neglecting everyday duties, upkeep in your space, working practice or those healthy routines that suit you, and household members.


A Solar Eclipse in your fourth house has designs to reset the agenda around your sense of place and security – family or your nesting instincts may now feature high on the agenda, with the Sun, Moon and your ruler Mercury touching down in the base and roots of your horoscope.

Affirm what brings security, a sense of familiarity to your environment, even what help you identify to your body, your foundations, feelings and the past…

With Jupiter in Aquarius have faith in the little things you do that enhance your ‘comfort zone’… Be willing to think about all those matters pertaining to your land, lineage, and a connection to your parents or parenting skills.

Relationships: Mars is in sensitive Scorpio, and your sociable third house of kin, brothers, sisters and communication skills rouses an inclination to break bread with those in your environment, so there may be motivation to come together, explore or consider good friends, and what you’re all bound by.

Venus in Capricorn suggests love, romance and your own happiness is easily touched on, with your fertile house of creativity, conception and artistic expression playing host to the goddess of good times. Partake in a sense of play, indulge in what it is you love and take your own interests seriously.

Personal Growth… A powerful New Moon inspires a fresh start at home; think about what you need to feel to feel rooted in your private life, secure, tethered, nourished and nurtured. Security may be a hot button, so allow yourself to think over what’s most important in your household environment and domestic life.

The trio in Sagittarius answer to Jupiter in your sixth house of daily routines, agendas, employment and cool, calm schedules.

With progress made this year to maintain your body and a healthy approach to your work and lifestyle, allow your own duties and job (your employer, itinerary, or practice) to help guide your choices, settling and broaching those family members or an ancestral line that matters…


A Solar Eclipse in your third house has designs to reset the agenda around kin and your inner circle, how you communicate or talk to those in local spaces, connecting with siblings, school friends or messaging neighbors, co-workers or navigating your environment.

With Mercury teamed with the New Moon your tone, speech or mindset can experience a refreshing new beginning – you might even have notions of new navigational skills to develop that will help you better relate.

Perhaps something has shifted or been altered in how you make your way with others that has everything to do with your kids, your hobbies, passions or love life!!

Relationships: Today is not only about the way you connect, communicate and relate to those around you, it’s about progress made to indulge and enjoy yourself.

Jupiter has been blossoming in your fifth house, signaling a time to get to know what makes you happy – talk about this with close friends and connections, allow those around you to add excitement to your own joy, love life and capacity to express yourself. Relate and communicate, in touch and really hear what’s being said. You could experience a pertinent conversation or turn a corner, thinking or talking in an unexpected direction – open your heart and process information and news in your chosen modality, text, journaling or intention setting on paper!

Personal Growth… Mars is in resourceful Scorpio, and your second house of assets, earnings and possessions, indicating a time to drive ahead your role, your part and your income, honoring what you’re capable of doing under your own steam.

Meanwhile, your ruler Venus appears in Capricorn, elevating your roots and capacity for pleasure at home, with sweetness arising from your foundations, and comfort in your four walls – or under your roof…

Prove to yourself and others how far you’re self-sustaining, and the contribution you’d like to make to familiar spaces, home life or domestic settings and family time.


A Solar Eclipse in your second house has designs to reset the agenda around material assets – the way you make gains or draw abundance your way!

Think about earnings, what you have and your role, your expectations around money, and ways you might breed confidence in your own capabilities. Notice the changes and shifts of the past year, tools and acceptance used when you haven’t got what you want in hand, particularly as this relates to stability at home, or what you’d like to do for your family…

Relationships: Mars in your own sign boosts focus and the energy you’re able to devote to your physicality, Scorpio, while Venus in Capricorn (and you third house of contact and connection) brings about a capacity to communicate, navigate and mobilize among neighbors.

Enjoy language, writing and any skills that put you in touch with likeable, friendly fellows around you – position yourself as a news source or important pal! Claim your position within your inner circle…

Note the momentum you embody, and how this can be best directed to local pursuits – be devoted to kindred spirits, noticing the relationship ties that hold strong, enduring, secure attachments that remind you who you are.

Personal Growth… Think how you might like to be rewarded or compensated with a fresh start and new beginning for your position, material life and sense of prosperity.

What will bring you a sense of satisfaction and justify your input, your focus and attention? What are the assets and attributes that are most valuable, prized & help you prosper?

Today, you may be thinking about your role and financial investments with home life informing what you might do, or how you might spend, save or develop personal security. Keep your own ends in mind – you may know how to count on others but today bring it back to your part.


A Solar Eclipse in your sign has designs to reset the agenda around the way you step into your person – your character, truth and authenticity – the way you follow through with personal plans, your purpose and persona.

Embrace renewal, new chapters, and a fresh start that’s all about you, Sagittarius, with the Sun, Mercury & the Moon all in your self-possessed sign.

This year may have hinted at ways you might change, surrender the character or side of you that you know, encouraging you to let go and move beyond. Now, turn to those kindred spirits, sisters, brothers and people around you, with the right tools to relate, communicate and navigate what’s known and what’s heading your way!

Relationships: Map out your future, and gaze ahead with your autonomy and solo adventure, and ways you might include partners in the frame. With articulate Mercury now flying through your sign too, it may be easy to anticipate a partners moves.

But remember today is really about you, full of potential and promise solo. Focus on number one and let those individuals in your midst look to you!

Personal Growth… Mars is in Scorpio, hiding out, doing the work in your gestational house of sacrifice, gestation and solitude – you may be taking action in secret, or hotly pursuing hidden agendas, feeling you’re working into a void.

Venus in Capricorn suggests you’re profiting from this thankless task or prep work behind the scenes, so stay submerged in quiet, understated isolation, knowing the practical outcome of your endeavor makes it worth the wait…

Amplify and enjoy your role, money making or material indulgences, slipping off the radar to tend to your patch, sustaining and developing, and even spoiling yourself a little… Note your input, rewards and valuable contribution, as well as ways you’re forcing you to prepare and anticipate what’s next…


A Solar Eclipse in your twelfth house of healing has designs to reset the agenda around closure, release, sacrifice and surrendering… Notice what’s gotta give (or what you’ve already relinquished), and take a fresh glance at methods you use to move beyond hurts and hard times: intuition or escapism.

Embrace quiet time, fantasy and note any self-sabotaging behaviors or habits you’re ready to knock on the head, as the Sun, Moon and Mercury light up this elusive zone, gently touching on shifts that have been made – perhaps without you even knowing. Mental health issues can be tackled, too.

Relationships: The New Moon in your house of closure affords you a detox of epic proportions, so wave goodbye to folk that don’t appreciate you, or those who run roughshod over your emotions.

Venus in your own sign suggests you can come off well, particularly to those in your community or a friendly network of peers – give yourself space to appreciate teammates, and your current enthusiasm for social activity, coming together on a common dream… Mars in your eleventh house could steer you toward a crowd of allies, cheerleaders or your audience!

Personal Growth… Use your intuition or be prepared to switch off to do some deep inner work and reflection, with the Eclipse urging you to take a break. Note what needs a soothing touch, ways you might get out of yourself and think of others.

At times charity and self-forgetting are the best ways to buoy our mood… Use your imagination, touching on sensitivities, or glossing over the details to reach the bigger picture. You could be well placed to work behind the scenes, making moves (and profiting or expanding your role).

Be willing to move out of your own way, with greater awareness of the material world, and the secret strings you’re able to pull without others knowing… Observe what you can do in practical, logical terms.


A Solar Eclipse in your eleventh house has designs to reset the agenda around human endeavors and group work – from the way you come together with colleagues on a team, to amassing cheerleaders or followers online.

A New Moon is a new beginning with potential, and it’s now time for you to hone in on a community of likeminded peers… Claim your fresh start with ‘good company’ on your mind and all around you! Note your personal journey, Aquarius, the risks you’ve taken to step into a club, clan, platform or to be among your people…

Relationships: With a New Moon – and fresh start on offer – in your community sector, allow a sociable, humanitarian focus to catch your attention, bringing your gaze to those in broader circles and your networking skills.

Turn the page on those you know – and those waiting to get to know you personally! Consider you’ve luck on your side, and something to say among ‘loose acquaintances’.

Personal Growth… Mars is in Scorpio, and the most visible sector of your horoscope – your tenth house of notoriety, praise and success. Getting ahead and the stamp of approval from higher ups is likely a target you’re keen to hit, with eager beaver Mars in your career zone.

Just go easy, pace yourself; Venus in Capricorn suggests you might like to be a little pensive, clocking and checking things out in solitude, working hard behind the scenes and even sacrificing good times in order to be professional.

Work through any heavy issues on your plate, preparing privately, healing, transforming, ready for the next chapter. Note you might be seen and recognized, advancing and even thriving in the outside world.

Yet despite accomplishments there’s still a process underway not to be too blithe about. Sustain your ambitions in a way that’s low key, even selfless…


A Solar Eclipse in your tenth house has designs to reset the agenda around ambitions, notions of advancement and leadership – the way you climb towards success, outward visibility and prominence.

Think about praise or recognition in whatever field matters to you and yours – the New Moon is an ideal time to set intentions down on paper, to ask yourself what’s a deal breaker, what goals are most important?

New agendas could be influenced or impacted by a journey inward you’ve taken this year, with profound realisations thanks to your ruler (Jupiter) in Aquarius, bringing fresh air and perspective to spaces usually left unattended… Aim to make it to the top with a specialism that’s a little private or under wraps…

Relationships: Mars is in fellow water sign Scorpio, and your visionary ninth house, is activating your capacity for adventure and foreign connections, while Venus appears in your community sector, so friends, allies and teamwork may be prominent, as well as a course of action helping you grow and expand your outlook, and understanding of the world.

Enjoy time with loose acquaintances, online peers, or even folk you’ll never meet, appreciate and value your own influence, authority and expertise.

Explore a quest, philosophy or absorb an experience that opens your eyes to culture or education, make your way toward a teacher, guide or engage with wisdom. A foreign or mysterious individual may now share their beliefs – investigate and probe a direction or course that resonates.

Hopes and dreams for humanity, your colleagues, group members may introduce the right people (your people), so mix, mingle and be present…

Personal Growth… The New Moon in your house of career allows you to set your sights on goals, ambitions and the road ahead, so visualize your public image and how you might come off in your ideal guise or profession.

Shoot for the stars – and dream big, aim high. You may need to readjust your own sails, with new standards or a reputation that better fits, having gone on a soul-search. Consider a new byline and how you’re ideally seen!

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