New Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…

Aim Arrows and Intentions Sky High, with the Archer's sign illuminated!

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Your New Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…


Claim a new beginning for projects and plans that you’re personally inspired by, Aries. Look to a journey or quest that allows you to go further – literally or metaphorically.

You could be thinking of your reputation or advancement, appreciating the people who offer you something, or who are trustworthy and able to build with you. However, bear in mind your own position, resources and role too!

Personal growth and development are key, so embrace education, and center your focus around knowledge, publishing or exploring! You could well be able to profit or lay claim to rewards when you’re open to what’s before you now. Sign up to a course or finish one, teach or broadcast your views and advance in your vocational life.

Just be mindful of Neptune’s undertow, which has the propensity to overwhelm: you may be susceptible to dreams with outcomes that are unknowable. Avoid getting sucked into slippery situations, or delusions.


Welcome a new beginning for commitments, investments and trusted partnerships, with momentum and motivation coming together to share private or personal matters.

Knowledge, wisdom and adventure may be on your mind, with a journey you’re on (literally and physically, or metaphorically as you expand and grow!) Find the balance, enjoying your relationships and where others are able to show up for you, versus leaning into a solo feat that’s your own.

Collaborating with something to gain, a secret to disclose, a space, resources or future that’s pledged may be pertinent, with your presence of significance and utmost importance. Plan to make the pact or merge lives as one!

Just be aware friends, community or your social circle may be overwhelming – your social scene, group or network could surround you making it challenging to operate with discretion.


The New Moon can reset the agenda around interpersonal relationships and the people you deal with one-on-one. Look to a fresh start being aware of how you connect, communicate and express yourself.

With Mercury in your commitment zone, there may be important bonds, agreements, contracts or pledges on your mind. Think about what you want to share, give or promise to others. Working together could be key, so too your health, employment and day-to-day arrangements.

Be open to understanding a significant other, leaning into a private process of healing, acceptance or closure. You’re being invited to surrender, rest and step back, which a partner may assist you in doing.

Just be aware that your career aims, goals or reputation could be overwhelming too, with ambitions and your direction seeping in to capture your attention.


Reset the agenda around work, health and lifestyle choices, making a conscious decision about what’s good for you. Address your habits and routines, affirm what works!

You could be thinking of a partner or collaboration, appreciating the good times you have and the excitement derived from your kids, loved ones or passions. However, bear in mind your community and friendship circle too!

Welcome a system upgrade that will see you go the distance in your career, improving the moving parts that help you go further in reputation or vocation. You could really make a difference in the world among your peers when you’re open to a fresh approach in your day-to-day. Personal encounters could be key, as you head out into a group!

Just be mindful of Neptune’s spiritual touch, with travel, dreams and wonder pulling you from your job post. Remember good sense gets you to the finish line!


Now in your playful, artistic fifth house, the New Moon invites you to be inspired. Look to the people, places, and things that are of most interest to you, that bring you joy!

You could be thinking of the practicalities, with a routine, work life or your health, appreciating the home you have, stability cultivated or a way to settle. However, bear in mind your reputation and public role too!

Creativity and having fun is key, your ability to access pleasure in the world and even plan a vacation or good times. You could well be able to come off well or step up into authority or a new role as you pursue your own passions.

Just be mindful of Neptune’s undertow, which has the propensity to overwhelm: you may be distracted by intimate bonds, contracts or the way you’re expected to come together with others, to give. Develop boundaries!


Welcome a new beginning for family, home life, your property or security! You may be more aware of the past and your legacy, a parent or a partners folks.

Your own creativity, kids, sexuality, talents or passion projects may be on your mind, with close knit-ties and your inner social circle offering much joy and pleasure! Connect to siblings and have fun!

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But acknowledge your sense of place and nesting instincts, too. Note what’s comfortable, safe and secure. Domestic life may be highly motivating, yet be aware of other people who are a help or hindrance. Some may have something to offer, with supportive gestures, while others could simply pose a distraction. Allow all roads to lead back to a journey of expansion, wisdom, education and truth-seeking, as you discover more about your roots and what you hope to cultivate within.


The New Moon can reset the agenda around your local environment, neighborhood dealings and your relationship to close friends.

A property, home life or family may be on your mind, with your ruling planet Venus finding a way to enhance talks in your space. Find you have the confidence in your capabilities and the resources to hand you require to make plans!

Drive ahead with communications, perhaps one-on-one or connecting to the news, gossip, siblings, school friends and co-workers – navigating with excitement and enthusiasm!

Just be aware that health issues, your employment or admin could be overwhelming. Simple tasks could interrupt what you’re interested in or curious to learn. Try not to become distracted by a routine practice, regular maintenance or slippery situations at work…


Reset the agenda around money, material assets and the way you’re rewarded, compensated or make a living. Know what you possess or want to own and invest in – to profit or make more of what you have!

You could be thinking of your close-knit ties and connecting to those around you with something to say, finding yourself coming out of your shell, perhaps flirting with others, ready to reveal yourself. However, bear in mind a collaborator, partnership or what you’re potentially building with others.

Welcome a sense of prosperity, a way to breed confidence in yourself and your work ethic, and inspiration around your daily life, job and purpose. Coming together with another person could be key, moving forwards in 2024.

Just be mindful of Neptune’s presence from your zone of fun, fertility, children and personal passions. There may be a seductive offer or desire to follow your heart, regardless of the practicalities and what you have in hand.


Claim a new beginning for your purpose and persona, as the New Moon in your sign invites the focus towards you, and your body or appearance! Show you’re ready to go, optimistic, hopeful, honest and capable.

You could be thinking of your position, role and finances, having transformed and transitioned, with a private process (and healing work) still under wraps. Bear in mind the practicalities, too, as you’re breaking new ground in your job and routine endeavors.

Embrace renewal, a fresh start, and show enthusiasm and heart for all YOU want to do, be and create! A health and wellness plan or changes in lifestyle you’re keen to pursue could be ultimately inspiring!

Just be mindful Neptune in your zone of home life, security and family could distract you from focusing on your new beginning. Where you settle, where you’re from, a parent or the life you lead behind closed doors may seep into your vitality and pizazz.


Let go of expectations – of yourself and others, Capricorn! You’re in a resting window when energy and vitality could be low or just out of reach. There may be a sense you’re searching and seeking answers, yet the truth of the matter may not yet reach you.

Thankfully your community dealings are favored, so look to friends and the group to welcome you and what you have to say. Think about your own experiences, as you step towards your network of friends. Personal plans and passions may be strong too, and you might find you’re keen to vacation or enjoy a holiday!

Consider what will bring respite or relief, and feel free to move in that direction. Life may be serving up some elusive, mysterious or secretive situations, with home life hot topic too. Just be aware your mindset and what you’re keen to relate or tell others about might get lost in translation!


The New Moon can reset the agenda around your community endeavors, with a message or connection to the group driving you! Be a part of the world at large, coming together on a team sensing likeminded friends.

Certain operations may be taking place privately, as you strive ahead in your career, with authority, visibility and even recognition to harness.

Siblings, kindred spirits, close contacts and communicating to your network may now inspire you… Find your peers, your people and your social circle stirring with dynamism! Home life, family and a property plan could benefit from the moves you now make in good company.

Just be mindful Neptune in your money zone could throw you off. There may be an illusionary facet to what you do, what you can afford, or a slipperiness to the position you’re in that seeps into social settings.


Reset the agenda around your ambitions, goals, reputation and title! Visualize climbing towards success and claiming visibility, getting ahead. Your aspirations may see you aligned with a particular investment, role or revenue you’re keen to make ¬¬– aim high!

You could be thinking of your social connections and ties to a group, industry or your network. Appreciate the wisdom you’ve come to know and the developments you’ve made in going further (literally travelling or through higher education or a project). However, bear in mind your closest connections and communication skills, too!

Welcome a sense of accomplishment, with a way to express yourself or relate to those around you. Your community could now play an important part, as you plan to get a message out and strive toward your dreams.

Just be mindful of your physical constitution, looking after your body and the real you, not simply the side of you on show.

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