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New Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…

Total Solar Eclipse: Sun, Moon and Mercury find harmony with Mars and asteroid Eris in FIRE!

New Moon In Sagittarius, 12º22’ TOTAL ECLIPSE

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  • Weekday: Saturday – Saturn’s Day,
  • Element: Fire,
  • Moon’s Ruler: Jupiter.

Times Around The World…

  • Hong Kong: Saturday December 4th, 2021 2.43 pm
  • London: Saturday December 4th, 2021 7.43 pm
  • New York: Saturday December 4th, 2021 2.43 am.

About This Full Moon, Aspects…

Luna meets the Sun for the New Moon in Sagittarius – a Total Solar Eclipse.

Your New Moon In Sagittarius Horoscope…


The Solar Eclipse in your ninth house has designs to reset the agenda around visionary ventures, projects and plans that involve far reaching beliefs, ideals, journeys and quests – from looking ahead to a trip of a lifetime that will teach you plenty, to signing up to a course that will better your advancement in the world, to being open to a different way of viewing global issues.

Your ruling planet Mars is tied to Mercury in Sagittarius, so that inspiration can arrive from people, places & things outside your usual experience, Aries.

Tap into what calls you this morning, as wild adventures may appear that let you burn off any high energy or veracious enthusiasm!

Relationships: Lady Venus wraps up her tour of sexy Scorpio today, and your house of bonds, mutually beneficial agreements, arrangements that show you pooling resources with another.

Take a good glance at dealings that have seen you commit your time, energy, resources and money to others, and what’s shown up as a positive move for your personal and joint advancement.

Ties to Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn suggest you can put a few final nails in the coffin of your dual plans, moving ahead together on your path…

Meanwhile activity in the fire signs allows your passionate side to kick in–you might like to set your sights on a suitor from further afield… Pursue someone who thinks differently to you as thoughtful Mercury in adventurous, philosophical Sagittarius syncs with Mars!

Career… A fresh start for personal growth and development can be affirmed with this morning’s Sagittarius New Moon in your house of higher education, learning, expansion and publishing.

Consider what needs a fresh pair of eyes, even what needs to shift in your outlook, perspective, politics or moral code and belief system.

You have no doubt established yourself – 2020 has seen ambition, responsibility, and the long term transformation of your career realized.

What else will see you climb into your reputation or sense of success in the public eye, breeding experience?

Today you might like to talk about another phase or direction to pursue…


The Solar Eclipse in your eighth house has designs to reset the agenda around collaborations – particularly those you’re inclined to take seriously, even showing a certain type of vulnerability… Think of how you share what you have with another or pull through for those that need something from you.

Ties between thoughtful, considerate Mercury in your house of bonds and Mars in your twelfth house of private dealings points to a broader process that’s been underway, behind the scenes – even in your unconscious!

If you’ve been preparing something in solitude or relative isolation now is time to reach out a hand & solidify your involvement with another… Trust!

Relationships: This is one of the most powerful times of the year to affirm a way forward in tandem with another, invested in your relationship. Reset your agenda Toro!

You likely know what you’re capable of [solo], but what about what’s to gain in a dynamic duo or arrangement with someone from outside yourself? Mars is burning bright in your clandestine house of secrets activity – in your dreamy, escapist house of fantasy and gestation. You can continue to drive ahead but today notice who has your back!!

Your ruling planet Venus wraps up her tour of Scorpio today, in your house of partners – soon the affectionate guide will join the Sun in your house of commitment, so you’ll be able to fully enjoy notions of relying on others, today simply take time to think through the details…

Career… What do you need to feel secure in your position, Bull? Today is all about mutually beneficial circumstance, dealing with people that you either give (and make sacrifices for) or get – think of how you inject your time, energy and resources, pooling with others so you’re both satisfied.

Think of investments made, or that are ready to up-level into something else…

Your ruling planet Venus is tied to expansive Jupiter in Capricorn, making it easy to pursue adventure, wanderlust, another belief system, cultural experience or even education and personal development with a partner.

Lean into your combined vision, merging your agendas – not giving up all you have for partnerships! You’ve also to reserve your resources for you…


The Solar Eclipse in your seventh house has designs to reset the agenda around relationships, with the potential for sweeping changes to occur, thanks to this morning’s New Moon that occurs across your axis of partners…

Your ruling planet Mercury makes ties to Mars in your sector of friendship and community, so that social activity and group interests ignite your passionate side.

However, don’t be surprised if you two aren’t on the same page entirely when it comes to the direction or final destination – Mercury is square to Neptune in your house of outward appearances, so while you may be ready to commit and go the distance on the one hand, on the other some facet of your union might not present perfectly – Be Prepared to Be Flexible, after all it’s your forte, lithe butterfly Gemini!

Relationships: It’s a huge time for your personal relations and sense of partnership, Gemini, as the New Moon ushers in notions of change in your relationship status.

Your ruling planet Mercury now appears in your opposite sign, engaging you and encouraging you to partake and pay attention to what others are saying. Ties to Mars include wider social circles and community into your union…

Venus wraps up her tour of Scorpio today, making resounding ties to Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, planets in your house of bonds that have been cementing and bolstering your ability to take partners seriously, flourishing this year in the sector of trust, commitment, mergers and mutual gains…

Consider all aspects and facets of how you deal within one-to-ones, leave no stone unturned!

Career… As Venus completes her tour of your sixth house of work today, you can look back at ways you’ve become more organized, streamlined and sensible before the holiday season begins.

Your zone of toil, chores, health and wellbeing has been titivated by darling Venus; you may have enjoyed and relished notions of purification, detox and routine or regularity, comfortably situated in your stride.

Today, Venus finds harmony with planets of enthusiasm and longevity (Jupiter & Saturn), so you can note the positive practices here to stay…

Notice the people in your midst that make it easy to be effective in your role, usefully employed and happy in your usual position and everyday demands.


The Solar Eclipse in your sixth house has designs to reset the agenda around work, health and lifestyle choices, Crab – a New Moon in your zone of routines, habits and daily life helps you start the week with laser focus on the way you live well…

What’s more, communicator Mercury – astute, thoughtful and perceptive – makes ties to Mars now in your visible tenth house of ambitious outward goals touching your professional life and advancement.

Think about driving forth aims and personal agendas!!

Relationships: Lady Venus wraps up her tour of scintillating Scorpio today, and your house of love, pleasure seeking, entertainment, sexual fun! Glance back at the joy you’ve found in your ability to express yourself and connect to significant others that have a part to play in your indulgences…

Ties between Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in your house of partners shows that all kinds of personal encounters have the potential for longevity, (professional, platonic and romantic).

Career… Cast your gaze towards professional life, as Monday begins, and the Solar Eclipse touches down in the most organized house of your horoscope Crab.

You might be especially sensitive to the Moon, as a Cancer – guided by the celestial satellite – and so today really afford yourself space to think and consider what’s best for you on the daily.

Is getting in a run or healthy eating the ideal for your sense of effectiveness? Do you need a virtual PA, cleaner or simply less on your plate? As cerebral planner Mercury – the dexterous go-between – is tied to enthusiast Mars, write down your plans and intentions.

Notice your passionate enthusiasm and dream big, allowing whatever isn’t serving you in your lifestyle day-to-day to come to heel, motivated in your business – whether that’s CEO or chairman of the Mothers Circle PTA.

Visualize your next career move, health kick or ways you can be helpful, in service, at your best to set to work…


The Solar Eclipse in your fifth house has designs to reset the agenda around the people, places, and things (interests) you adore, with the New Moon inviting you to focus hard on love, and your own passions, creativity, and ability to conceive and find pleasure in the world, Leo!!

Mars is tied to Mercury in Sagittarius, so that inspiration can arrive from a journey, quest or venture you’ve embarked upon – a voyage of discovery and knowledge you’ve embraced these past few months.

Think about what most lights you up, now, from your recent explorations and encounters – what have you come across or learned that now must be cherished even more warmly? The Solar Eclipse wants you to fall hard & fast!

Relationships: Lady Venus wraps up her tour of sensitive Scorpio today, and your fourth house of comfort, family and parenting – and home life. With ties to Jupiter and Saturn in your house of routines there plenty of emphasis on daily life and how you find the sweet spot in domestic surrounds…

Yet elsewhere romance and recreational enjoyment is high on the agendas, as the Moon meets your ruler – the Sun – in your amorous house of personal liaisons, passion, sexuality, pleasure and love affairs. Be on the lookout for a new match, or affirm your affections for a lover or fun friend! Particular someone unfamiliar – from outside your usual catchment area. Broaden the search and your horizons!!

Career… Steer focus towards your passions and creative projects, Leo, including sports – anything you love and adore that make your heart race!

Your playful, artistic side is in the spotlight with the Solar Eclipse encouraging you to hone in on the way you express yourself, putting your energy and vim into something wonderful. As Mercury in this loud, proud position is tied to boisterous Mars it could be hard to quell your enthusiasm!

Therefore start the week strong with wind beneath your wings, inspired to go the distance and develop. Perhaps you’ll give up your talents, ideas or energy for the group, steering your creativity into your community to be fully appreciated…

Elsewhere Venus makes ties to Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn elevating everyday commitments, working practice or healthy routines that suit you, Leo. You may have cut out toxicity (people, places or environments), and now find you’re grounded comfortably in your position.


The Solar Eclipse in your fourth house has designs to reset the agenda around your sense of place and security – family or your nesting instincts may now feature high on the agenda, with an intense New Moon touching down around your foundations, feelings and the past…

Your ruling planet Mercury now appears in this ‘comfort zone’, so you could be thoroughly engaged in matters pertaining to your land, lineage, and a connection to your roots or parents. With ties to Mars in your house of joint agreements, a close personal relationship could be steering you into committed territory (signing on the dotted line), so that considerations around your stability and standing are all the more pertinent!

Relationships: A powerful New Moon inspires a fresh start at home, as the Moon embraces the Sun in your security oriented fourth house. With Mars in the sector of bonds, mergers and mutual gains, it’s not just about you but about those you’re involved with – your investment in others and how you’ve been actively deepening what you have together (family or a spouse or BFF).

While the fire signs are activating your capacity to share, negotiate, lend and borrow, trust, and open up the hidden realms of your private life or secrets, Venus completes her tour of your sociable third house of kindred spirits, tied to enthusiastic Jupiter, touring your fertile fifth house of creativity, conception and artistic expression– your house of sex and love!

Step away from the negotiation table and into the bedroom to connect…

Balance intensity, togetherness and unification with friendly fun…

Career… Affable, sociable Venus in Scorpio finds harmony in Capricorn (and your house of creativity, love, and personal gratification) making it easier to have conversations about the approach you’ve had to your passions and artistic projects, Virgo.

The way you express yourself, indulge in a sense of play or stimulate your creative side has been a major theme in 2020, with great effort and momentum directed towards what you can do – from producing something from your heart, to honing a talent, to finding what it is you love and taking that interest seriously.

Take advantage of close, kindred spirits who you consider good friends, and allow their encouragement to put enduring feats into perspective…


The Solar Eclipse in your third house has designs to reset the agenda around siblings, kin and community – your inner circle of friends and connections, your local scene, the way you relate and communicate with those closest.

Your tone, speech or mindset can experience a refreshing new beginning, and you might even have notions of new navigational skills to develop that will help you be in touch with those around you.

Or perhaps something needs to shift and alter in how you make your way with others… Ties to Mars in your house of partners draws attention to the response others give you, so notice who now crosses your path and the way they hear what you’re saying.

Relationships: With Mercury tied to Mars in your relationship house you could experience a pertinent conversation or be caught up thinking or talking about one person in particular, Libra.

Thankfully you might find that you’re afforded a fresh start or new way of thinking that gets you on board with a partner, so be open and turn a corner, embracing philosophies, beliefs and unexpected directions – open your heart and broaden your horizons on this powerful day to consider one-to-one engagements. Process information and news in your chosen modality, text, journaling or intention setting on paper!

Career… Venus is on the move!

Your ruling planet Venus wraps up her tour of Scorpio and your self-sustaining second house, today, and makes ties to Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn elevating your foundations, and momentum made underfoot…

Today is not only about the way you connect, communicate and relate to those around you, it’s about appreciating what you’ve done (your input) to enhance the sensation of comfort in your four walls, or under your roof…

Note a contribution made, as your emotional life, home or domesticity looms large – concerns of family, your house hold, even your land or the place you stand, parenting, or sensitivities could be touched upon, matters in your inner world there to be relished and appreciated – your security.

Take a moment to consider material gains, income and stability appreciating your role and the positive effect it has on your ability to feel secure.

You may be the one to add a sense of beauty at home today!


The Solar Eclipse in your second house has designs to reset the agenda around money and material assets, Scorpio – and the way you make gains or draw abundance to you…

This is a confidence inducing New Moon, with ties to your traditional ruler Mars in your effective, efficient sixth house of work and wellbeing.

Notice the efforts you’ve put in around your employment or constitution over the last few months and the habits enacted towards a job well done.

Now, think how might you be rewarded or compensated?

Relationships: Venus in your own sign boosts your grace, presence and likeability – the planet of charm and attraction makes ties to generous Jupiter in you third house of contact and connection, spurring on your capacity to communicate, navigate and mobilize among neighbors – with the likeability factor…

Be in touch with kindred spirits, noticing the relationship ties that are enduring, secure and, that encourage you to express yourself with authenticity. 2020 has invited you to be genuine in language, writing and navigation skills, with opportunities to develop a strong, formidable mindset and even to position yourself as a news source or an important friend

Claim your voice and position within your inner circle…

Career… With Mars in your house of organization, health, work and wellbeing attention has no doubt been elevated around your daily life, your job, tasks, routine and rituals.

People that help you, serve you, or work for you and under your management and direction may have been pertinent, or wellness, your constitution, and the everyday running of things may have been top billing.

Today, you may be thinking about the position (or financial rewards) that reflect all the action and toil you’ve directed with consistency, showing up to get down to business. Think about what will bring you a sense of satisfaction and justify your input – money, benefits, or some other prosperity…

Start the week strong with your own ends in mind…


The Solar Eclipse in your sign has designs to reset the agenda around the way you step into your truth and authenticity – the way you follow through with personal plans and even identify what it is you want!

Articulate Mercury now flying through your sign too makes easy ties to motivated Mars in your passionate, fertile fifth house of solo gratification. This is truly a day to step into your heart center, to hone in on what’s setting you alight – and to rely on others to show up for you as you affirm what it is that’s bringing you happiness…

Embrace renewal, new chapters, and a brand new fresh start as a new week begins, Sagittarius…

Relationships: Mars – now in fellow fire sign Aries and your fun, amorous fifth house puts a skip in your step and raises the pulse, lighting you up with enthusiasm and heart. Put your energy into love, romance, a party or celebration for two!

It’s a gorgeous time to play a part in simmering affections, to let go of the past and begin again with something wonderful to focus on. Venus concludes her tour of your gestational twelfth house of secret longings, so if you have been keeping one facet of your personal relationships under wraps it’s almost time to come out of hiding…

Career… Map out your future, and gaze ahead Archer. Today’s New Moon in your sign is full of potential and promise, so you can focus on number one and consider the individuals primed to help you too…

Your ruling planet – abundant, generous Jupiter – is now cloaked in the practical shrouds of Capricorn, lending emphasis to professional matters – amplifying your role and money making endeavors, material considerations and your position sustaining and developing.

Your income, stability and all you’ve worked hard to see come to pass is now activated, with planets in your second house of salary, savings, sustenance, and contribution, which today experiences harmony from understated Venus in Scorpio, hiding out, doing the work in your house of sacrifice, gestation and solitude. Note your input, rewards and material recognition, as well as the quiet work you’ve undergone lately.


A Solar Eclipse in your twelfth house of healing has designs to reset the agenda around closure, release, sacrifice and surrendering… Notice what’s gotta give and take a fresh glance at the methods you use to move beyond hurts and hard times. From charity & self-forgetting, to escapism & fantasy.

Lucid, imaginative Mercury traces through this elusive zone, and makes ties to Mars in the hidden, emotional fourth house, touching gently on sensitivities.

Use your intuition around family matters or anything that needs a soothing touch to gloss over – you could be well placed to work behind the scenes, making moves without others knowing the secret strings you’re able to pull…

Relationships: Live and let live, Capricorn, and be willing to move out of your own way.

The New Moon in your house of closure affords you a detox of epic proportions, so wave goodbye to folk that don’t appreciate you, or who have run roughshod over your emotions – perhaps even without you catching on…

Venus concludes her tour of your sociable eleventh house of friends and networking, so that you could feel at one with a crowd of allies, cheerleaders or your peers – give yourself a moment to appreciate those you consider loyal, trustworthy mates that have a similar agenda & make good teammates.

Career… Venus now shimmers with quiet, seductive allure at the final degree of Scorpio, and makes ties to both Jupiter and Saturn in your own sign, making for considerable emphasis on your solo presence, persona and personal gravitas in a crowd or societal setting.

Notice your community, scene, audience or industry mates that appeal to you – that you enjoy being around, the crew, group, team, or network you’re happy to be a part of.

Yet don’t be surprised that despite the appeal of mingling and circulating among allies and acquaintances, emotional issues are heightened thanks to the Solar Eclipse quietly steering you inwards, moonwalking back into the quiet observation room.

Notice peers but perhaps be at ease with taking a pew…


The Solar Eclipse in your eleventh house has designs to reset the agenda around sociable, humanitarian endeavors – from the way you come together with colleagues on a team, to amassing cheerleaders online for your platform and community of likeminded peers – claim your fresh start as the new week begins and a page is turned with this momentous New Moon…

Mercury is weaving and working magic in social circles, and today makes easy ties to energizer Mars, occupied with local interests, and the people, places and things that are closer to home.

Your communication skills may be on fire as you talk about something that matters to you and your group!

Relationships: Ardent Mars moves through your locally engaged house of neighbors, siblings, kindred spirits and close contacts, putting you in touch with those in your usual environment – school friends, coffee buddies or those you catch up with on the regular.

With a New Moon – and fresh start on offer – in your community sector, allow those you know to introduce you to platforms and people that are ‘looser acquaintances’ who might benefit you – they might even lead you to a team setting that offers LOVE or romance!

Career… Venus passes overhead in the most visible sector of your horoscope and the skies – your tenth house of notoriety, praise and success; getting a ‘nod of approval’ from higher ups is possible, as the sweet goddess makes harmonious ties to Jupiter and your ruling planet Saturn.

You may have been working hard in solitude, sacrificing yourself behind the scenes, Aquarius, working through some heavy issues or preparing in your private life, healing, creating shifts that others can’t fathom, ready for the next chapter. Now you might be seen and recognized, in your professional guise in a way that gives you a stamp of approval – advancing in ways that have been a long time coming!!!

Thrive in the outside world accomplished, drawn towards ambitious advancement, on your path or in a public domain.


The Solar Eclipse in your tenth house has designs to reset the agenda around ambitions notions of advancement – climbing towards success and outward visibility, praised or recognized in whatever field matters to you and yours.

The New Moon is an ideal time to set intentions on paper, to ask yourself what’s a deal breaker and what mountain you’re goals sit at the top of.

Thoughtful Mercury makes easy ties to Mars in your money house, so if you’ve been settling into a financial model, saving, spending or simply aware of what you have, your new agenda could very well be influenced or impacted by cash flow & your aims to make it to the top–with a salary to match!

Venus wraps up her tour of fellow water sign Scorpio today and your visionary ninth house, making ties to Jupiter and Saturn in your community zone of friends, allies and teamwork – your audience may have stood strong while you explored a new direction, you might now tap into their feedback.

Relationships: There are many different relationships we experience in a lifetime, Pisces. 2020 has likely seen loose acquaintances, online peers, or some folk you’ll never even meet bear influence, as planets gathered in your community zone.

Today, as Venus comes to the end of Scorpio, you might find you fit in well with the crowd thanks to a recent journey, quest or experience that’s taught you or jogged your memory about a belief or place you adore – even a foreign or unusual friend may bridge the gap for you as you make your way in the world and find you’re surrounded by friends, cheerleaders and kindred allies.

Career… A powerful New Moon in your house of career allows you to set your sights on goals, ambitions and the road ahead, Pisces – think big and visualize your public image and how you might come off in your ideal guise or profession.

Shoot for the stars – and don’t forget to wish upon a star when it comes to your pay cheque too. It’s all well and good aiming for the corner office but don’t forget to steadily ascend in the material realms, too, accumulating – it’s taken work to get here and you likely deserve to see out the year aiming high!

Look towards the bigger picture too – hopes and dreams for humanity, your colleagues, friends of friends and team members that are on side… You may have come together on a special project or common cause that affects you all.

This chapter is coming to a close, so today allow yourself to be heard on the big issues, acknowledging peers you come together with – the right people (your people). It’s been a lucky time for friends, allies, group endeavors, and growing your social influence, platform or social circle. Appreciate the dynamic of a crowd or crew today!

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