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Weekly Horoscope – Looking Ahead At This Week’s Pisces Moon!

Luna moves into Pisces September 12th at 11.00 am British Summertime...

Look ahead to the Pisces Full Moon, a horoscope for the days ahead…


With Friday and Saturday’s Pisces Moon arrives a giant opportunity to exhale, Aries. You may have been working at pace but be sure to take time out, or the stars will probably leave you no choice and do it for you! It’s a dreamy and enigmatic time; tune in, using a more lucid lens to view the world. Sink into surrender, particularly around your worldly influence, growth and voice in the world. Step down for a momentary pause.


Group interests, a sense of community and connection are foremost on Friday and Saturday, Taurus, as the Pisces Moon brings attention to the experiences you have among friends, peers or colleagues – particularly connected to your personal quest. Spotlight growth in the wider world without getting too caught up in the drama. Pleasure, play and romance reign during Virgo Season, and although you’ll want to have fun, do make space to engage your wider circle…


Home life and your domestic surroundings are in focus with so many planets in Virgo, however the Full Moon in Pisces prompts you to gaze outwards, towards your personal goals and ambitions. Look towards your worldly path and the career aims you have – how you want to come across in the world in terms of reputation and public impression. It’s a gorgeous time to celebrate your accomplishments, however a partner – or your household environment – may create tension!


With the Moon passing through Pisces it’s a great time to activate your adventurous side, and acknowledge what it is you’ve been broadcasting to the world. Your message and philosophy is in view, or another quest, journey or pursuit is significant. Shine a light on your wisdom and knowlege, particularly any studies you’re keen to develop into a career. Personal relationships (and work duties) could help or hinder progress, with a sense of urgency to your connection.


Investments are spotlighted as the Moon moves through Pisces – big purchases (a car or house – or boat!), taxes, inheritance, shared spaces, loans, bills and commitments made to another. A property, partnership or private matter can come full circle this weekend, with serious agreements lit up by the moon. Use diplomacy, patience, and diligence when relating to those around you, and avoid making it all about what you’ve done to contribute.


Saturday’s Full Moon puts the spotlight on key personal relationships and lights up special unions, Virgo. While you’re center stage for your birthday season – and potentially feeling full of sparky enthusiasm – you may need to focus on others this week. Passions are intensified now, particularly what it is you want to create or produce with a collaborator, be it an art project, hobby, baby or simply a moment of fun! It could be incredibly challenging feeling emotionally stable, despite growth experienced at home.


Your daily habits, work schedules or lifestyle is illuminated by the Full Moon, which also pays homage to the transformation you’ve experienced around home or domestic spaces. You’re poised, ready to focus more on yourself, however before you do there’s deeper and deeper surrender required of you in your private life and dream-world. Find the balance between being readily engaged among those closest and in your job, versus needing to power down – it could be an exhausting lunation, Libra!


Spotlight romance and your sense of personal creativity now, Scorpio. The Pisces Moon is passing through the passionate area of your horoscope that emphasizes artistic projects, your own interests and ability to produce something fun! It’s an ideal time for a party or to celebrate what you’ve made; no doubt you can lean on your own sense of connection and thinking power to enhance enjoyment – for your eyes only or those in your circle! 


The Full Moon hones in on home life and your sense of stability, Sagittarius, so despite the power moves you’re making at work or in your position, take time out to nest and get cozy! It might be difficult to step away from the spotlight or set aside your ambitious nature, just for a couple of days, but try. You’re also potentially in need of burning off some energy, so find a happy medium in your space.


The Pisces Moon steers attention to compassionate ways of thinking and being among those closest; it’s a good time to reach out and be involved in a local circle or grab coffee with close friends – or talk to siblings, Capricorn. Your personal transformation and sense of power or influence is striking at this Full Moon, yet your desire to say something impaceful needn’t be at the detrimnet of a soothing exhchane. Strive to maintain a gentle edge to what you’re saying.


The Full Moon peaks in your material zone of wealth and finances, making Friday and Satuday a wonderful time to take stock of your earnings or role – particularly when you consider the benefits or gains of your work efforts. Regard your income and with clarity, while navigating relationships and your community as you thrive in your position. Peers (including your industry or network of contacts) could be on a differnet page about your value, while a partner or certain private commitment also proves distracting. 


With the Full Moon in your Zodiac Sign, there’s an emphasis on you, your special presence and allure, sweet Fish! And yet there’s a definite sense that others want to make their agenda known, with a potentially competitive vibe to the day. Look to your circle of friends, community, peers or network, which could hold space for the individuals in your midst. There could be a certain discomfort around your flourishing sense of success and their needs, yet focus on your wellbeing and sense of fun!

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