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Free Monthly Forecast – Pisces January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

It’s a time to turn your dreams into reality, Pisces, but also to know your limits. Stars are aligned as 2019 opens, which indicate your social circle or network of peers have a strong hand in your success, and might well help you to realize the next step on your path. Note the new moon refreshes your community standing on January 5th or 6th*.

Hard work and a sense of endurance are bringing you notoriety in the world, and yet it’s also important to take it steady.

Your ruling planet Neptune is aligned with authoritarian Saturn, and the month is peppered with plenty of meetings and opportunities to connect with those at the top (note the 2nd, 4th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 21st and 25th).

Mars is auspiciously placed (from January 1st) to lend energy and drive to your job or moneymaking tendencies. Things can start moving again around your position, and Venus promises to put you in a good light among superiors, too (both from the 7th).

Yet there’s tension in the skies, too.

The 8th could present an overzealous approach that doesn’t go down well, while the 13th confuses plans that are flourishing. You will have had a taste of this complexity in November and December – Pisces has two rulers (Jupiter and Neptune) that are in tension on this date. On the one hand you’re in gaining momentum and recognition in the world, on the other your personal values, philosophies and belief system could overthrow the goals and path you’re following.

Essentially it’s important to balance what you want, what you’re striving for, and your values, now, Pisces. This also is pertinent on the 21st, the full moon in your work (and health) zone. It’s worth considering if the job you do, or what you represent to others is in line with your true sensibilities. Don’t get hung up on the details, but be fluid and flexible enough to adjust your sails as necessary.

The fish are know for their chameleon-like attributes, and ability to seamlessly adopt a different guise. See this as a blessing now, and use your community as a reliable guidepost to help keep you grounded.

A period of gentle reflection comes towards months end, as Aquarius season steers you inward. The last week of the month is ideally placed to put your heart and soul into professional aims; you’ll come across well with a moment of fame on the 22nd!

* Depending on time zone.

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