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Pisces May Horoscope…

Check in with the stars, Pisces, it's your horoscope for the month ahead!

It’s a month for fun and friendship, so be sure to make space for the things you love and enjoy while driving ahead your professional plans!

Now, lets look at the month ahead in detail, Pisces…

Pisces May Horoscope, 2019

It’s an incredible month for your personal passions, Pisces, with the weeks ahead ideally placed for romance and dating, creative projects, your sense of pleasure, self expression, or putting children and solo projects first!

Ask yourself, what are you now producing? 

As we enter May the sun is moving through Taurus, putting the spotlight on your inner circle – friends, coworkers, siblings and how you communicate-and relate-to those around you.

The new moon on the 4th draws extra attention towards the community, including the industry or network you operate in.

Think of your intention for how you want to engage with people near and far (as a group or collective), as this is a great time to brush up your communication skills.

You can plan any improvements for writing, speaking, or work-related know-how that you’re looking to accumulate.

Be curious in local circles and in your neighbourhood; you could find yourself stumbling upon the experience or proficiency you’re looking to establish…

This is a new moon that takes into consideration your creative impulses, romantic life or personal interests, and how you manage to connect to your passions and be involved with those around you…

Consider who you know in your wider network that can promote your talents, and help evolve outdated ways of thinking.

It might also be that you’re developing ways of talking to a lover, learning to date or nurturing your talents with the help of those around you; it could be that you’re finding friends with the same interests as you, or talking more about beloved projects…

Venus and Mercury are passing through Aries, and the area of your horoscope connected to money and earnings – your role, contribution and what you care about doing in the most practical sense.

However, there’s a significant clash in the stars May 1st and 2nd that sees tension between the way you think about your material world and job, and your community. Communicator Mercury can rub Saturn and Pluto the wrong way now, so be mindful how you come across in emails or messages, particularly connecting to authority figures, or those in power.

You may be feeling productive and purposeful in getting all you want (and deserve) yet struggles abound! An example would be a person working in sales, meeting their targets but annoying new connections along the way – or talking too much about money or assets, even boasting! Or maybe your boss is pushing you…

Be confident yet aware.

Make note in your calendar of the 9th and 10th – 5 star days for Pisces! You can usher in new connections and be massively inspired; Mercury will have moved into Taurus, hooking up with radical innovator Uranus. It might be time to put yourself out there, to connect and be involved in projects you believe in.

The sun will align with your ruler Neptune now, making this a very poignant day for you, Pisces – the things you enjoy will be prominent. Meanwhile Venus will align with Jupiter – lucky stars for your career and earnings! Just again, be mindful of power struggles (like the 2nd) and coming on too strong, as this is a day of intensity, too…

May 9th – Neptune, Sun and Moon align at 18º with the north node at 19º…

The 11th and 14th are strong for both social connection and your professional life, and there’s great potential to relate well to your community throughout the week.

Energizing influence Mars spends the first half of this month gently humming in Gemini (till the 16th), helping you focus on domestic tasks and encouraging you to nest or tackle emotional issues. When he moves into Cancer the energy fares well for your creative projects, sense of fun and play!

There’s extra momentum and motivation to enjoy yourself – and all you’ve been cultivating (think dating, love and romance, recreation and artistic hobbies, children, exercise and upping your heart rate!)

The full moon (on Saturday the 18th) is loaded; Venus will have moved into a friendly position on May 15th, creating a line-up of four planets in the area of your horoscope encouraging you to relate, connect, and feel good about your inner circle, communications and relationships.

Yet the moon peaks in Scorpio, and your zone of adventure, far off places, travel, overseas connections, education, experiences and journey’s  that have helped you grow personally.

It’s a particularly good time to pursue or highlight special ventures that broaden your scope, and make ties to those further afield.

Taurus Season > Gemini Season

Just before the shift into Gemini Season May 21st (around 9.00 am British Summer Time), sun and Mercury will walk arm in arm in Taurus, with Venus and Uranus embracing in Taurus, too, signalling a time for new friends and connections.

All focus will be on your inner circle and ability to think and communicate; use this day to affirm your place among friends.

There may be opportunities for a break-through in relation to your sense of self-expression on the 22nd, as Mars and Uranus align – a fresh look at love, your hobbies, children or passions perhaps!!

Earth Sign Stelliums – Taurus and Capricorn…

With Gemini Season comes a month to go inward and focus on home life, domesticity, family and your roots. Draw back to recalibrate while still maintaining momentum around fun, creative projects and enjoying friendships.

The energy is pretty intense on the 30th and 31st – there’s a lot going on as the month draws to a close.

Mercury in your emotional home zone clashes with confusing Neptune, while Venus aligns with this dreamy planet of higher thought. You may be keen to connect and have fun and yet duty calls at home. Or perhaps your company or community needs you, yet your focus is on family and your inner world.

Either way a generous dose of balance is needed on these days!

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