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Free Monthly Forecast – Scorpio January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

There’s heavy emphasis on your sense of connection, the way you speak and express yourself, and skills you’re working hard to master as the year begins, Scorpio.

The new moon (and eclipse) in Capricorn (January 5th or 6th)* allows you to powerfully release certain expectations around what you think, and potentially who you should be associated with (including romantic ties) – or the common threads that bind you to others.

An overarching message of the month is acknowledging how your outlook, sense of passion, sexuality and creativity is now grounded in absolute harmony with your personal ideals, ideas and beliefs. By the end of January you might notice your ability to express yourself artistically, yet with a certain formality or structure benefitting you. Musical talents might now profit from true order; loving relationships might have improved conversational rapport, or a hobby might now have purpose and longevity.

Maintain a sense of curiosity, and be open to the positive influence of sibling, close peers, or school friends. Stay teachable, Scorpio.

Elsewhere, Mars heads into your work-a-day zone for an enthusiastic start to 2019. You can approach your usual employment, tasks, or rituals high in energy, as the feisty cosmic driver brings stamina to life’s practical regimes and tasks. You’re one of the signs able to adhere to new years resolutions with strength and a genuine sense of stamina! Confidence grows from the 7th, and any blockages around your job can shift.

There’s plenty to be thankful for in January, and yet tensions arise, namely between the 8th (watch what you say at work) to the 18th – you could come off as fierce during this time! Go gentle, Scorp.

Your path and professional career ambitions are spotlighted with the full moon January 21st – play up your successes and show off a little (or a LOT!) Stability and routines fall into place beautifully the last week of the month.

* Depending on time zone.

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