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Scorpio May Horoscope…

Check in with the stars, Scorpio, it's your horoscope for the month ahead!

A new moon in your relationship zone spells fresh starts for special unions, Scorpio! The stars suggest you’ll deepen your commitments and resolve, while later in the month adventure calls you – and your plus one.

Now, lets look at the month ahead in more detail, Scorpio…

Scorpio May Horoscope, 2019

The month opens on a productive note, Scorpio, however the first week of May could also be a little intense in conversation. Chatty Mercury aligns with your ruler, Mars, but clashes with Saturn in your communication and relating zone. 

While you could be keen to tee up with a collaborator, partner of friend it could actually be a difficult time to make any headway. No doubt you’re super motivated but something halts true progress.

As we enter May the sun is moving through Taurus, putting the spotlight on others – your personal relationships of a romantic or business nature. Think of how you relate to those around you – from your lover, to a therapist, sibling, coworker, boss or marriage partner. One-to-ones are experiencing a lot of activity, with the new moon on the 4th drawing extra attention towards those particular unions.

Think of your intention for how you want to engage with individuals, as this is a pertinent time for how you interact, work together and bond.

It’s a big time to develop confidence in what you do, how you make a living or your earnings and role, however with Mars spurring on your sense of collaboration you might feel like you’re neglecting solo endeavours in favour of a duo. Be patient and trust that your personal plans will be revisited.

Venus and Mercury are passing through Aries, and the area of your horoscope connected to work, health and wellness and your daily habits.

However, there’s a significant clash in the stars May 1st and 3rd that sees tension between the way you approach your job. Communicator Mercury rubs Saturn and Pluto the wrong way now, so be mindful how you come across in emails or messages, particularly those in service positions around you day-to-day.

Make note in your calendar of the 9th and 10th as strong days for romance, creative collaborations, or enjoying bouncing ideas off others!

You meet someone new and be massively inspired; Mercury will have moved into Taurus, hooking up with radical innovator Uranus. Single and looking for the one? Put yourself out there, to connect and be involved in projects you believe in.

Venus will align with Jupiter – lucky stars for your position and earnings! Just again, be mindful of power struggles (like the 2nd) and coming on too strong, as this is a day of intensity, too…

May 9th – Neptune, Sun and Moon align at 18º with the north node at 19º – ideal for creative ventures and collaboration!

The 11th and (Tuesday the) 14th in particular are strong for both social connection and your professional life, and there’s great potential to relate well to others throughout the week.

Energizing influence Mars spends the first half of this month smouldering in Gemini (till the 16th), helping you focus private affairs, including your investment of time, money and resources – how you’re intimate and share the details of your finances and sexuality. When he moves into Cancer the energy fares well for travel, education and generally broadening your horizons through experiencing something – anything that teaches you!

The full moon (on Saturday the 18th) is exciting for you Scorpio.

Venus will have moved into your marriage and partnership zone on May 15th, creating a line-up of four planets in the area of your horoscope encouraging you to relate well to others and steer your attention on  relationships.

Yet the moon peaks in your sign Scorpio, putting the emphasis on your presence, physical body, you in the most personal sense.

It’s a particularly good time to pursue or highlight special ventures or accomplishments; don’t be afraid to announce or highlight the journey you’ve been on or how you’re now establishing what you’ve learnt over the past year or more.

Taurus Season > Gemini Season

Just before the shift into Gemini Season May 21st (around 9.00 am British Summer Time), sun and Mercury will walk arm in arm in Taurus, with Venus and Uranus embracing in Taurus, too, signalling a time for partnership and collaboration.

All focus will be on your relationships; use this day to affirm special unions.

There may be opportunities for a break-through in relation to others on the 22nd, as Mars and Uranus align – a fresh look at love, your learnings in relationships or overseas connections!!

Earth Sign Stelliums – Taurus and Capricorn…

With Gemini Season comes a month to take trust and your investments to the next level, including financial matters, the sharing of bills, property, space (including office space or communal areas) and intimate issues like sex, debts, and the things you only share with those you deem loyal.

The energy is pretty intense on the 30th and 31st – there’s a lot going on as the month draws to a close.

Mercury in your intense finances zone clashes with confusing Neptune in your romance house, while Venus aligns with this dreamy planet of higher thought. You may think it’s a good idea to trade secrets with someone you love however pause! Or you may want to take things to the next level but there’s an elusive brain fog on these days.

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