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Spring / Summer Fashion Horoscope 2019!

A special forecast to see you stylishly through the months ahead...


Exploration is your keyword for spring into summer, Aries, as you’re presented with ways to develop and broaden your scope. Bountiful Jupiter is elevated in your zone of travel and #wanderlust throughout 2019, making this a favourable year for long-distance journeys and overseas connections – astrology says “Hit the open road!” Experiences now on the table promise to infinitely support your capacity to learn and grow.

Escape is a similar theme that’s pertinent, and late February and March are ideal for really doing some deep reflection work – particularly around your ambitions and direction in relation to your roots. With Mercury retrograde in your zone of dreams and solitary contemplation you’ve space to orchestrate out of sight. You’ll be able to tackle the practicalities, appearing cool, capable and driven in your position. Before you have a chance to get too bored, your birthday month introduces a more sociable air, while May ’19 is really exciting. Over the summer months you’ll be retreating into your emotional side, putting family or home life first.

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Note inspiration to build your skillset and enhance your communication skills comes on strong in the summer of 2019, Taurus. The area of knowledge, learning and education are the most highly activated parts of your horoscope this year, indicating a great time to develop on any experience gleaned to date – particularly the interests you take most seriously. Signing up to a simple, short course could be a great way to meet likeminded people, who could end up being kindred spirits. Personal reinvention lies ahead, so get excited!

Your connection to your social circle, peer group, community or wider network is a hot topic this spring, as Mercury goes rogue in the area of friends, associates and those you know in the world; you may need to make an extra special effort to stay tuned in, or find you’re reevaluating who you surround yourself with. Close personal relationships also warrant your time, and it’s set to be a wonderful year of growth for intimate partnerships – love and business.

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Special unions take on a whole new significance this year, Twinstar, and you’ve an exciting spring in store for personal relationships – excitement that’s already been unfolding as 2019 began!

Yet you’re also inclined to go inward, and retreat to tackle the more private areas of your world on your own terms. Transition and change comes easily under this cosmic weather, and you can clear out the closets with great resolve. Meditation and alternative wellness practices (including aromatherapy) could be hugely helpful in March; swimming, yoga and gentle opportunities to exhale are ideal.

Spring promises you’ll be thinking about the way you come across in the world, or the path you’re walking and while partnerships enhance your sense of direction you may need time to evaluate and chart your course. It’s a positive year for your income, so rather than getting your knickers in a twist about your career or reputation, lean into those activities that bring you quiet time to reflect.

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It’s all about your work / life balance in spring and summer 2019, Moonbabe, as Jupiter emphasizes the area of life dedicated to everyday routines, rituals, projects and your day job. Expansion is guaranteed around healthy, moderate living, whatever that looks like for you. Perhaps it’ll seem easier to accomplish the tasks in your schedule, or you’ll develop knowledge to stick to positive habits, grow in your position, or having fun embracing a happy medium. Go a little easier in June; more meditative activities (yoga, swimming, dance) could appeal.

You’ll continue to build up strength in your one-to-one relationships, while a new social groups is ushered into view during May. Prepare for this influx of friendly faces by heading out into your community, networking or getting involved with group activities ahead of time. The stars are urging you to prioritize you, and your own interests so hone in on what lights you up. Travel or foreign connections are highlighted in spring, with March 6th an important day for new experiences, and yet you’ll need time to settle before you can enjoy the horizons that beckon.

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Ready for a spring fling Starchild? Life now presents all kinds of opportunities for fun, so dust off your dating profile, revitalize your love life or embracing energizing hobbies that get your pulse racing! No doubt you’ve started 2019 bright and breezy – from interacting with young people (or babies!) to generally flirting with life via your naturally sunny outlook. These vibes are set to continue, so grab the limelight with both hands, and you’ll no doubt attract love in March!

You could find life gets intense in, particularly when you’re taking any type of commitment to the next level. Take your time around investing your time, energy and money in others, or in a property, business or venture. You’ll want to take the next steps but serious decisions may require a little time to unfurl. You’re in the clear by May, when you’ll be ready to break out with a noticeable, fresh look! But in the meantime you’ve a confusing Mercury Retrograde showing up in your most intimate and private affairs, so pace yourself.

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From mid-February, lovely Maidens (that’s you, Virgo) will catch the travel-bug, as Mars sails into the zone of fresh adventures and new horizons in your horoscope. Reaching out to those further afield for knowledge or experience comes easily, as does putting your energy and focus into projects that open up your world-view. Establish yourself, and by May you’ll be closer to embracing a very special quest.

You should start to feel the heavens burst around some pretty intense issues in your home or private life, which has been pertinent as 2019 began. Moving forward, you’ve still got some processing to do within important unions, as your ruling planet (Mercury) will appear retrograde, backtracking in your zone of one-to-ones. Navigate personal exchanges with an extra dose of diligence, care and awareness; whoever you’re preoccupied or engaging with it pays to be vigilant, asking questions to build up a picture. Be flexible knowing the image you’ve is subject to change. Summer can be incredibly sociable, so gravitate towards your people.

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It’s a super spring to let your practical side flourish, Libra, as work life, home and your sense of commitment thrive. A drawn-out Mercury retrograde in your zone of daily dealings, work, health and habits might present never-ending tasks to tick off your list. However, by April you’ll lift your head above the parapet ready for fun! Mark down the 21st as a special day to start embracing personal relationships all the more. You can travel or have an adventure, too!

It’s possible you’re learning totally new skills this year, and meeting a new close-knit circle in the process! 2019 is all about learning, fostering a growing sense of connection. However the real gifts of the summer are finding your true calling. In July, it’s possible to affirm a very special path you’re on, so consider your worldly direction, Libra, prioritising your instincts around career…

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Your most powerful day of 2019 arrives on March 19th, Scorpio, when your two ruling planets – Mars and Pluto – sync in the skies. Personal relationships will begin to undergo transformative shifts, and you’ll begin to feel the stirrings of great change. Maneuver into place to harness the potent stability offered from others. This year sees the start of great change and an awakening around your one-to-ones, and, if you’re born at the beginning of Scorpio season you could already be feeling the itch to shake it up.

By the middle of summer you’re thirsting for adventure, and thanks to an eclipse in your travel zone you can bet a journey is on the cards! Seize a new beginning July 2nd connected to overseas places or foreigners, or broaden your horizons through a broadcasting job, Scorp! Dream big.

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It’s your year for a great adventure, Sagittarius, and broadening your scope is written in the stars! This could be through the launch of a new project, educational pursuits, travel, or a fresh chapter in places that open up your world! It’s likely you’re already in the swing of it, and by April you’ll be hankering to inject some fun into proceedings – by teaming up or stoking your romantic fires! Love is in the air for you this spring, making you the zodiac sign most likely to be dating or expressing yourself through invigorating creative ventures, passion projects or exciting hobbies.

It’s a particularly good idea to hit the gym, burning off excess energy, as a lingering domestic or emotional matter could begin to take its toll. Home life or addressing your feelings towards your space, family or roots could end up distracting you from your primary pursuits in early March, yet you’ll need to spend time engaging and processing important facets of your inner world. Use time reflecting to enhance your trust in others.

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A new approach to the things you love is ready to strike you in May, Capricorn, as change maker Uranus approaches your zone of recreation, creativity, children, hobbies, passions and romance. Ready yourself for the shake-up that’s to come by reinvigorating your interests and artistic, sensual streak!  It’s easy to dedicate plenty of energy towards having fun, as well as developing your talents and enjoying yourself in spring.

Personal relationships are generally highly emphasized throughout 2019, and particularly in summer. It might be worth considering teaming up to lighten your load, or time to affirm your unions. You’ll still have responsibilities to bear, but you can bet a nurturing partner will more than ease your mind, if you let them. You’re known for your ambitious streak, however it’s an ideal time loosen the reins, taking time out for gentle reflection and growth in your private life.

Your sense of connection and curiosity has been heightened for some years courtesy of dreamy Neptune; you might now have a grasp on relating to those closest with great compassion and sensitivity.  Yet there’s room for improvement, which is your key to evolving during spring. Expect to revisit certain conversations with your inner circle!

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It’s a lucky year to do what you do best, Aquarius – socialize! The planet of expansion touches down in your zone of networking, peers and community, putting you at the heart of your tribe in 2019. Expect experiences that deliver significant growth, and sign-up for journeys that foster connection to a crowd, group or collective that’s bigger than yourself.

There’s emphasis on maintaining routines, healthy habits, and developing balance, while still thriving in your role. Anticipate being highly engaged with work, plus there’s some figuring out to do around your job or income, which is a hot topic this spring. Take time to discern the best way to advance, bearing in mind the practicalities of your position. You might need to use intuition to maneuver and settle into place! Home life might also throw you a curveball in May, with changes afoot, however you’ll have the space to dedicate towards any emotional or private issues that arise.

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It can be a sociable spring for Pisces, as the stars stimulate your gray matter, allowing you to be engaged – perhaps shaking up your closest relationships, and ways of thinking, too! It’s an awesome time to network and meet new people, as you’re rising through the ranks like a champ! Lucky Jupiter in your zone of notoriety makes you extra visible on public platforms throughout 2019, so enjoy building your reputation.

It’s an ideal time to raise your profile , however ongoing personal evaluation is necessary, as the lines around who you are and where you stand are blurred. You may need to adjust the sails on your approach, opinion or perspective when it comes to your career goals or ambitions so be a little flexible, and leverage those in your group that can assist.

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