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Free Monthly Forecast – Taurus January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

It’s a potentially sizzling month for Taurus – your private life garners plenty of attention in the weeks ahead sweet Bull! It’s been an impressive year for partnerships, and December was no doubt sociable; entering 2019 you’re still riding the waves of comfort and joy in your personal relationships but you’re about to take a major step back, to honor and relish the sanctity of your unions.

January 1st sees Mars take a dip in your closure zone, and energy is better directed towards understated activities. Think swimming, meditation, yoga and sleeping. Your dream life (and romantic notions) could get pretty heady in the weeks to come, and it’s an ideal time to shake off any unwanted lovers, habits or projects.

Venus follows in a similar suit on the 7th, but takes a step towards commitment, intimacy and deepening of passions. It’s easy to think things through, figuring out where you stand and how you want to bond, wholeheartedly.

This isn’t just about sex or finding out another persons financial position, it’s about a growing sense of trust, intimacy and loyalty. You might feel inclined to disclose a thing or two this month, as the stars illuminate secret realms. January 22nd is your lucky day for bonding with bae.

The new moon (January 5th or 6th)* sets your sights further afield, towards a venture that presently has your firm focus. A whopping five celestial bodies are stacked up in the educational, religious, travel-oriented and overseas area of your horoscope, emphasizing a journey or quest that’s captured your imagination, and expanded your philosophical side.

There are certain experiences connected to your worldview that you’ve been taking more seriously in 2018, and are also in your midst as 2019 begins. Special friends have been key as you’ve leant into opportunities, and the wider community or your network, too. Acknowledge social connections that help you go further, Tauro.

On the 20th the sun moves into Aquarius, signaling a time for you to forge ahead with ambitions, and yet you’re notably called inwards, or offline. The full moon January 21st spotlights your nest, a good day to feel safe and cozy, recharging – despite the crowd that calls.

The 30th is ideally placed to affirm a special message at large – possibly online!

* Depending on time zone.

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