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The Best Yearly Horoscopes And Forecasts For 2015!




Love, love, LOVE reading the forecasts at the start of the year and if you do too, why not bookmark this page to review your horoscopes in six months time?

It’s always good to see how the year’s panning out, and to see which astrologers are your favourite, tried and tested…

Here are some of mine.


The Best 2015 Horoscopes Available FREE Online!



Lori Reid

Resident astrologer across Express Newspapers, you can see your 2015 horoscopes from Lori Reid including 2015 Love Forecast, Family Forecast, Career and FinanceHealth Horoscope, and Career Highlights for 2015 all FREE online. That’ll keep you busy!

Jonathan Cainerjonathan-cainer-horoscopes

The year ahead is available from Jonathan on, and he’s done three special horoscope readings via the Daily Mail focusing on SELF, Finances and last but not least, Romance… Do take a look!

See your 2015 forecasts from Jonathan Cainer here.

AstroTwins 2015 Astrologyastrotwins-horoscopes

Get your AstroTwins fix at

The stellar sisters also have 2015 horoscopes available at, and you can also get a Planetary Planner on their website It’s a full forecast for the year across love, career, health and more!

Read the AstroTwins 2015 ELLE Horoscopes here.


Saturn Sisters

The annual forecasts from the Saturn Sisters can be found online at Loving the new website design – these two are highly recommended…

Go to the Saturn Sisters 2015 horoscopes at ELLE UK, here.

yasmin-boland Yasmin Boland

Find forecasts by Yasmin Bollard on her website, or go to Rescu, for 2015 forecasts from this amazing Australian astrologer.

Visit Yasmin’s Moonology website.


Jessica Adams

Get the Gloss has 2015 horoscopes from Jessica, as does Cosmopolitan UK!

Jessica also writes for Harper’s Bazaar and Australian Women’s Weekly but best of all, her personal site shares a look at the 12 months ahead – very comprehensive!

russell-grant-horoscopesRussell Grant

Looking for romance? Russell has your Love Horoscopes via the Mirror so you can find out if you’ve got a hot, heady year ahead! Fabulous forecasts.

Read Russell Grant’s Love Horoscopes here.

Sally Kirkmansally-kirkman-astrologer

See Sally’s must-read yearly overviews on her website, each sign has a huge annual overview, and you can also buy an e-Book online.

Visit Sally’s site, here. 

Claire-PetulengroClaire Petulengro

Claire produces predictions for a few publications including the Daily Mirror and We Love TV magazine, but for free forecasts, visit The Astrology Room online.

Go to

susan-millerSusan Miller

There are no 2015 horoscopes from Susan Miller – unless you translate ELLE Hong Kong to your language of choice, however you can still get a monthly fix on her popular website


☆ ☆ Dark Star Astrology ☆



Shelley Von Strunkel

Shelley’s stars appear in Tatler, the Evening Standard and STYLE Magazine. Go to her homepage, the only place to read her horoscopes for free. Go to the members area and enter the username ‘Zodiac’ and ‘Astro2014 as the password to read her 2015 horoscopes!

Read the annual forecast from Shelley here.

astrologer-patrick-arundellPatrick Arundell

Ready for a rest from reading? Watch the video forecasts from predictor Patrick. Or go to 2015 Health and fitness, money and work and love and romance overviews, all of which are available online.

Astrology Advice!

Read your forecasts for your rising sign (and maybe even your moon sign) in addition to your zodiac sign…


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