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Free Monthly Forecast – Virgo January Horoscope…

Welcome to your horoscope for the month ahead!

Single or attached, it’s a stellar month ahead for relationships, Virgo, as stars align in the most passionate area of your horoscope, and garner support within your most precious unions.

An important personal project (or romance, hobby or talent) takes center stage as the curtains are drawn on 2019. Your passion might be easy to discern, but if you’re unsure, wait till January’s new moon (on the 5th or 6th)* when five celestial bodies will hone in on your cherished interest.

Not only is there a fresh start worth harnessing – and life to breathe into your creation (or love affair) – it’s likely you’ll be taking this particular focus very seriously as the new year begins.

The energy shifts January 7th, as Venus sets down her case in the realms of home, domestic life, family or your surrounding spaces. While this is a great time to enjoy feathering the nest (and getting intimate with a lover), the 8th to the 18th could feel particularly intense.

Your ruling body (Mercury) connects with Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. It might be tempting to engage others in pretty extreme ways, and your approach could be just a little skewed or thrown off by the stars. Note the propensity for overwhelm or coming on too strong. Focus on cultivating an enduring quality around the things you value and enjoy – including your relationships, and trust you’re moving into exciting territory.

Mars is pressing ahead with a certain urgency in your private affairs, which will be easier to manage during Aquarius season, which begins on the 20th. This is a productive month (January 20th to February 18th) that brings order to paperwork, or any stray ends, allowing you to tackle any outstanding issues between you and others.

The last week of the month really allows you to get grounded, and put some effort and energy into feeling settled and secure in your environment.

Note the full moon January 21st comes to fruition and fullness in the quiet, sleepy realms of your chart – the 12th house of closure and surrender. Do clear the calendar on this special day, which allows you to reflect on the past two years transitionary quality.

January 30th is a spectacular day to acknowledge everyday habits, and recognise what might need to shift in taking care of business – and you.

* Depending on time zone.

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