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Weekly Horoscope – New Moon In Virgo…

Monday August 26th to September 1st 2019, Your Forecast...

On Monday the pearly Moon in Cancer makes ties to planets in Virgo (the Sun, Mars, and Venus) before joining Mercury in Leo on Tuesday evening (EST) or Wednesday morning (HKT), depending on your time zone.

We can bask in the last rays of charismatic Leo, before Mercury and the Moon make their way into Virgo (on Thursday) creating a strong line-up in the sign of service and productivity.

By 9.00 pm on Thursday evening, EST (9.00 am Friday morning HKT) Moon, Mercury, the Sun, Mars, and Venus will all be scattered throughout this helpful sign of harvest, ready for the new moon moment (times for multiple zones here).

Needless to say, there’s a great emphasis on the constellation of the Maiden, favoring busy organization, focussing on what needs to happen to be most effective. This is a wonderful time for us all to contemplate healthy fresh starts for the months ahead and comes with even more ground-breaking potential thanks to ties to Uranus and Saturn.

Read more about the new moon here and keep on for your weekly horoscope…



Momentum has gathered in the productive, health-conscious sign ‘Virgo’, and you could now hear your duties call crisply, Aries. You’re urged into work and service and should pay close attention to the details of the tasks at hand. With careful consideration, it’s possible to breathe new life into jobs you perform and to re-imagine the way you’re seen in the world, too. Your efforts could now be duly recognized; don’t be afraid to show an earnest side. Wednesday presents a fun, exciting and even romantic mood to round off the summer; be sure to enjoy yourself with a moment set aside for your own interests but spend the rest of the week – including Saturday – busy and effective. 


It’s likely your passions have been well and truly stoked by the stars, as this week Venus and Mars sparkle in the most amorous area of your horoscope! If you’re single you might fancy hitting the dating scene; if you’re happily coupled-up you could make a baby, or do something equally creative that gets your juices flowing. Connection and communication are in a sweet spot, so make the most of this fun week – especially Saturday! Planets are gathered for a party and you can ignite plans for parenting, energetic hobbies, and pursuits, or simply enjoy all manner of artistic and recreational activities. Wrap up home improvements or delight in domestic or emotional security midweek.


There’s a practical edge to Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday highlights your connection to others and ways you’ve developed your communication skills, or the ability to relate. Shine a light on what you’ve learned this summer, pausing to appreciate your closest allies, colleagues or special teammates that have provided warmth, fun, and engagement. By Friday, five planets will be gathered together in your domestic zone of nesting and emotional security, including your ruler, Mercury, and a refreshing new moon. Take the opportunity to focus on home life, self-care and nurturing yourself in healthy ways, improving your surroundings. You might even fancy a DIY project Saturday!


This week’s new moon brings focus to your ability to communicate effectively – how you tee-up with close friends, associates, neighbors, and siblings; how you connect with your local environment, and, how you relate to others through the use of pen and tongue… With such great concentration on communication, refresh your notion of self-expression striving to improve emails or messages to those closest, business and pleasure. Midweek allows you to wrap up any work or financial concerns; give your bank balance the once-over, Crab set cash aside in savings.


Though you might experience a slow start to the week it’s likely that Friday and Saturday will hone your focus towards work tasks and your role – especially if you’re keen to reimagine and reinvent it, Leo. You may have been working hard towards certain health or work goals and can now step into a position that suits you. Allow your focus to land on practical planning, including financial or material matters. You can also consider what it is you personally contribute, which needn’t be of monetary value and yet it’s a compelling time to run a fine toothcomb through expenses and earnings, outgoings and income, savings and spends.


This week it’s possible to gain a deep sense of closure around an issue, project or plan that’s been percolating in private, Virgo. On Wednesday the moon and Mercury are passing through your zone of dreams, sleep and transition, so that despite a sense of vibrancy you may need to take it slow. Hit the escape button and be willing to move on from any summertime drama. Friday’s new moon in your zodiac sign provides fertile soil for fresh starts; it could feel as if all eyes are on you and what’s next for you! Inject a sense of wanderlust, creativity but also be willing to take yourself, your ideas and talents seriously sweet Maiden.


Be prepared to do nothing this week, Libra. The stars are sparkling in the most dreamlike, inactive area of your horoscope so take time out to drift and bring matters full circle, whatever they might be. Towards the weekend your most private and subconscious desires are in focus, yet you’ll want to retreat and nest. There’s the potential for a journey into healing, detox or purging of unwanted habits – particularly those connected to family or where you come from. It’s a powerful time to break seemingly ingrained patterns; surrender to the process. Despite the elusive mood, you can get clarity around what you’re aiming for, organizing your thoughts and goals…


Social activities and group-work are the themes of Friday’s new moon, Scorpio; bring your focus towards fresh starts for community endeavors and the network of peers that will prove most helpful in the months ahead. Reach out to your connections, leveraging your close ties’ wider circles, too. It’s an incredibly significant time to initiate contact with those that count. Midweek spotlights your ambitions and worldly path, as career goals or your aims gain clarity; crown yourself with your rightful title.


This week there’s an incredible focus on the path you walk in public – your career or the role you’re most keenly ambitious about. It’s a good time to consider the direction you’re headed in, with the new moon providing fertile ground for your wishes on Friday and Saturday. Opportunities are there for seekers, and those who plan for success – aim your arrows high… Wednesday brings closure to a project, quest, journey or educational venture in the spotlight this summer, welcome the clarity that’s on offer!


New experiences, broader horizons, education, and travel could be in your midst this week, Capricorn, as Virgo season – and the Virgo new moon indicates adventure or a special quest. Focus on people or plans located a little further afield, on broadcasting or publishing your vision, or contemplate what you’d like to learn in months ahead. Midweek spotlights the issues you’ve been grappling with this past month or so, and it’s possible to gain clarity or closure around an intimate partnership or other matter connected to your private life, property, tax or inheritance.


Financial investments, pooled resources and the matter of your role and shared spaces are on the table this week. The new moon falls in you zone of private affairs and mergers, indicating a time to join together, focusing on joint ventures, property, and commitments. You might want to consider potential sources of income; intuition and your ability to collaborate is strong. Wednesday deliver the chance to negotiate and spotlights important exchanges from the summer.


With so much activity in your partnerships zone, working collaboratively – and creatively – is hugely emphasized this week Pisces. Planets highlight relationships and romance, making it a divine time to consider your perfect plus one in love or business. Think of your ideals, speak them aloud, and harness your place in social circle and network of peers – friends are instrumental now.  Wednesday is a workday, as you wrap up important projects or gain closure on the momentum gained in your day job or general routine…

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