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Weekly Horoscope, 14th – 20th June…

Your 7-Day Forecast, including the full moon in the Week Ahead!

Full Moon in Sagittarius ahead!

Aries or Aries Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s a highly-strung week, Aries, and your ruling planet Mars is ALL up the action. On Friday the 14th the feisty planet of impulse and fury comes into tension with grandfather Saturn, but aligns with intuitive Neptune in your zone of dreams. You could be coming up against all kinds of authority issues, which will be easier to handle if you breathe.

Monday’s full moon in Sagittarius puts emphasis on personal growth or a venture involving learning, education, travel or expansion of some kind – even publishing or global connections. Read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

It’s back to business as the moon moves into Capricorn Tuesday and Wednesday, with emphasis on your public profile and the impression you make in the world; tensions continue to be fierce yet you can let off steam in your space…

Taurus or Taurus Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

You could be thinking – or acting – with a sense of urgency now, Taurus, particularly if your work role is taking off and experiencing momentum. However, there are forces at play in the wider world that might need to be navigated with care; a struggle of wills–particularly in conversation–can be expected in the week ahead.

Monday’s full moon spotlights the investments you’ve made, in people, places and things. Read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday could present hurdles (perhaps in the way of legalities, rules that apply to everyone, or some kind of authoritative legislation), and although you’re ready, able and willing you might need to adhere to the powers that be and adjust your vision. Temper excitement and don’t speak with too much haste or anger!

Gemini or Gemini Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Though it’s your birthday (month) you’ve got a lot going on now that concerns your position, income or finances, Gemini. The stars sparkle around your role and the meaning you find when establishing yourself – including in relation to others. You might be feeling extra security-conscious and purposeful, keen to secure your worth. Expect to have clarity.

Monday’s full moon moment spotlights your partners in a big way, so acknowledge what you’ve learnt about one-to-ones this year. Read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

There’s major tension throughout next week for you, with the potential for power struggles around money and savings. You’ll hear the message loud and clear but go easy.

Cancer or Cancer Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

With a full moon in the week ahead you can expect mounting tensions, Crab. After all you’re an emotional creature that feels everything, and right now you could be experiencing some impulsive mood swings. Hold on to your hats and be mindful how you’re coming across. With Mars and Mercury in your sign, your snippy, pinching motions could be all people see!

Your work, routine or health is spotlighted by Monday’s moon, full in Sagittarius. Read more here.

You’re going through a cathartic time right now Crab, and taking the pressure off could be a terrific remedy for any fierce feelings. Hit the escape button and lay low till Friday…

Leo or Leo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s a community-oriented time for you Leo, but what about personal passions and the projects you love to work on? The stars ask you to balance group dynamics–and the world at large–while also enjoying the playful nature you’re known for. If you’ve been neglecting hobbies, romance or children you can re-engage with Monday’s full moon – read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

Elsewhere you’re called to integrate your current need to recharge and recalibrate–or prepare behind the scenes–with your expectations around health, wellness and work. The tides are shifting, so that more meditative expressions serve you. While it’s good to be busy and effective you’re also in need of down time; hit the escape button.

Virgo or Virgo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Community activities are emphasised by this weeks stars, Virgo. You may be very involved in a company or group matter – something that involves your city, country or social network! While you may be feeling moved and impassioned by those in your circle try not to get too caught up in dangerous power plays. Next week spells tension, and although the things you care most about could feel under threat, it’s a pushy, volatile time. Pace yourself.

Monday’s full moon spotlights your home life, domestic footing or your emotional core. Growth at home may be prevalent! Read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

Libra or Libra Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

There’s a lot of focus on the work you’re doing in the world now Libra; you could be establishing yourself or considering a role that has a lot more meaning, which requires some learning on the job. You’re in a cycle of growth and honing your skills – particularly communication and relating to those in your inner circle.

It’s important that you balance aspirations to accomplish something outside your usual domain with the support of close ties – family, friends and your immediate allies. Read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

It’s a pushy week, with power struggles for all the Zodiac Signs Tuesday and Wednesday; be mindful as you’re carving your path and profile.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s likely your sights are set on an important quest or project now, Scorpio, with someone special helping you make your way in the world. However it could be a touchy week as far as your growth venture goes – there’s tension in the stars! Your ancient ruling planet Mars is brushing up against all kinds of prickly encounters, so it’s best to think before you speak, for sure.

Finances, income or your work role is in the spotlight too, as Luna blooms on Monday – read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

Next week is peppered with heated moments, so take encounters with ice and a slice – cool it, sweet Scorpio, let your charming side out and soften the mood with music and your artistic edge.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s a major year for growth and personal expansion, Sagittarius, however your private life, domestic set-up and relationships might prove endlessly distracting now. Take time to acknowledge how you’ve educated yourself this year in particular, and how you’re slowly but surely establishing your position and income.

Monday’s Meaningful! Read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

You can hone-in on serious subjects this week, growing more intimate with another or trusting someone to help you out with issues you usually don’t talk about; broach the topic you’re keen to discuss on the 19th, bracing yourself for a deep conversation. Though keen to secure a special bond you’ve the potential to come on strong – pace yourself!

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

The seven days ahead could involve some exciting dynamics in your personal relationships, Capricorn, or simply note the conversations you end up having and how you encounter drama! Trust you can learn and grow from what’s said, using empathy and heaps of compassion for yourself and those around you.

It’s likely you’re growing in ways that are not necessarily open to the public but you know what’s up. Take time out from all the business of your everyday on Monday, congratulate yourself on shifts and changes made. Read more about the full moon in Sagittarius, here.

Continue to use patience (and endurance) throughout next week, as people could prove endlessly antagonising!

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

There’s a lot of action in your everyday environment and day-to-day life, which creates tension around private issues or healing that’s underway now, Aquarius. Exciting conversations at work or in your usual domain can happen next week; Tuesday and Wednesday in particular put pertinent topics top billing. Leave certain issues behind closed doors while you tackle what’s most important.

With your ruling planet, Saturn syncing with Neptune on Tuesday, you’ll greater insight into big transitions that are occurring relating to your income or position. You may need to review how you find true meaning in your work; tune into what you’re striving for on this day.

Read more about Monday’s full moon in Sagittarius, here, which puts community, your company or network in the spotlight.

Pisces and Pisces Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s a good week to cultivate boundaries within your network, peer group, with co-workers or even on social media, Pisces. It might also be a time to take stock of the connection you have with the wider world, to spotlight career growth and how your personal philosophy and values fits into the work you do and path you’re following.

Home, family and your personal  passions are now in the spotlight as we transition from Gemini Season to Cancer’s month; it’s important that you use this week and those ahead to really nourish yourself, nest and recharge.

Read more about Monday’s full moon in Sagittarius, here.

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