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Weekly Horoscope, 1st – 7th May…

Check in with the stars for the seven days ahead...

Aries or Aries Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Your enthusiasm, purpose and connection is full throttle as May opens, Aries, yet although you’re firing on all cylinders you could experience blocks or resistance around your path. Circulate among close friends, relishing opportunities to engage but be practical in your approach too. The weekend offers a moment to pause and draw back to consider your role, income or material world, so take stock of your position. You’re ideally placed to think big about your message, however ambitions or your public impression is still shifting, developing and settling into place. Continue to evolve your softer side for best results.

Taurus or Taurus Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s likely you’re undergoing personal transformation, realizations, and recharging this week, Taurus; it may be necessary to rely heavily on your inner resources, so dig deep while driving ahead with confidence and purpose. Old ways of thinking need to shift to accommodate new connections and ideas, yet it could be hard letting go now, particularly Tuesday the 7th. Anticipate a mini-breakthrough ahead of the weekend, and use the 4th to ground you in reality – and your community. It’s an ideal time to put yourself first, to consider the next few years, and what might need to change for your best outcome.

Gemini or Gemini Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

The company you keep pays a significant role entering May, as you engage with the world –and those in it–enthusiastically. Yet interactions are loaded with intensity, so be aware of your propensity to come off strong now – there’s no need to compete or prove yourself to another! The weekend helps you reset, and is ideally placed for solitary pursuits. Don’t overdo it, simply pull back to consider your private life and take stock of your position, Gemini, including financials. It’s important to take time out for you and the circles you move in, with or without a partner by your side.

Cancer or Cancer Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Relationships may feel strained, as you forge a path for yourself in the world now, Cancer. However the weekend offers respite from tensions, as you engage more with community and focus less on your ambitions. Rather than struggling with particular individuals, sense how you can leverage all your personal relations to accomplish something more meaningful in the world. You’re full of bright ideas now; use your accumulated wisdom to engage those you deem most powerful, and claim your place at the center of proceedings. Share your knowledge –and personal experience– in social settings, and be delighted at what ensues.

Leo or Leo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

You might have cultivated a resounding structure around your daily practices, Leo, but sometimes distractions are sent to disturb our sense of equilibrium and routine; this is one such week. A new path in the world is opening up for you; you’ll be wise to take stock and acknowledge these new directions on the 4th, and the tasks that lie ahead. No doubt you’re well placed to follow the signs, yet sparkling opportunities may entice and draw you from your purpose. Balance work, rest and play; navigate the experiences and connections on offer with time out to escape and recalibrate.

Virgo or Virgo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Ongoing issues continue to provide excitement, with the 1st, 3rd and 7th charged with intensity. Your private life could now be a hotbed of excitement, Virgo, with some pretty direct exchanges ushering in the new month. Although keen to secure what you want, enjoythe process of creating something enduring, stable and built to last. You’ll have the weekend to expand your outlook, and gain a more liberal perspective on personal interests – step outside your usual domain and be freshly inspired. Being out and about, visible to your network is one way to navigate the current dynamics, meanwhile, allow home life to recalibrate.

Libra or Libra Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Certain individuals could prove contentious this week Libra, yet you’ll want to keep your cool as you’re developing a more serious agenda. Your private life – particularly your space, assets, resources or investments – are a hot topic now, and it’s necessary to cultivate trust, intimacy, and to secure strong collaborators moving forwards. Though you’re an expert at personal relations, go beyond the surface to garner support; dig a little deeper. Your ideal position in the world is beckoning, and key persons in your midst can help you move closer towards your goal. Renew commitments in partnership, and navigate tensions as and when they arise.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Communications around the 1st and 3rd are strained, Scorpio, and you may need to be supremely patient with those around you. Try to lighten up, reduce the intensity you’re known for and have fun! It’s totally possible to take pleasure in your passions and to feel confident in doing so – but also easy to overdo it now. The weekend delivers fresh starts within relationships, with opportunities to renew your outlook on important unions – including collaborations you encounter through work or everyday environments. With current shifts in your thinking broadening your scope, evolve through being teachable, learning from reliable friends.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Your passionate nature is activated this week with certain individuals driving you to distraction! You might have outstanding rapport, however it doesn’t sit too well with the practicalities of life, Sagittarius. Pleasure-seeking activities can tear you from your work or entice you towards overdoing it; try and reign in personal interests finding balance in a happy medium. There’s a gorgeous fresh start to be harnessed around healthy habits, routines and your everyday work life schedule that’s not to be missed on the 4th! Affirm your position – including your financial standing – and cultivate stability. Sharing your plans enhances their potency.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Despite positive momentum in your surroundings it could be hard to feel truly at home this week, Capricorn, with emotions flaring and realizations around your private life. Though you’ve worked terrifically hard on yourself it’s not always easy navigating how or where to fit in. The answer lies in knowing what feels good – head towards spaces and people that make you feel secure, accepted and understood. You’ve much to gain from personal interactions, especially those laden with compassion and understanding. Enjoy yourself on Saturday, engaging in activities that inspire you, and help you shift into a positive gear.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

There’s an impulsive quality to your sense of self-expression this week, Aquarius, potentially resulting in words spoken in haste – or anger. Be a little more mindful with close ties, particularly when passions take hold. Secrets can be unleashed or private thoughts revealed so keep your cool. Your sense of security and surroundings may presently be in flux, adding to the myriad of private affairs you’re handling. Great shifts are underway for your sign, which makes sticking to routines –and maintaining the smaller components of your day-to-day– a wise choice. Use the weekend to ground yourself, and affirm your sense of security.

Pisces and Pisces Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Though keen to forge ahead with your agenda, you may experience resistance this week Pisces, particularly on the 2nd and 7th. Forces within your network present different perspectives to consider, so that it’s challenging to know if you’re making headway or establishing solid footing. Evaluate what a genuine sense of success means to you, and be willing to cooperate with peers. By Saturday the 4th you’re likely to align more smoothly with the outlook of your community, helping you feel increasingly at ease in the world. Seize opportunities to exchange ideas, and connect to what you’re most passionate about.

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