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Weekly Horoscope, 21st – 27th June…

This Week Sees Summer Solstice Celebrated, And Cancer Season Begins!

Exhale With The Waning Moon As Cancer Season Begins!

Aries or Aries Rising

Cancer Season is now in session, bringing a major emphasis to nurturing themes, Aries: how you feed yourself, connect with family, how you nest and feel at home in your space, and how your handle your emotional nature. It’s a time to get comfortable with your inner world – you might like to incubate and step back into your intuition (and dream-life,) to enhance the exhalation process now underway. Blankies at the ready! This cosmic calling to ‘go inward’ is tested on Sunday and Monday, as your sociable side is still fluttering thanks to Venus in Gemini. It could be really hard to focus, so afford yourself a generous dose of flexibility. Thursday could deliver inspiration around the stability you’ve been craving, Aries…

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Today the sun moves into Cancer, steering the focus towards your closest ties and inner circle. Think of school friends, encounters with coworkers and colleagues, and the way you relate and engage to the world around you. What are you learning now? What skills are you picking up that better help you communicate your needs? Aside from personal relationships taking centre stage you might find money and earnings warrant attention – your income and material resources are poignant, particularly on Sunday and Monday. Note that community or certain partnerships could make it difficult to feel at your best now, Taurus. Thursday the 27th could give you the words you’ve been looking for… 

Gemini or Gemini Rising

Cancer Season delivers a moment to think about ways you add value, Gemini – what do you bring to the table? What do you value most about your role? It’s a good time to consider your work, income, financial position and earning capacity, which is presently in the spotlight in a major way. It’s likely you’re feeling good, attractive and sparkling with that gorgeous twinkly charm of yours, however in the grander scheme of things it might not count for much. You may be facing a sparring partner, as well as confusion around the direction you’re headed in. Nevertheless, focus on your own efforts and you’ll be able to navigate anything that comes up later in July. Rely on your own resources, instead of counting on a partner to pull through.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Although there’s some tough situations – potentially pertaining to personal relationships – you can learn a lot from the cosmic weather right now, Cancer. Major growth opportunities and the potential for reflection are in the stars this week, so be poised and ready to evolve, while making space for expectations of others to evaporate. It’s important that you focus on your own health and vitality, as many are likely looking to you to hold it down, now. However you might be looking to hit the escape button and go offline – particularly Sunday and Monday. Honour your needs, and be connected to the wider world on Thursday, when you’re called to be part of something bigger than yourself…

Leo or Leo Rising

You could be needing to power down and recharge those batteries now, Lionheart. The sun has moved into the watery realms of Cancer, and your zone of rest and recuperation – be sure to step back from the action as much as seems reasonable for you now. It’s possible you’re feeling a lot of tension, responsibility or pressure around maintaining work momentum, or healthy routines, and yet it could be quite difficult to manage at this dreamy time. Sunday and Monday emphasise social commitments and yet you might not be in a position to plug in and give what’s being asked of you. Balance community engagements with the stormy cosmic weather. The 27th is your power day – recognise the radical changes and shifts underway around your path and purpose!

Virgo or Virgo Rising

It’s a time for community, and a time to embrace the network of peers and associates around you, now Virgo. Some significant experiences may occur in the week ahead, which you’ll have further opportunities to revisit in July. For example a conversation may give you food for thought, and you may find you’re reflecting in the weeks ahead. You may be keen to appear at your best on the world’s stage, and yet your social scene or a partnership may prove distracting. Similarly growth at home or in your domestic space (including diet, self-care or nurturing your inner world) could also disrupt your ability to show up, fully engaged. Try to go with the flow among friends and enjoy your encounters. Thursday can bless you with insight, wisdom or knowledge, so be open to what you pick up on in a crowd…

Libra or Libra Rising

You may be keen to lean into your vocation, Libra, but ask yourself what’s now inviting you to exploreCancer Season steers you towards your goals and ambitions, and this year in particular towards the way you’re perceived in your role – feel free to focus on your true calling! However, you’re also in a great cycle to learn and develop your experience; it’s a valuable time to make the most of opportunities that are helping you to grow. With a heaviness or sense of responsibility around home spaces and domestic life you’re no doubt welcoming the chance to step out and engage – but it’s important you don’t get overwhelmed. Sunday and Monday could feel particularly challenging, and the little aspects of your everyday could trip you up. By Thursday you could have a breakthrough with a partner worth relying on…

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

With the sun now twinkling in fellow water sign Cancer your passions are in flow, Scorpio – allow your adventurous side to thrive as you follow your heart and a special quest, now. It’s a great time to embark on growth, levelling up through education, travel or an experience that promises to teach you (it’s likely you’re already in motion with this project or journey!) The only sticking point could be down to finance or an investment you’ve made – including time spent with another. You’re processing an intense affair, which could get in the way of work or creative progress, particularly Sunday and Monday. However by Thursday you could feel far more liberated by relationships; welcome the opportunity to connect to someone special on the 27th.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

The theme of this week (and the weeks ahead) is your personal relations, Sagittarius, as you deepen your commitments and grow more aware of those you’re in partnership with. You might need to set aside your needs to make space for another, felt most on Sunday and Monday; these are potentially tense days in relationships. Allow any concerns around work, money and the practicalities of your position to evaporate, coming together as team, allowing yourself to trust and rely on another. On Thursday the 27th it could be obvious just how effective it is leaning into those special unions, rather than bearing the load by yourself….

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Lend attention to those in your midst you deem most important, Capricorn, from family members to a partner in love or business. It’s an awesome time for you to embrace the ability to balance in partnership with others. You may be able to tune in more to what other peoples objectives are, and what’s driving or motivating them – listen! You have an incredible capacity to offer a sympathetic ear and put into practice spiritual principles (tolerance, patience, compassion, kindness, empathy). You can also anticipate that Sunday and Monday could be extra busy, and that you might need extra of all of the above to tackle the tasks before you. You might really be relishing jobs, yet distractions persevere from hidden corners of the mind. Thursday brings a nice surprise, so open your heart, SeaGoat.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

With Cancer Season comes the opportunity to focus on everyday life, Aquarius, and the little practices or rituals you partake in daily. Getting up, going to work – the habitual moments, perhaps the boring or routine moments, are now up for consideration. Think of health matters, the practicalities, diet, exercise, pacing yourself, showing up. Meanwhile, your sense of fun also longs to be stroked, with Venus in your amorous zone of love and pleasure. However it’s tricky getting your wants met as Sunday rolls into Monday; matters in your company or network could be presenting quite a lot to chew on, leaving not much space for anything else! Balance and bide your time. There are major shifts underway; Thursday the 27th could deliver the footing you need to make positive changes…

Pisces and Pisces Rising

Continue to stoke your personal passions, Pisces, as the stars align for your creative projects and the special plans you’re cultivating – a book, baby, website, business or some other exciting delight! Sunday and Monday bring tension – family and home life may long to be enjoyed, however your personal success, drive and ambition could make it difficult to take pleasure in what’s underfoot. Your two ruling planets (Neptune and Jupiter) are currently in tension, and as the weekend draws to a close Venus enters the mix. Whatever you’ve been wrestling with lately could be tested even further, so allow yourself to be inspired rather than overwhelmed by circumstances. By next year your career will more easily align with your personal philosophy or outlook, so be patient. On Thursday allow yourself to think positively about what’s now in play!

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