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Weekly Horoscope 22nd – 28th July 2019

Star Sign Style Presents Your Weekly Horoscope!

(British Summer Time)
Moon Into Aries: Monday 11.00 am
Sun Into Leo: Tuesday 3.50 am
Moon Into Taurus: Wednesday 10.42 pm
Moon Into Gemini: Saturday 7.28 am
Venus Into Leo: Sunday 2.54 am


The Sun moves into Leo Monday July 22nd, which for Aries signals playtime. You’ll feel a little more fire in your belly Tuesday and Wednesday, with enthusiasm for creative projects, dating or your love life, or those hobbies / interests that excite and delight! Travel or a particular educational venture is favoured this week too, as heady Mars syncs with experience-seeking Jupiter in your zone of long-distance connections. Spotlight growth, and projects that have pushed you forwards this year. With the Moon in Gemini over the weekend there’s potential for it to be a socially connected couple of days – chat about your creative ideas, and what you love or enjoy most with those closest!


Home life and domestic surroundings are now firmly in your midst, as the light of Leo Season casts its warm glow around your emotional core, family or nest, Taurus. While both Mars and the Sun are keen to motivate these matters, Venus lingers with chatty Mercury in your connection and communication zone, giving you plenty to mull over. Close ties can preoccupy, and you may feel keen to cement your association with siblings, coworkers, school friends or another inner circle. Other personal relationships are poignant too, including the investments you’ve made, sharing space, resources or ideas with another. It’s a key week to take action around property and feel closely bonded with another!


With your ruling planet Mercury now retrograde, there are revisions to be made around your work, job role, income or savings, Gemini. Take note this week, as lovely Venus – planet of wants, needs and of lucrative financials – meets chatty Mercury on the evening of Wednesday the 24th, perhaps a time to contemplate your position and earnings… Meanwhile, as the Moon moves through your zone of sleep and closure you could be feeling in need of R&R, so allow yourself some downtime Friday. Leo Season marks a wonderful time to be socially active, and both the weekend and Tuesday / Wednesday (BST) are excellent for supercharging personal relations – including ties to special partnerships that have thrived this year…


With Leo Season now in session it’s time for you to get to grips with your finances, income or earnings, focusing on how you make money or feel good about your work and position in the world. You may be experiencing some kind of personal reinvention, with lots of celestial activity in your sign, Cancer, and this week is certainly one to relish who and what you are. As a water sign remember you’re emotive, sensitive and a pretty wise soul. Not only is this helpful to the community around you, you can also volunteer this outlook in your profession. However you might need to take a more dynamic, assertive approach to your talents and role, commanding payment from those you encounter. 


Happy Birthday lovely Lion-cubs! It’s time to step out of the shadows and into the limelight where you belong. You may have been feeling major emphasis around your private life, and projects that had you on escape-mode (either a vacation, or a generally dreamy disposition). You might still be running at a slower pace, however it’s likely you’ll increasingly operate in a more affirming manner, back to your best next week. Mercury is still retrograde in your zone of sleep and closure, helping you shed old emotional baggage, and Venus doesn’t dazzle in your sign till Sunday, so feel free to take it easy. Gather together with friends over the weekend, and turn up the heat nonetheless!


You can continue to be socially engaged this week, Virgo, and yet you could increasingly feel it’s necessary to retreat into a quieter, more meditative disposition. With Mercury Retrograde in your zone of networking, your circle of friends and wider connections there’s a lot to contend with concerning your general associations – perhaps some gorgeous moments to experience! And yet, you might also need to hit the brakes, allow yourself time to reflect on domestic life, and what’s going on at home or in your emotional world. This could have taken a back seat over the last couple of months but re-engage with your surroundings, pulling back for a moment to recalibrate.


Step out into your community or friendship circle, warm-hearted, bold and cheerful, Libra! 2019 is your year for growth around the way you relate, communicate and learn to engage or build your skills in connecting to others. This week and Leo Season in general puts you in a position to network and align with those you hope to be involved with – socially or because of what they represent in the world. You’re no doubt still enjoying presenting a new side of yourself, either related to your career, vocation or simply the way you want to be seen – this week is ideal for acknowledging the details of the path you’re walking; plan your profile including the image you’re keen to relay, even if you’re not ready to fully put it out there.


Career and your prominence in the world – and how you make a living – is pertinent this week Scorpio. You’ll be glad to know that your force-to-be-reckoned with – Mars – aligns with lady Luck – Jupiter – giving a good dose of horsepower to proceedings. Hang in there and keep on track as far as practical efforts are concerned, as a fresh start for your profile is right around the corner. Meanwhile, what’s left on your journey? How are the stars asking you to grow, learn and experience what’s been revealed? Planets are still lingering in your zone of education and special quests so soak up knowledge embracing you.


It’s likely been (and continues to feel like) an intense time for you and a S.O., with deep, emotional conversations occurring – perhaps around commitments and the long-term plans you share. Expect to continue the talks about future family engagements and parenting styles, however note a more breezy and adventurous mood sweeps in this week. With Leo Season now in sesh, it’s time to turn up the heat on plans and ventures that light you up! It’s likely you’ve already a bun baking nicely in the oven, and this week delivers the engine rev necessary to kick-start it back into action. Take your time though sweet Sagittarius, as you’ll want to enjoy bonding a bit longer with your loved one!


Relationships are key right now, Capricorn, as you feel and navigate your way through some interesting scenarios connected to significant others. Expect serious commitments and your investments to take on greater emphasis next week, with the days ahead a bridge towards settling in deeper with those involved. Your home, domestic and private life promise to keep you busy now; allow your strong resolve to emphasise how well you’re navigating behind the scenes, reaching a place where you’re better equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. Show how well you can exhale the B.S.


It’s a busy time for you Aquarius so stay on your A-game; there’ll be an increasing emphasis on special partners and your social scene (or company dealings) this week into next, so be willing to lean on others and ask for support as and when you need it. In fact, you may find a certain someone is well-placed to handle community relations, with lots of activity in store that’s connected to your network or wider connections in the world. Use trust in work relationships or around plans and organisation, and recognise the allies you have around you. The weekend can be fun, with the Moon in Gemini and your zone of passion, hobbies and enjoyment!


With Leo Season arrives the ability to be organised around your daily affairs, Pisces, and to accomplish the tasks before you that serve your career path, vocational purpose or public image. It’s an awesome time to ruminate on the ways you’re growing and progressing in the world, with a focus on managing your routines, rituals, and plugging in to the practicalities of work. Your place among the community is helpful at this time, and your sense of creativity is instrumental too. Venus will make an important connection on the evening of Wednesday the 24th, emphasising special affections and experiences – enjoy! The busy spell is set to continue so relish sweet moments in the days ahead…

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