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Weekly Horoscope, 22nd – 28th May…

Your 7-Day Forecast For The Week Ahead!

Aries or Aries Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Gemini Season is a sociable time for you Aries, and the week ahead wants to put you in touch with peers, and your network; take advantage of the friendly mood from Thursday (7.00 pm British Summer Time), a great time to connect.

You’ll also want to maintain momentum around your direction in life, which may currently be a hot topic for you; it’s likely you’ve been dividing attention between home and family, and the career or path you’re establishing. Balance both, and be willing to draw back and use your intuition to better gain perspective and a sense of where you’re at.

Taurus or Taurus Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s an ideal week to develop new perspectives and grow among friends, Taurus. You’re in a wonderful position to shake up personal philosophies and ways of thinking, as connections and skills bring you opportunities to relate. Empathy on a broader scale, or cultivating gentle compassion for those near and far is a promising way to evolve.

The stars also favour practical thinking now, and encourage you to consider your work, direction, income and role. Balance social engagements with a focus on your vocation…

Gemini or Gemini Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Happy Birthday Gemini – with the sun now in your sign it’s time to shimmy into the spotlight! Yet take it easy, you may still be processing certain shifts in private… Financial issues or matters around your work and income could presently gain your focus, or perhaps you’re eager to press ahead and are waiting on relationships to play catch up – allow your commitments to fall into place.

There’s space to enjoy yourself and the experiences that come your way yet stay on the ball in your role, transforming behind the scenes. Prioritise your own drive and direction, maintaining confidence in your ability to be effective, productive and a safe pair of hands.

Cancer or Cancer Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Reflect on relationships, allowing your outlook on how you deal with other people to evolve and shift now, Cancer. With Mars in your sign you might be feeling extra feisty and eager to battle it out, and yet it’s also a time to pull back.

Gemini Season has begun, signalling your month to recalibrate, make changes, or work behind the scenes. Tune in to your wisdom and the knowledge you’ve developed over the long-term; it’s a great time to feel effective among friends and community so divide your efforts – sociable yet reflective, ready to engage yet taking partnerships seriously. 

Leo or Leo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Gemini Season has just begun, allowing you to shine your light in the community, Leo. Although you may be busy behind the scenes, conserving your energy for the tasks and work at hand, it’s a good time to be sociable and engage! Be sure to reach out to good friends or a special partner towards the weekend and spend Saturday relating.

A new path, vocation or public impression is stirring, which might have you pulling back into solitude, however your presence is welcome relief in a crowd. Sparkle Lionheart!

Virgo or Virgo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

With attention on your worldly path, profile or vocation calling, you can be ambitious in your work life, with momentum during the week ahead Virgo. It’s a great time to reach for the stars and appear visible on a public stage, heard by friends and wider circles. You’re no doubt making a big social splash now, so usher in experiences in a community setting, cherishing the friends by your side. Though you’re busy with everyday commitments adventure calls, you can share special moments as next week begins! 

Libra or Libra Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Relationships may recently have taken a leap into deeper territory, and you could now find yourself navigating your way around everyday routines and the reality of personal commitments – as well as carving out your own direction in the world. It’s a week to lean into partnership and maintain momentum in the tasks before you Libra Love! Busy-Busy!

There’s also opportunities to develop or grow, as the world opens up to you. Step into experiences, travel, knowledge or education, whatever puts a spring in your step – Saturday’s fun can prove inspiring – after all, it’s your year to find your true calling, and there’s always plenty in life yet to learn!!

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s an awesome time to set your sights further afield, Scorpio, in pursuit of adventure, knowledge, wisdom and experience. However as the week opens the moon is aglow in the zone of close connections, asking you to establish or enhance your rapport within your inner circle. Balance your outlook by having fun! Be lighthearted or get creative, diffusing what you want to say or pursue through a romantic or artistic lens. 

From Thursday (7.00 pm British Summer Time) it’s an ideal time to turn inward and settle in your space. Steer attention towards private affairs (including financial or time investments), acknowledging the commitments you’ve made in relationships – not only a lover but important people you’re now engaging.

From Sunday (7.00 am BST) you’re better equipped to enjoy yourself and the projects around you that are most uplifting! Welcome the new week prioritising your enjoyment, especially teaming up with a special friend.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

You may want to acknowledge some financial shifts this week, Sagittarius, and how this affects your sense of place or security. Your income or resources could now be changing, delivering experiences in partnership that encourage you to rely more on others and build trust and companionship. Put the spotlight on all your relationships and personal encounters, and be ready to have the necessary conversations or meetings come Saturday. It’s a fabulous day for you to engage! 

Enjoy the general maintenance, habits and routines being cultivated in your surroundings or shared spaces, and go with the flow…

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

You can focus on work and acknowledge a busy schedule this week Capricorn, but no doubt it’s personal relationships that are most compelling right now! You’re in an ideal position to enhance your thinking, outlook and connection to others, with conversations and talking it through a great way to bring about best outcomes. Show others your caring, compassionate, emotional side and all you’ve learnt about tolerance and empathy.

It’s a favourable time to enjoy yourself – indulge and explore special unions and the experiences they deliver!

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Gemini Season signals a time to have fun, Aquarius, and yet you could find you’re preoccupied with other things right now – work, health, healing, enjoying a bit of R&R or simply getting yourself grounded in a better routine or home life pattern.

Feel at liberty to indulge yourself, although perhaps you’ll want to do so in ways that support your practical efforts. For example you could start dating or make space for play but make sure it fits in with your habits and schedule; you could take up a hobby tied to wellness, or flex your creative muscles in your job… Whatever ways you find to enjoy yourself do so with your everyday environments or practices.

Pisces and Pisces Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s a wonderfully social time yet use your connection to others to enhance your own interests and personal projects, Pisces. You may recently have made new friends or experienced a different aspect to how you relate to your circle; no doubt you’re engaging well with others, so steer attention towards what it is you love and are creating now!

It’s likely you’ll want to recharge on the weekend, pulling back into solitude for rest and recuperation; pause amidst the fun you’re having with others, spending time at home nesting and honouring domestic duties and family life.

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