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Weekly Horoscope, 28th June – 4th July!

New Moon Eclipse in Cancer, what else Stargazer? Here's Your Forecast For The 7-Days Ahead!

New Moon Ahead…

Aries or Aries Rising

It’s necessary to balance your inner and outer worlds, as the new moon solar eclipse draws attention towards home life or domestic spaces – or something much deeper. Meanwhile Saturn’s responsible hand looms large in your public realms of fame, ambition and your overarching direction. It might be necessary to shift into a different gear at work and really take into consideration your feelings around security and feeling willing to around emotional issues… Mars heads into your zone of creativity, passion and performance late on the 2nd, giving you a fresh vitality for projects and your love life! 

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Connect and communicate, Taurus! Work may be going great for you but it means nothing without close friends by your side or the right skills to relate well. The new moon solar eclipse lights up your ability to develop ties to others, i.e. siblings, school friends, coworkers and those in your local neighbourhood. Show appreciation for those you’re learning and developing with, and be prepared to let go of old ideas, philosophies and dogmas. You might now shock yourself with fresh thinking and ways of relating, finding a more emotionally savvy sense of expression in weeks ahead, try it out for size! 

Gemini or Gemini Rising

The new moon solar eclipse in your income and work zone can instil a fresh confidence around what it is you offer, Gemini, particularly how you care for others, and act as a coach or caretaker. This could be directly related to your profession or income, but equally might be your role among family, friends or those closest. You’re in an excellent phase to connect and communicate with best friends, siblings, coworkers and school mates, so make the initial call! You may need to reduce expectations of what a partner can deliver, however, relying more on your own resources than what you have as a team. 

Cancer or Cancer Rising

Thinking about you and your position, partner and how you intend to move forward could feel like a massive preoccupation now, Cancer, however the week ahead will deliver a welcome shift in perspective. Hang in there. Saturn’s journey through your partnership zone could be forcing some major relationship lessons, which see you waving goodbye to important people, which is a reminder to keep coming back to your own sense of self-care. You’ll soon be motivated to focus on your earnings but for now concentrate on feeling nurtured in your body.

Leo or Leo Rising

Your ability to go offline and take a break from your usual duties or routine is paramount in the week ahead, Leo. Power down and schedule in lots of breaks if you can’t duck out of your regular workload; you could be feeling low energy and lacklustre, so remind yourself to be gentle on yourself. There’s the potential for deep realisations to arise, if you’re still, so meditate or seek solitude – even while you’re doing chores or walking from A to B. Your job may be transitioning anyhow, so loosen your grip on what you think your everyday schedule should look like. From next week it’ll be easier to connect and assert yourself!

Virgo or Virgo Rising

You may be inclined to step back from social proceedings, Virgo, but community continues to play an important part next week so don’t switch off, just yet. You’re due to have a break from friendship circles but before you do spend time acknowledging what’s been delivered to your door. Show gratitude for the experiences in a group, and be prepared to release expectations of more personal agendas. A lover, hobby, project or interest might not follow the outline of what you want, presently, however allow yourself to accept what is, and release what’s beyond your control. You’ll have plenty of quiet time in weeks ahead to figure out your feelings.

Libra or Libra Rising

Practice acceptance around shifts at home, domestic responsibilities and any sense of loss in your private life, Libra, while leaning into your public role. The way others see you is highly pertinent in the week – and month ahead! Your vocation or purpose may feel different, as the new moon solar eclipse lights up a road you’ve been prepping for. It’s a good idea to take that career, vocation or life path and take it out into wider circles – not necessarily promoting or spreading the word, but at least inspiring others about your direction!

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

There’s a big emphasis on growth experiences and opportunities to learn, travel and educate yourself now, Scorpio. Hopefully you’ve already been embracing a special quest, project or avenue towards a life outside your usual domain. Now, give yourself an extra push in that direction, while letting old thinking fall by the wayside. You’re due to step into a more visible role, or focus more resolutely on your career, ambitions or overarching path. But, remember the knowledge and outlook you’ve developed is truly key…

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

It’s necessary to balance what’s yours and what’s theirs now, Sagittarius, as the new moon solar eclipse draws attention towards your earnings and financial commitments – how you show you’re investments and truly bonded to another. Saturn’s responsible hand now looms large in the area of your work position and efforts in your role. It might be necessary to acknowledge how much easier it is to rely on others, and work together as a team; allow yourself to trust and lean into a version of stability… You could find you’ve a real thirst for adventure as July 4th rolls around – get out of town!

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

When push comes to shove, we become ready to move, we’re ready to take the leap and get out of our chair. This week dislodges anything you suspect might need to be dropped off at the dump! Clear out the closets and detox, physically, Capricorn. Up your self care but be willing to be as tough as it takes. Relationships are massively important in the week ahead, as the new moon solar eclipse refreshes your approach to important partnership and emphasises special friends. Commitments deepen on the 4th.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Shifts behind the scenes are pertinent now, Aquarius, whether this pertains to your spiritual life, health and wellbeing, some kind of major responsibility or another issue underpinning current circumstances. Surrender! Do the responsible thing and tighten up loose ends. Lean more into positive practices and your work regimen, looking at diet and the practicalities of your everyday – there’s a new beginning for work, diet and help is truly at hand. Your sense of partnership is about to get an injection of energy so buddy up and enjoy the dynamic possibilities ahead!

Pisces and Pisces Rising

It continues to be a special time for Pisces – for your projects, creative urges, or romantic interests to formulate and develop. Allow yourself to indulge what it is you enjoy, while letting certain members of your community come second. The new moon solar eclipse brings you plenty of focus around hobbies, passions and personal interests, however at the same time, stern Saturn shows up in your community and friendship circles. You might need to create boundaries, or even let some people go in order to indulge what you deem truly important. It promises to be a busy time for you from the 3rd, so waste no energy on what – or who – is on its way out.

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