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Weekly Horoscope, 5th – 11th June…

Your 7-Day Forecast For The Week Ahead!

Aries or Aries Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

This week kicks off with some significant ties to home life, your surroundings, domestic spaces – or the habitat you live in. Emotional matters or family issues could also be prevalent now, as Mercury, the moon, Mars and the karmic north node lead you inwards. Spend time focusing on your feelings, and connecting to your nest, Aries.

On Sunday June 9th the moon moves into a productive area of your horoscope, and while this could prove great for making seamless, practical efforts, there’s also tension afoot. You may be keen to impart wisdom or a special message, yet the stars require you to go with the flow. Use your intuition and use a gentle touch.

Taurus or Taurus Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s a gorgeous time to relate to close friends or your inner circle, learning, being curious and welcoming experiences that teach you something new, now. You’re in an ideal phase to connect to those in your local surroundings, or to consider new ideas and ways of thinking – in fact there may be little stopping you!

From Sunday Venus moves into Gemini, your lucrative zone of income – and the area that breeds ideas around what you enjoy doing and how you like to work. You’ve a great window to focus on your role, so despite the social vibes don’t get too distracted by others over the weekend, Tauro.

Gemini or Gemini Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

The week holds major emphasis around your earnings, work life, and the value and comfort you find in your role, Gemini. It’s likely to be a good time to feel confident in the position you fulfill – harness experiences coming your way and your potential earning power.

If you’ve been hanging back a little due to health or romantic issues know that from Sunday the 9th you’ll begin to get your grove back. The stars sparkle in your court, so steer attention your way, while appreciating those by your side.

It could be a little hectic managing demands on Saturday but Sunday and Monday allow you to recoup, drawing you inwards; it’s a good day for a home cooked meal and to focus on your income.

Cancer or Cancer Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

With the Moon in your sign the week starts with a strong emphasis on you, Moon Babe! Cancer also plays host to Mercury, Mars and the karmic north node now, giving you a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. Focus on you and your health, invigorating any health kicks or claiming your enthusiasm for your personal projects.

Gemini Season also marks a time for rest and recuperation, and you might want to work in solitude or explore projects in private – particularly from Sunday onwards. Until then make the most of any social activities or opportunities to engage with your clan.

Leo or Leo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

This week opens with a deep dive, Leo, as Mercury, the Moon, Mars and the karmic north node pull you back into solitude; hit the escape button on Wednesday 5th and into the 6th as the mood favors introspection and dream work. Private affairs and personal investments of your time, resources and money are worth ruminating.

As the weekend draws to a close a more practical mood sets you on a task-oriented path. Start the week strongly aligned with your purpose but go easy. Gemini Season steers you towards community and group activities, yet you could also be experiencing some work or health issues that feel draining. Gently does it.

Virgo or Virgo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Your community, network or peers hold great comfort as a new week begins, Virgo, so be sure to reach out to ties in wider circles, and relate to those around you. Friends or colleagues are well placed to deliver something you can’t achieve by yourself, so consider social activities that draw you out and into a crowd.

From Sunday you’re in a position to thrive in your role, coming across well and succeeding on the world stage, however don’t let other people’s opinions get you in a muddle. Emotions run a little high as the weekend draws to a close, do maintain your goals and connection to others.  

Libra or Libra Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Look towards the path you’re walking in the world, Libra, and see the groves appear! Stars sparkle in the area of your horoscope governing your public role and outward facing profile; time to claim your position and the career you’re presently passionate about… The next year cements your true calling!

From Sunday your ruler Venus switches signs into Gemini, a much lighter placement for you to work with. You may have been dealing with intensity in your private life, which will now start to shift, allowing you to learn what you need to follow the road ahead and your ambitious streak. Enjoy embarking on a special quest or journey!

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Hone in on a special quest or venture this week, Scorpio, as the stars sparkle in the growth sector of your horoscope, ushering in experiences and a journey that’s full of potential. It’s likely you can also have fun with this project or learning opportunity, be open to new perspectives.

You might experience tension over the weekend, as you embrace a broader outlook, outside your norm; it’s likely you’ve been slowly transforming your thinking and presently this could feel supercharged. Pace yourself and rely on others to help you take next steps. Trust is bound to grow from Sunday…

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

A private commitment, your financial investments, a close personal relationship or some other serious tie could now be on your radar, Sagittarius, as a stellium of planets gather in the area of your horoscope governing power dynamics and your shared resources. Look to balance in partnerships and trust that the attention lavished on others is time well spent.

On Sunday you’ll likely shift into an ambitious mood, and yet your focus on special unions lingers into the week, proving distracting! With Venus gliding into the zone of one-to-ones, encounters are set to sparkle from the 9th so begin to relish the significant other in your midst…

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Partnerships and your general sense of collaboration are front of mind this week, Capricorn. You might want to spend a moment or two meditating, thinking or considering what it is that others can offer you. Show gratitude for human connection and the relationships you have with family members, marriage buddies, a lover or friend. Even a boss or coworker!

It’s no doubt a busy and productive time for you, and from Sunday you might be more inclined to relish your work, and the tasks of your everyday – including exercise – as Venus moves into your zone of habits and efficiency. Team up and be doubly inspired!

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

The week begins with a significant emphasis on your health, wellness, work life schedule or general rituals and everyday practices. The feeling Moon, chatty Mercury, persistent Mars and the karmic north node steer you towards productivity and what you need to stay running like a well-oiled machine, Aqua Babe. It’s worth tuning in to your ideal position, wellbeing and taking super care of yourself.

As the weekend draws to a close the moon slinks into your private zone of intimacy, giving you a moment to press pause as the new working week begins. There’s a lot to shed right now, and you’ll do well to dig deep and release – perhaps through exercise and diet!

Pisces and Pisces Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

A special project, creation or similarly exciting development is in focus as the week begins; the Moon, Mercury, Mars and the fated North Node are in your zone of passion now Pisces! Look to the interests before you – from dating, to artistic hobbies, vigorous exercise or anything that sets you on fire! There’s masses of potential to connect to others on this now.

You might need to press pause on progress elsewhere this week, as home life and nesting takes precedence. In fact, Sunday could prove confusing or overwhelming as you’re in demand right now! Prioritize, take your time, and go gently, sweet Fishy…

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