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Weekly Horoscope, 8th – 14th May…

Check in with the stars for the seven days ahead...

Aries or Aries Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Welcome new ideas for income, money making, business or breakthroughs concerning your role or position, Aries. It’s a good time to feel confident about transitions you’re making in your career, so step back and reflect on your greater purpose and calling from a place of least resistance. Surrender to the flow around your ambitious nature and allow yourself to recharge in comfortable surroundings. Thursday could pose challenges around your sense of success, with tension in the skies and a power struggle for your goals and sense of visibility. Around the 14th fares particularly well for connection, relating your wishes and expressing yourself, while also looking up for work endeavours, too. Be practical Tuesday the 14th – 8.15 am BST puts you in good stead for the working week.

Taurus or Taurus Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Personal change and radical reinvention is due; this week can spark wonderful ideas around your potential, Taurus. Lean into connection and allow those closest to steer your thinking and curiosity. There’s great shifts occurring in the way you relate to the world around you, your faith in the community, circles or network you move in. Tuesday the 14th – 8.15 am BST – makes the process fun, while the weekend spotlights your changing perceptions and experiences. Thursday may put a thorn in your side, as issues in private prove distracting; take a step back to tackle whatever’s nagging you (likely love or money). Be sure to listen to your dreams or subconscious chatter…

Gemini or Gemini Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Insights and ideas can arrive around your private life, with an important shift that’s going on behind closed doors providing food for thought. It’s super important to switch off now, Gemini, literally disconnecting from devices or taking a step back to heal, rest and recoup. You might need to say “no” to social engagements on Thursday to accomplish this, or turn down an important meeting to recover your senses. However the 14th puts your relationships back on track. Your overarching adaptability in the workplace is likely serving you now, and you might need to simply set your sights high, and maintain composure as you transform and transition. Note how commitments continue to evolve, acknowledging partnerships that endure.

Cancer or Cancer Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Explore your place among the community, considering the journey that’s got you where you are now, Moonbabe. You can be grateful for relationships that have brought you here, especially over the weekend when it’s easy to acknowledge the most important figures in your midst. Honour individuals within a group setting or verbalise your thoughts early next week; Tuesday the 14th 8.15 am BST is a favourable time to connect and express yourself. You can also enjoy visibility and success within a public forum, thanks to your sustained efforts, yet there may be a power struggle attached to the attention you receive on the 9th.

Leo or Leo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

With full focus on your direction, path and goals you can welcome inspiration for what lies ahead, Leo. Visualise! Ideas can be forthcoming now, enhanced by long-term efforts at work, or endurance across healthy habits, routines and wellness. If you’re looking to step into a supported position in life now is the time to claim your spot at the top! Consider ambitions over the weekend and empower yourself Tuesday the 14th; 8.15 am BST is your confidence affirming moment. Experiences that have been beckoning, urging you to grow, learn and educate yourself could be challenged on Thursday, as everyday practicalities intervene. Yet you can still indulge your interests and have fun exploring throughout the week ahead!

Virgo or Virgo Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

It’s an ideal time to visualise experiences that can take you further, projects or journeys that deliver knowledge, bring you growth and generally broaden your scope! Be open to new ideas for personal development, particularly those involving your community or the world at large, Virgo — especially if they involve another person, mentor or significant other. It’s potentially a strong, even ambitious time for romance with positivity around your collaborations, yet Thursday could get super intense, so adjust your sails. Interests, hobbies, projects and your creative output – anything enjoyable you’re taking seriously – provides a wonderful foundation for stepping outside your usual domain to see life from a different perspective.

Libra or Libra Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Developments in relationships may take you by surprise, yet be prepared to navigate any hurdles that come your way, Libra. You’ll want to adjust to situations in your surroundings, domestic life or home circumstances with the help of a partner or reliable resource, so spotlight how this fits in with your ambitions, work role and commitments. Plan to level up and rely on those around you to pull though; use Tuesday the 14th (8.15 am BST) for quiet reflection and meditate in solitude on your foundations. How will you develop a new lineage and core values? What are you aiming towards? Thinking, learning and connection to others reaches a more comfortable place by Tuesday so use the weekend to focus on nesting.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Personal relationships feature significantly in the week ahead, Scorpio – romantic interests, special friendships or people you encounter day to day. You could find you’re making some kind of headway, with improvements in your job or environment as a result – simply take into consideration what everyone wants. Projects can thrive when you get someone else’s input, so look further afield for inspiration – broaden your outlook, travel or connect long distance. Perhaps you’ve been developing stronger boundaries, or have evolved the way you express yourself and communicate. Seize opportunities to show up in partnership, ready to inspire but with a solid sense of resolve. Tuesday the 14th is a particularly powerful and auspicious day for connection – not only one to ones but engaging fully with the world at large. The mood favours teamwork and allows you to share your wisdom… (8.15 am BST). 

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Implement new ways of working or consider innovative solutions within your role, Sagittarius; help is at hand! It’s a great time to focus on making lifestyle changes and improvements for optimum performance, from health and wellness to diet, fitness and tiny habit changes. Relationships can thrive now, enhanced by your enduring outlook across home surroundings, and the way you’ve structured your position. It might not be easy to enjoy yourself on Thursday, as the way you’re seeking gratification doesn’t work well practically speaking, but early next week fares better (and brings you visibility too!) Focus on work over the weekend and be prepared to dig deep. 

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Say yes to your personal passions, and the things that make your heart sing this week, Capricorn. From indulging your hobbies, to exercise or creative pursuits, you can get a brainwave of fun new ideas that are truly divinely inspired. Relationships are key to your experience now, so bounce ideas off a collaborator and heighten their power! Romance is high for lovebirds, as you’re attuned to a more compassionate way of thinking. Home improvements or another domestic, family or emotional encounter on Thursday could disrupt your equilibrium, and yet you’re making headway in your private life… Tuesday delivers growth opportunities and potent shifts!

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

Your sense of stability, surroundings or home life could now be the receptacle for insights now, Aquarius, as you’re offered clarity around major shifts developing in your private life. Keeping busy and feeling productive are one way to feel motivated and push through, yet mind your temper on Thursday as tensions arise in the cosmos. It’s important for you to recharge and take it easy now, as emotions are heightened and you need R&R! Thankfully elevated composure in your role and in the workplace keeps you grounded. The weekend and early next week spotlight your transformation, so take time to gently reflect and honour what needs to be acknowledged. Pause in solitude or with a loyal partner, Tuesday the 14th; 8.15 am BST.

Pisces and Pisces Rising – Your Horoscope Is Here!

You’ve a sprightly connection to friends near and far this week, with a major spotlight on how you relate to those around you, and those in your wider networks. Individuals in professional circles could warrant attention on the weekend, you might also be developing ways to relate and share your special passions (and creative talents) with community. It’s likely you’re experiencing traction in your role, finances or overarching career goals, yet Thursday presents a struggle. Getting what you want – particularly among peers – may be hard to navigate, yet by Tuesday the 14th the stars deliver. It’s also a great day for partnership.

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