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Your Weekly Horoscope Is In… February 4th – 10th, Waning Moon…

Waning Moon Phase… 


February 4th – 10th, 2018


Your popularity among a community clashes with personal interests as the week opens, Aries, and Saturday presents a similar feeling. Though it’s important to nourish special bonds you’re in an ideal cycle to flourish among friends, so strike a balance between the demands of your private and social life.

Wednesday is particularly fortuitous for sparking interest around group endeavors, with strong sense of connections and purpose. You could inspire those around you in incredible ways, so think about what burns brightly in you. This is also a day when you’ll feel empathetic to the needs of others, so recognise your priorities and don’t spread yourself too thin.

There’s an excessive quality to this week, and you might need time to recharge away from demanding circles, lest they become too intense. Be sure to enjoy yourself this Saturday; mix it up, with different flavors colouring your weekend.


Partnerships are blossoming but so is your sense of accomplishment and public profile, Taurus. As the week opens you could find you’re keen to make an impression on the world, yet also to keep relationships on solid emotional ground. Wednesday is your best day for showing empathy to the special people in your midst, however towards the weekend you’re called into a position of notoriety once again. Balance recognition with the need to get along with others.

Mid-week presents a spark of opportunity for clarity around an important shift you hold dear, or closure that’s been unfolding for some time. Your ability to step up and shine among peers brings a sense of ease around a private matter, so show gratitude for the remarkable tweaks that advance your long-term growth. It could well be a week for acceptance around your reputation, and your unique sense of individuality.


Adventure calls but the daily chores still have your name on them, Twinstar! Work and your dutiful nature has been steadily taking precedence, so that now you’ve a schedule that’s fit to burst, and yet an special journey is sparkling brightly on the horizon…

Answer the call.

You’re in a terrific period to embark on exciting projects, to plan travel, study or look further afield towards unique concepts and learnings. Though you might have conflicting interests (what’s growing around you versus what’s beckoning), it is possible to balance the books and launch into exciting ventures.

However, know that focusing on broadcasting a message or leaning towards international connections could distract you from a more constant purpose underway. Know where your attention needs to be, before overstretching yourself in new directions. Friends inspire you on Wednesday yet the work must still be done.


It’s a wonderful time for you to deepen your connection with others, and to tackle serious matters around finance, property or intensely private issues that deserve your focus (think bills, debt or shared spaces). However the strong bonds and sense of security you’re keen on establishing could be somewhat jeopardized by an overzealous, high-energy mood this week, enthusiasms which threaten to disturb the stillness required to really concentrate and relate.

Allow for passionate creative impulses mid-week Cancer, but tame these projects or motivations on Saturday, when you’re called to be productive and take matters seriously. Wednesday can really bring out your resourceful side, with potentially genius moves to be made that advance your position; you can leverage the help and support of others, however don’t become overly emotional, overly enthusiastic, or, overly dependent on your teammate.


You could be examining relationships and how they affect your sense of security, Leo, or considering how a special partner, friend or family member influences domestic life or your emotional equilibrium.

A band of merry planets are lighting up your unions, drawing your focus outwards towards others; it’s time to see your place within a team clearly, and, at the same time settle comfortably at home or in your space. You’ve been experiencing growth around self-care and your special sanctuary, but this week demonstrates how partnerships can disrupt your sense of ease and comfort.

While you’re presented with terrific playmates you can learn and have adventures with, you might also have to open your heart to compromise – especially around your sense of belonging. Saturday emphasizes this feeling greatly, so enter the weekend open-minded and receptive, Leo.


Are you overcommitting yourself or taking on too much, Virgo? A busy workload presents itself now, and although you’re keen to get along with those around you, perhaps you’re being overly accommodating in order to get it all done. You’re developing your communication skills – an ongoing development this year; the week ahead presents ideal circumstances to practice a (non-passive-aggressive) pause.

You are, at times, known for your and sharp, Mercurial mind and quicksilver tongue however this is definitely a time to slow down when connecting the dots, affording generous space around your projects.

You could well come off as the hero in your daily role – if you manage to keep your sense of self-expression right sized. There’s the potential for over-zealous instruction or an incredibly enthusiastic approach with close ties, so be mindful and try to enjoy the progress you’re making in your role.


Your sense of fun and enthusiasm is presently on form, with planets joyful-joyful in the amorous, ardent, playful area of your horoscope, Libra – including your ruler Venus. It’s a week to indulge and to remind yourself what you live for – what your heart beats faster over, and what you truly adore.

However it’s not all sweetness and light, as you’re presently you’re faced with financial, work or other issues to contend; you’re in a growth cycle around all you value. This could literally be money and your earnings, or it could be a more subtle theme of appreciation.

While you try to enjoy yourself remember you’re learning the key to your own self-worth and personal value system. Allow partners to inspire you and pay you a compliment – you could ask others why they like you this week, though if you put them on the spot let them come back to you with a nice surprise.


Efforts to see that domestic life is on an upward trajectory are presently highlighted, with Venus now in your home zone, donning her DIY apron and goddess-like standards in your nest. You could now be ensuring your family focus or sense of self-care is resounding, however the attention on your roots pushes back against plans to grow and develop, personally.

It’s a time of great adventure for Scorpio, with lucky Jupiter propelling your plans and endeavors forward at speed. Strike a cool balance this week, as you steer yourself in the direction of emotional security and nourishment, juggling your instincts to comfortably settle with flourishing plans that are driving ahead…

Wednesday is terrific for connecting to your big dreams, but also sparks action on home turf, while Saturday brings out your practical side.


Your sense of connection is presently strong, Sagittarius and you could be making new friends or rekindling ties with close kindred spirits. You could also be making headway developing new skills, or working well with peers in your neighbourhood, at school or professionally.

However your busy, sociable side could prove distracting from plans you’re developing elsewhere. You’ve lots going on in private that can’t yet be shared, and this week it could be hard to juggle. Midweek it’s incredibly compelling to speak up about your sense of creativity – your passions and your interests – although despite a keen sense of self-expression you needn’t relay the big picture plans.

Know it’s possible to keep some things back, Sagittarius and shine as a star communicator on what you are able to express. Wednesday helps you know what’s for your eyes only, while Saturday puts the spotlight on your message.


It’s a feel good time for Capricorn as your confidence is building in your current role, however you might have to strike a balance between community commitments and flourishing at work or in your new position.

Explore what makes you happy and what brings you rewards – financial or otherwise, yet make time for friendships or group work too. Colleagues or a special network of peers has been growing around you, and this is a week when your sunny sense of self could clash with the interests of the whole.

You could be more interested in ensuring all the practicalities of life are seen to now, taking you out of the heart of social activities but plug in on Wednesday; on Saturday you can take a step back from the crowd.


This week presents a balancing act between work and play, Aquarius, as professional duties loom large, yet freedom loudly beckons. As one of the most radical signs your personal liberation is valuable and always held close, yet your public image is now gaining momentum.

You’ve the inclination to enjoy yourself, with Venus and the sun in your sign adding vitality and pleasure seeking to the days ahead, and as the week opens your adventurous side is stimulated. The plans or path you’ve committed to could now seem onerous; don’t overcommit or overdo it Aqua Babe.

Wednesday could be particularly interesting to navigate, as you’re called towards your ambitious expansion, and yet you’re keen to explore more immediate connections and interests. Saturday is a compelling time to individuate, yet it’s still necessary to honor your obligations. Try to complete important career matters on Friday, leaving the weekend for socializing…


A travel or publishing plan, or your growth journey might be put on hold now, as you escape your usual routine and duck off the radar for a sweet break.

The stars align around your values mid-week in an incredibly elusive manner; meditate on what you hold true and what you’re deeply connected to. You could be rewarded in unexpected ways when you hone in to your intuitive originality, Pisces. You’re presently enjoying a periodic time out, so embrace opportunities for private moments, quiet and solitude. Wednesday presents adventure but also asks you to stop, look and listen to what your heart is saying.

Surrender it now, Pisces.

By the weekend you can be confident in what needs to shift and go; be ready to release after thoughtful processing, though you needn’t commit to big decisions in haste.

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