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Weekly Horoscope: January 21st – 27th – Waxing Luna Phase…

Waxing Moon Phase And Mercury Meets Pluto!


January 21st – 27th, 2018


Your ruling planet (Mars) is completing his stint in Scorpio this week Aries. It’s a good time for you to deliver one last push in the direction of joint endeavors, partnerships and financial commitments for two… It’s likely private bonds and interests have been developing considerably since the end of last year, and this week puts your plans in good stead.

On Saturday, Mars moves into your broadcasting, education and travel sector helping you take flight in weeks ahead! It’s an awesome time to step into your community to learn and grow, as the current Aquarius season lights up networks and friendships, while Sagittarius helps foreign connections flourish.

Career is also a hot topic now, as planets continue to emphasize your ambitious streak. Wednesday and Thursday are excellent for talks around your new direction…


Advancing on your chosen path – and looking good whilst you do it – is what the stars have in store this week Taurus. However, although you’re ambitiously progressing in the world, you’re also thinking of new ventures that have recently garnered your attention. December helped you focus on a new project, journey or interest to dive into, Wednesday and Thursday bring your focus resolutely to this area. Explore your thoughts with the support of others…

There’s plenty of action and attention around important relationships, and this week it’s worth ensuring your interactions with others are on positive terms. This will help you develop and grow in the year ahead. After Saturday, they’re bound to intensify, so cement strong bonds before the weekend.


Your close personal relationships may experience powerful clarity mid-week, as the stars align in the most private, deep, mysterious area of your horoscope for an intense exchange. It’s likely you’re taking your investment of time or resources seriously, whether you’re spending it on a passion, person or personal matter that requires attention. Keep your cool at work (or wherever you are) on Wednesday and Thursday, and note you can be incredibly influential – or influenced!

Be sure to give your health, wellness and routine matters a final push in the right direction this week, Gemini, as energizing Mars will conclude his tour of your organized zone of productivity by the weekend. Plan your strategic approach to your body in your schedule by then, to see you through the rest of the year.

And don’t forget, it’s Aquarius season! The stars are lighting up travel, education and global interests for Twins.


Intense conversations could occur mid-week with an important client, collaborator, colleague, friend, family member or your other half, Cancer. The stars are greatly emphasizing relationships, with plenty of romance in the air too!

Passions have run deep since last October, either in your relationships, or around a creative project that’s captured your imagination. Or perhaps it’s your children or sense of play that’s been enhanced. You’ve an excellent opportunity this week to cement affections around your interests.

From Saturday you’ll be inspired at work or in your position; you could really up your game within a routine environment you’ve worked so hard towards. Before then, ensure your cherished interests are off to a good start this year by absorbing yourself wholeheartedly, gravitating fully to what you love.


You could see relationships significantly improve, or, notice that you’re presently affectionate of others now, Leo. Embrace good vibes between yourself, friends and lovers or those simple fun interactions that improve your day. Female companions are particularly amicable this week.

Work life, health and wellness or another routine task still has your attention, with some powerful exchanges or realizations possible mid-week. Wednesday and Thursday call your attention towards dynamic interactions, so pay attention to your body or whatever (or whoever) is speaking to you.

Home life looms large now too. You could find that you’re supported by family or your steady foundations, which helps your day-to-day dealings. A passionate cycle begins on the weekend, improving the outlook on love even more!


The week opens on a romantic note, Virgo, as the moon moves through your relationship zones till Tuesday. Work life is flourishing, as the sun and Venus glide through the most productive area of your horoscope, and you could sense relationships are improving at your job or wherever you spend most of your time.

However intensity is promised midweek, as Wednesday and Thursday highlight a powerful conversation or exchange. You’ve been getting serious about your interests – romantic or perhaps talents you’ve been rediscovering, lately. It could be time to express yourself, though do go gently!

Mars has been powering through your communication zone, putting your focus on close, personal interactions and how you talk and learn. This is an area of growth for 2018, so spend the week sensitive around your delivery.


Enjoy yourself with others this week Libra. Your ruler, Venus, and the sun are now hanging out together in the most pleasurable place in your horoscope, which doesn’t happen too often. Allow yourself space to play. You’ve been focused on work and family life but this is your time to kick back and smile!

That’s not to say you should neglect your earnings; finances have been an area of growth for you since the back end of last year and you’ll continue to learn more about money and your personal capacity to contribute in 2018. Home is also on your mind, with an emotional and intense exchange possible around Wednesday. Be sure to take a pause on this day, which could offer clarity around your feelings or sense of security…


Enjoy home life and allow yourself to titivate your space, Scorpio. It’s a gorgeous time for family and to settle in your nest, however you’re still in adventure mode, so might not be able to get too comfortable!

Your ruler Mars will be in your sign until Friday, when he moves on to your wealth and confidence zone. Until the weekend, forge ahead with personal plans, taking action on the growth and new journey you’ve embarked upon. This week it’s likely you’ll gain great clarity around your personal skills and ways of relating to others; listen to your inner voice or to what’s being said by trusted friends on Wednesday and Thursday.

It’s a really powerful week for you to get clear and resolute on your skills, and your intention to learn, build and develop your connections.


A behind the scenes project or strides you’re making off the grid are having enormous repercussions around your sense of confidence or even your earning capacity, Sagittarius! Energizing Mars enters your sign on Saturday but till then, he’s completing his tour of your cathartic closure and healing zone. Bring your focus towards the work you’ve been accomplishing in private, progress that’s truly for you – it’s a theme that will continue throughout the year…

Close, friendly connection is highly favoured this week, as you’ve an easy sense of charm and diplomacy around your sense of self-expression. However Wednesday and Thursday are highly strung for all zodiac signs, so be sure to use tact during conversations – especially around income or how you expect to be compensated for your efforts.


It’s a good time for you to shine in your role, Capricorn, with others attracted to your confidence; it’s also a great week for social activities, as Mars is putting your focus on group and community endeavors till Saturday. He’ll then put the breaks on and urge you to rest and retreat, so use this week to re-energize new and growing friendships.

Thursday puts you at the center of your flourishing network, and urges you to speak up, however do be mindful around your sense of self expression. Chatty Mercury is sailing through your sign, inciting you to talk at will yet the planet of communication comes into exact alignment with power-monger Pluto on Wednesday.

When these two meet a fierce or dominant side could be expressed in conversation or an exchange – either yourself or someone you meet. Asserting your power is fine, but it’s easy to come on strong to others now too, so avoid a struggle of wills.


The spotlights on you Aquarius, with the sun and Venus dancing together in your sign – use it! We appear more attractive to others when Venus, astrological goddess of flirtation and appeal is in our corner, and she’s now in close quarters with the sun in your sign. If it’s your birthday this week lucky you!

No doubt life is pressing lift-off around your worldly path, with Mars and Jupiter boosting your public image and career. Perhaps you’re focusing on growing and expanding your place in the world, it’s more than possible now.

It’s also a time for transition, and you can allow your focus to settle around the shifts necessary to take you to the next level on Wednesday. Thankfully your professional plans or ambitious goals lend themselves perfectly to the transformation you’re looking to make. It’s a powerful week for clarity, so tune inwards, Aqua babe.


It’s a very good time to set-sail or press ‘go’ on your education, broadcasting or travel plans this week, Pisces. Life has been steering you towards an exciting venture since last fall and this week a conversation with a powerful associate could bring you the clarity you seek.

Community or your wider circles have been featuring significantly over Christmas, and it might be necessary to have an intense conversation with a friend or coworker on Wednesday, asserting your power or acknowledging their influence.

You’re in an excellent cycle to retreat and go off-grid too. You might fancy working in a quiet or secluded spot, or gravitate towards ultimate privacy now and in the weeks ahead. Let yourself incubate and rest my sweet. Career will require your attention and energy from Saturday so be at liberty to re-charge, dedicating your efforts to the career you’ve worked so hard towards.

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