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Weekly Horoscope – October 1st And The First Quarter Moon!

Planets in Libra and Capricorn produce tension and challenges to work with...

This week there’s tension between planets in Libra and planets in Capricorn.

On October 1st, Venus comes into tension with Pluto, then on Friday, the Moon joins Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (October 5th, 1.45 pm EST), putting greater focus on the issue over the weekend. Monday repeats the aspect, this time between the Sun and Saturn – all highlight the same square between the mid-degrees of Libra and Capricorn…

There’s a battle  for all of us in a certain area of life, as we try and enjoy engaging or relating, only to discover imposing restrictions in our way.

Now, read your horoscope by zodiac sign to discover more…


Tuesday, October 1st to Monday, October 7th, 2019


The Venus square Pluto aspect brings out tension in your relationships on October 1st, Aries. Not only does Libra represent your ‘other half’ but Venus governs your zone of partnerships. Pluto, now in your zone of reputation and public impression ties in themes around the image you’re known for in the world: your career path, ambitions, or choices made to come across in a certain way. This is an intense astrological aspect, so be extra mindful of your personal exchanges and partnerships, particularly at work. The same feeling is reignited over the weekend, so figure out tactics to navigate heated issues.


Venus is presently helping you feel good about work, health, and being generally productive, Taurus. However, on the 1st this planet of enjoyment and pleasure comes into tension with an intense astrological aspect. Saturn and Pluto in your zone of foreign connections, long-distance ties, broadcasting, expansion and growth experiences presents challenges, and you may be feeling a little pinched. Make note of how this plays out, since it will permeate the weekend and Monday, too. Perhaps you’re feeling like you can’t fit all you’d like into your schedule, as long-term projects demand your attention, or some other circumstances impact your day-to-day routine. Thankfully you’re ever so patient, sweet Bull.


Your love life is presently experiencing some intense astrological transits, Gemini! This could spell intense pressure, or, sexual intensity. Venus, planet of flirtation, pleasure, and indulgence, is now squaring Pluto, planet of depth, intimacy, and commitments. There are long-term plans in motion to invest in partnership (or turn your focus in this direction) but you’re also in a season to keep it fun and amicable! Navigate the forward thrust in the direction of romance and partnership, and try to take both perspectives seriously. Mercury makes his move into Scorpio on Thursday, allowing you to be practical and discerning about love and what comes next.


The tension that arises between Venus and Pluto occurs in your domestic, home-oriented zone of family life, and is connected to partners, key relationships and personal exchanges. Things could get emotional as you try to enjoy your surroundings, or talk about settling down, or household matters. The weekend also emphasizes this theme, with boundaries or firm blocks presented as you try to focus on plans for your home environments, parenting, or nesting – even DIY or decorating! You could also clash with an authority figure, or someone who likes to maintain control. This tense square could also play out if you’re having therapy or working with a coach.


You could now be engaging with your local environment Leo, thanks to the Sun’s tour of your third house of sibling connections, communication, and neighborhoods. It’s a time to level up how you relate to those around you, in your immediate environment, however there’s a caveat to your mingling. Saturn, planet of boundaries and restriction, comes into a harsh aspect to the Sun on Monday, and the run-up to this cosmic clash fares no easier. Long-term changes in health and lifestyle could seem to weigh heavy on your ability to enjoy yourself, as you step out to socialize, learn and develop your skills and close ties.


Venus in your house of wealth, work and income is encouraging you to spendearn, and think more about your position, Virgo. Full focus is on your role, what you do, and how you charge for the value you’re worth – consciousness is elevated around your material world. And yet planets in this lucrative zone are in conflict with those in your zone of fun projects, passion, children, and your creative output. You may have a certain plan, or circumstances that are draining you of money or pleasure, and this week could bring clarity or realizations as to what that really means. Rise above the issues that permeate your week, and rely on friends to bring you extra perspective from Thursday.


It’s a fortuitous time to beautify, feel good about yourself, and your personal appearances, Libra! And yet there’s a clash between Venus (in your sign) and Pluto (in your domestic quarters) resulting in a tense engagement at home, or within your surroundings. On the one hand you’re encouraged to put your best foot forwards, looking fabulous and acting with grace, smiles, and charm. Meanwhile, shifts and consequences in your environment, family, or emotional matters connected to parenting could be knocking you off balance. Find a way to keep gliding through life like a swan: smooth, poised, elegant but peddling hard against the current that’s underfoot.


Your need to isolate and pull back from the scene becomes intensified this week, as your ancient ruler Mars moves into Libra – and your quiet zone of escape and retreat – on Friday. Yet there’s a true sense of engagement, and shifts in communication and outlook that make it difficult to switch off, Scorpio. On the one hand you’re likely to feel keen to relate to those around you, on the other energy will be low. Balance is needed for all of us during Libra Season, but especially so for you my love. Hit the snooze button, and you can always call friends in your inner, close-knit circle at a later date. Or send a general update to them all from a far-flung location.


It’s a sociable time for Sagittarius, yet work and financial considerations loom large. Venus is now sparkling in your zone of groups, communities, industry peers, and the moves you make in your circle of friends. Meanwhile Saturn and Pluto weigh heavy in your wealth and income zone, giving you something to endure where your money, values, and earnings are concerned. Balance obligations among your company, as these two areas of life compete for attention: how you engage at a broader level in society, vs. how you feel good, productive and show your worth.


With Libra Season comes the opportunity to enjoy a moment in the spotlight, or greater focus on your path, purpose, and the impression you make in the wider world. How you come across – your public image, your profile, and ambitions for these areas – is in conflict now, Capricorn. You’re playing host to Saturn and Pluto, who are slowly, surely transforming you and what it is you’re about. Your very essence, ego, and physical incarnation is shifting into a new gear, so pay attention to where you’re headed. The demands of your career or worldly role might not align with who you are at your core, yet practice acceptance this week at the different sides of yourself.


Set your sights on special ventures, as the Sun’s tour of Libra broadens your outlook, and invites you to take pleasure in education, travel, or another experience teaching you something wonderful. Relish the growth that seeking delivers, which can involve peers, or those in your circle of friends. However, do take time to rest and recharge, Aquarius. With Saturn and Pluto slowly making their way through your zone of healing, surrender, and endings, it’s likely you’ve plenty to observe and let go of, including your need to be plugged in. If you’re able to escape on Saturday, this could be an incredibly good time to go inwards, and meditate if you can. Monday could be a struggle, so give yourself ample time over the weekend.


Your community, social circles, industry, or the platforms you engage with online could present tension or feel restrictive this week, Pisces. Venus and the Sun in Libra are boosting your attention on life’s more serious matters: intimacy, investments, shared spaces, or a contract. Finances or an important relationship (business or pleasure) could now be heightened, with friendships or peers adding to the intensity around your private life. Trust that the time you’ve spent recently establishing your union can weather the storm of any changes in the wider world, and don’t react unnecessarily to external shifts.

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