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Weekly Horoscope: September 17th, Last Quarter Moon…

Wave Goodbye To Virgo Season And Welcome A Breath Of Fresh Air!

Late Sunday, or early Monday morning depending on your time zone, the Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Air Sign Libra.

But before then – and the moment of Autumn Equinox in the northern hemisphere – there’s a lot of action in the earthly realms to relish…

Saturn appears direct (no longer retrograde!! Yippee) in Capricorn, while Mars syncs with Pluto in Capricorn.

As Virgo Season draws to a close there’s a deep shift to be felt around what we’ve been working hard towards. Progress is promised, with a light at the end of the tunnel – as long as we can maintain our vision!


Tuesday, September 17th to Monday, September 23rd, 2019


Say a big “yes” to driving ahead with career progress, and allowing ambitious plans to percolate like a strong, dark coffee, Aries. This week’s alignment of Mars and Pluto has you all fired up, and ready to show the world how productive, healthy and busy you can be! And your path is about to get a little easier, too, thanks to Saturn. On the downside, personal growth and your ability to learn and develop could feel hampered or deflated over the weekend, as a special journey you’re on seems to have had the wind taken out of its sails. Pause, sweet Ram. There’s a good dose of acceptance and surrender needed now, and you might need to retreat awhile. Not too long though, as other people Need You! Libra Season is already in motion, so partnership is an appealing prospect – now and more so from Monday! But woe betide anyone who interrupts business…


It’s an effective time to lend great momentum and drive to your personal quest, plans or vision, and yet you could be keen to crack on with the practicalities of such projects, Taurus. Be sure to trust the process, and let your journey evolve as it will. You’re now in an awesome position to ascertain shifts in perspective and thinking. Take time to acknowledge your outlook and connection before busying yourself with the tasks – particularly over the weekend! Cement your learnings… Social circles and the wider world could make it difficult to see a relationship for what it is over the weekend, too. While your sense of partnership has grown, take the pressure off private affairs and be willing to go with the flow. Life promises to get even busier next week!


Your investment in people, places or things turns a corner this week, Gemini. Your (home) environment, surroundings spaces or sense of place is the recipient of considerable attention now, and it’s proving to be a positive time to come together and progress… Pull back on Wednesday to tend to private matters. By Friday you’ll be ready for fun! Both Venus and Mercury are playfully sparkling in your romantic zone of love, passion, creativity, and enjoyment, so be sure to do something nice. Also expect to brush up against some intensity come Sunday, as Saturn’s heavy hand weighs down on your sprightly ruler, Mercury. Conversations could turn serious! You’ve been warned…


Relationships can begin to improve, with powerful shifts in your connection to others this week, Crabcake – business and pleasure. Reach out to local contacts, neighbors or your besties for Facetime, taking action in your one-to-ones; Thursday is particularly social, so make the effort to link up, or reintegrate among friends. Homelife is beginning to see signs of improvement, and you can increasingly focus on your sense of stability in weeks ahead (emotional and literal). A full schedule or health issues could feel overwhelming on the weekend, as your current busy spell clashes with a broader personal quest, project or venture. You may feel overworked, momentarily, so keep the faith and your momentum!


You’ve great prowess around your purpose, role, and work presently, as the stars have gathered momentum in your zone of productivity, Leo. Thursday’s a stellar day for your goals and ambitions, and you’ve all you need to progress with a structured routine straight ahead. Social connections and ties to your local neighborhood can now become more appealing; from Monday you can step out into your immediate surroundings to explore and plug in! The weekend has one drawback: intensity issues from this year remain. Your enthusiasm for love, romance, children or fun come up against some confusion, so take a pause to assess what’s real and imaginary – particularly when it comes to your commitments, investments, and sense of passion.


It’s one of those brilliant weeks when you can harness your energy and direct it towards the things you love, Virgo! Thursday is particularly inspiring, and you can be assured that personal interests are regaining serious momentum. Homelife could be the one to throw a spanner in the works over the weekend, as your emotions, domestic environment or family situation may deliver tension! Jupiter has delivered growth in your home zone but the foggy, confusing influence of Neptune could now throw off your ability to read situations clearly. It’s an assertive time for you, yet it’s likely you’re inclined to deal with things graciously, now – and yet playing nice could actually be the opposite of what’s needed… Consider your boundaries! Venus and Mercury have moved into your money-making sector, so while you can charm your way to a pay-rise in the weeks ahead the material realms could prove distracting…


Feel the final shifts of Virgo Season, as the Sun and Mars impact your zone of closure, rest and recuperation! It’s been quite a month for cathartic shifts, particularly in the domestic realms or in your immediate environment, Libra. Now, progress can resume within your home or emotional life. You can turn a corner from Monday, with the onset of your birthday month, but before then do focus on those final breaths of release and self-care, tackling any lingering, unresolved issues. The weekend asks you to focus on your health, habits and work situation but also invites you to connect with friends or explore new skills. You might need to consider your priorities and make a decision about what really needs to be done – and that might just be nothing!


It’s likely group or community activities are on your radar this week, Scorpio, with your two favorite planets conspiring for wonderfully welcome shifts. Mars and Pluto align in Earth, and the sectors that put you in touch with your peers, close friends or associates. Let social networking be a force for good, and note Thursday’s great for those important connections. In other news, Venus and Mercury have dipped into the dreamy realms of subconscious stirrings, soon to be joined by the Sun for a month-long stretch of introspection. Feel free to dial back from Monday the 23rd.


Stars align for progress in your practical, material, goal-oriented sectors this week Sagittarius, promising further shifts around your role, finances, and purpose. Make hay while the Sun shines in Virgo (and your career-zone of worldly accomplishments). Make note, however, that your ruler – Jupiter – comes into tension with Neptune on Saturday, a poignant moment to acknowledge your place and sense of stability. These two planetary forces have very different agendas, and you could find on the one hand you’re keen to feel settled, on the other, inclined to roam free… Venus and Mars are now twirling about in your zone of social engagements and friendly connection, and from Monday you’re inclined to enjoy a month of networking and community spirit!


Sweet relief for Capricorn: Granddaddy Saturn ceases its retrograde this week, promising progress and a steadier road ahead for Mountain Goats! Maintain your enthusiasm for personal plans, special ventures, and educational opportunities, catching the wave of energy that’s heading your way. The last few weeks have no doubt taught you plenty, and with Venus and Mercury now sparkling in your zone of fame and notoriety you’re being shown the next rung on the ladder! Be ready to ascend, as Monday signals a month to focus on your career, path or goals. You could now be prepping something big for 2020 – a journey or project that’s taking shape behind the scenes. On Sunday, this process could pose a bit of conflict in conversation, so be mindful when pushing ahead your agenda, Cap.


There’s a process going on with you, Aquarius, and most people won’t quite appreciate how deep the healing journey goes. Know that this week Saturn’s shift will help you move in the right direction; perhaps you’ll move into a new cycle, or leave behind bad habits; maybe you’ll let go of a relationship whose time is up, or you’ll truly begin to heal. Trust it’s going to get easier, and that you have the resources and relationships in place to get into gear. Venus and Mercury in your travel sector might be inspiring you to think about new plans, projects or ventures! From Monday you’ve got a month to engage with those further afield…


A pertinent issue from this year rears its head yet again this week, with the weekend making it clear to see. Your two cherished planets – Jupiter and Neptune – are at loggerheads, making your career or public persona compete with personal philosophies and your own identity. Try to accept the extra attention you’re receiving in the world, while integrating it with who you really are – take the filter off, Pisces! Relationships fare well this week, with a dynamic rapport among special members of your community. There could be a special person at work you’re getting on well with, or perhaps a love partnership is ready to progress to the next level… Venus and Mercury in your commitment zone say “yes”!

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