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Welcome To 2020 Vision!

Your guide to all the Full and New Moons in 2020...

As you might know, the New Moon and Full Moon are great opportunities to tune in, astrologically. While your horoscope is an awesome check-in, oftentimes it’s these two moments in the month that provide definitive turning points for action, or reflection.

Increasingly, I’ve seen people take note of these special monthly moments, and I wanted to help de-code the astrology behind these lunations.

So, you’ll find top line information (and a muse for the moon) on the 13 Full Moons and 12 New Moons of 2020, with exact lunation moments across eight different time zones, a deeper dive into each moon (including what exactly is happening), followed by understanding how and where these moon moments affect you on a personal level.

I’ve also included ways to record your thoughts, plans, and activities, so you can forecast your own year ahead around the lunar cycle, plus if that wasn’t enough a general guide to the moon’s phases and more.

I hope you enjoy, with love, light, sprinkles of stardust and moon magic,


Read more about each lunation…

Full Moon In Cancer, Friday, January 10th, 7.22 pm

New Moon In Aquarius, Friday, January 24th, 9.42 pm

Full Moon In Leo, Sunday, February 9th, 7.33 am

New Moon In Pisces, Sunday, February 23rd, 3.32 pm

Full Moon In Virgo, Monday, March 9th, 5.48 pm

New Moon In Aries, Tuesday, March 24th, 9.28 am

Full Moon In Libra, Wednesday, April 8th, 3.35 am

New Moon In Taurus, Thursday, April 23rd, 3.26 am

Full Moon In Scorpio, Thursday, May 7th, 11.45 am

New Moon In Gemini, Friday, May 22nd, 6.39 pm

Full Moon In Sagittarius, Friday, June 5th, 8.12 pm

New Moon In Cancer, Sunday, June 21st, 7.41 am

Full Moon In Capricorn, Sunday, July 5th, 4.44 am

New Moon In Cancer, Monday, July 20th, 5.33 pm

Full Moon In Aquarius, Monday, August 3rd, 4.58 pm

New Moon In Leo, Wednesday, August 19th, 3.42 am

Full Moon In Pisces, Wednesday, September 2nd, 6.22 am

New Moon In Virgo, Thursday, September 17th, 12.00 pm

Full Moon In Aries, Thursday, October 1st, 10.05 pm

New Moon In Libra, Friday, October 16th, 8.31 pm

Full Moon In Taurus, Saturday, October 31st, 2.49 pm

New Moon In Scorpio, Sunday, November 15th, 5.07 am

Full Moon In Gemini, Monday, November 30th, 9.30 am

New Moon In Sagittarius, Monday, December 14th, 4.17 pm

Full Moon In Cancer, Wednesday, December 30th, 3.38 am.

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