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A Yoga Sequence For Leo…

Find balance within your astrological pose in this video, and see the stars and body align...

Playful Leo Governs Children And Creativity…

Fire sign Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and is governed by the Sun.

This is the astrological sign most aligned with playful creativity, warm leadership, and consistent faith. See all the posts on Leo, here.

Leo is the sign of the regal lion, and its correlation with the body – the astrological parts of the body ruled by Leo – are the spine, backbone and heart.

A Yoga Sequence for Leo Season

Watch the video for tips on the best ways to harness the qualities of Leo in your yoga practice…

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This is the sign of the lion, so the ideal pose focuses on the spine – sun salutations are also a firm favourite!

Yoga For Leo – Lion’s Pose!

An excellent way to improve circulation in the face – and keep the dramatic expressions coming – Leo’s yoga pose is the lion.

Lowering the jaw, eyes open wide, opening the mouth as wide as possible, stretch the tongue out and curl its tip down toward your chin.

Focus your eyes in between your eyebrows, and on elongating the spine.

While hands are resting on thighs, extend the fingers out long and strong, like claws.

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