Astrology for the aesthetically inclined. Fashion, beauty and adornment with celebrity zodiac signs.

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The purpose of a personal astrology consultation is to facilitate an environment for you to explore the celestial impact and wider meaning around present circumstances.

We can:

  • focus on better understanding your birth or natal chart,
  • look at current astrological transits and timing – what’s affecting you now, the cycle you’re in and what it’s good for, and how long the current conditions will be in play,
  • emphasise a particular area of discussion, for example career and vocation, love and relationships, your personal need or communication blocks, or aspects of your character you find hard to understand,
  • explore how you show up in the world in terms of dress and physical appearance, branding and impression,
  • look at locational astrology and how your current place of residence affects your current experience.

You’re welcome to submit as much or as little information ahead of our meeting as you’d like, simply follow the booking procedure, clicking your desired date to connect via the calendar below.

Please note!

You are wholly responsible for the recording of your session, which is conducted via Skype. I recommend using the voice memo app on iPhones or testing out a way to record beforehand. We can use video or audio calls.
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Events And Group Readings

Use the art of astrology as a fun focal point for your next event or gathering.

Perfect to accompany a launch party, ladies lunch, bachelorette or festival, I can talk individuals through their personal horoscope or present the styles of the star signs. Offering a deeper look at the zodiac, I can give a light look at the stars, or reveal a much more complex side to the subject.

Whether you choose mini readings, an inclusive overview or a group dynamics analysis individual, printed reports can be provided.

Price Available On Request.

Email with details of your event, including location and an estimate of attendees.

Note: Kimberly is primarily available In Hong Kong – or keep in touch to hear about travel dates.


You can look up your natal chart absolutely Free Of Charge here.

A visual interpretation of the heavens at your moment of birth, this astrological tool reveals the planet’s positions that can be further interpreted by yourself or an astrologer.

Provide your time, date and place of birth.

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