Astrology Readings At Clockenflap Music Festival…

A totally celestial theme for the 2015 Clockenflap Festival ~ It’s COSMIC!

The Hong Kong crew might have heard of the 852’s most popular cultural event and music festival – Clockenflap!

The 2015 theme was ‘The Cosmic and the Communal’ and revellers will have found me in none other than::


The caravan offers audiences an entirely free of charge cosmic consultation! Enter one at a time, and find yourself face to face with a crystal-swinging-future-seeing mystic (including your truly!)

Divine your future at the Gypsy Caravan…



Find me in the Healing Fields…


Proper Gypsy…

This was just the best experience, and such a treat to enjoy music from legends and new talent! Hopefully you’ll catch me again next year!

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What Is SO COMIC? So Much!!

Earth Wind and Fire…

This lot are just missing water to make up the astrological elements ~ maybe I’ll join them as their water babe?!

Flying Lotus

Zodiac Shit (from the album Cosmograma) is the shit.

Mercury Rev

I’m dying to know if one of these fellas is Gemini / Virgo. Grasshopper says,

“Mercury Rev is a name that does not really mean anything. We just liked the juxtapostion of the two words. Mercury as in the planet or alchemy or also a US-made automobile…and rev as in ‘reving’ or steping on the accelerator of a car. Also, in french rev means dreams, or rev as short for revolution (spinning in circles). So it has many different meanings on many levels, as do many of our lyrics.”
The name came along during the band’s early days when they’d record at their college’s studio. “Every time Jon would come into the studio, whatever band name was on the track sheet the last time was scratched out and some other name would be there instead,” Fridmann recalls. “Eventually ‘Mercury Rev’ appeared – I’m not even sure that name came from us – and it kept staying.”

Sun Kil Moon

27th -29th November 2015 (Friday to Sunday)

Venue West Kowloon Cultural District.

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