Jupiter In Pisces! Develop Your Big, Boundless Dreams…

The Gas Giant is preparing to move into Pisces – how can you Get Ready?

Jupiter In Pisces – Mystical, Dreamy, Illustrious And Illusionary..!

On May 13th, 2021 Jupiter sailed into watery Pisces, to stay in its sign of domicile until July 27th 2021.

  • Jupiter into Pisces: May 13th 2021 6.37 pm EDT
  • Jupiter Retrograde In Pisces: June 20th 2021, 11.05 am EDT – 02º11′
  • Jupiter into Aquarius: July 28th 2021, 8.43 am EDT
  • Jupiter in Pisces: December 28th 2021, 11.10 pm EST.

Remember, Jupiter is the biggest planet in our Solar System – Jupiter is MASSIVE, HUGE, GIANT, LARGE, BOUNTIFUL, BENEVOLENT and GENEROUS, so this transit bears gifts!!

TV Shows for this transit include Euphoria, Inventing Anna and The Tinder Swindler

What does it hold in store for you?



Jupiter dips into your secretive twelfth house of charity, closure, escapism and spiritual surrender, so make room in your world for generous respite – and a gentle retreat toward your inner world of dreams.

With your ruling planet Mars in nostalgic, sentimental Cancer (and your fourth house), home life, family and notions of nurture are prominent too.

Actively pursue comfort, and envelop yourself with nourishment and compassion; self-care starts with you…

There’s an emotional overtone (or undertow), courtesy of Mars, Jupiter and Neptune sparkling in the more sensitive sectors of your horoscope as Jupiter begins its tour; for you, Aries, the gas giant can draw on your intuition and inner knowledge.

Unknowable mysteries may present themselves, prompting you to develop tools for acceptance. There’s the potential to highlight the way you’re selfless, loosing yourself in finding a path to genuine altruism; healing yourself and another, checking out with art. music, substances, or spirituality.

Allow the wonders of the world to capture your imagination over the coming two and a half months, open to experiences that prove you know nothing!

As we can’t really set sail or travel understand another culture, philosophy or religion – a specialist subject that’s piqued your interest, and grapple with your personal blind spot…

The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what you might devote yourself to in 2022…


Jupiter dips into your friendly eleventh house of community, boosting humanitarian hopes you hold dear in the months ahead, perhaps the way you get involved with charities and causes!

Make room in your world for new acquaintances, or projects that bring you together with peers and kindred spirits – and expect team spirit to flourish!

Your capacity to communicate in ways that are sensitive yet assertive are now in mind, thanks to Mars in Cancer (in your third house), so initiate contact!

A sociable spell is written in the stars, as Jupiter dips his toe in watery Pisces and your zone of networking and friendly allies, signalling a boost in ways you come together with your circle and crew for sweet moments.

Jupiter teams up illustrious Neptune, heralding good times within a group setting (perhaps you will let go of control, blurring the boundaries between “me and my life”, and collective interests, favouring togetherness).

While it may be a great time to get on board with gatherings and increased social opportunities do be careful not to wander too far and get lost in the crowd (Coronavirus still exists!!), illusions and delusion floods us as well as magical opportunities to commune among friends and cheerleaders…


Jupiter soars to the top of your horoscope, Gemini – your tenth house of fame, notoriety, visibility and accomplishments, signalling a time to take what you know and blossom – potentially as an expert (or authority) in the world at large!

Some of your greatest ambitions may feel they’re getting closer, as this lucky planet helps set your sights higher, toward your goals and aspirations….

Over the last year you may have been on a journey that’s now evolving into something potentially prolific!

Success & rewards are yours to claim, thanks to Mars in Cancer (in your second house) creating revenue streams or ensuring material security is part of the package.

With Jupiter in the highest house of your horoscope, visibility may be boosted, notoriety and ambition too.

The gas giant can launch you onto your vocational path and help you soar in your career or trade.

Sail confidently in professional waters, as your reputation and worldly aspirations are elevated with this expansive influence in your tenth house – particularly in artistic fields, or alternative healing modalities: yoga teacher, photographer, psychologist, nurse, musician or priest! Make an impression that’s selfless, using intuition to guide you.

The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what you might devote yourself to in 2022…


Jupiter soars through your visionary ninth house of knowledge, wisdom and higher thought, signalling a wondrous time to lean into your imagination, faith and personal projects that warrant or require a boost!

You have an open window to broaden your horizons, and thankfully with Mars in your sign you’re ready to press go, full of energy…

Whether you’re keen to travel or explore another culture or belief system, a region, philosophy or specialist subject – or publish your thoughts and findings – now is the time to start to inch closer to your dreams…

Journal, broadcast, or sign up to an educational track, truth seeking and truth speaking with an inspiring perspective.

For you, Cancer, the gas giant can draw on a quest to know more, or develop your very own beliefs and moral code; what do you consider to be just and fair? What influences have helped you come to terms with your faith?

The optimistic planet of personal development ushers in rapid growth and opportunities. Set sail – literally or metaphorically!

Expand on interests that you’ve been aware of for some time that require extra attention, subjects that inspire you & others – share wisdom already amassed! The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what you might devote yourself to in 2022…


Jupiter dips into your eighth house of investments, legacies and bonds. Make room to deepen your commitments and touch on vulnerabilities, considering how you might follow through with the support or input of others.

Mars has dipped behind the curtain into your restful twelfth house of healing and rejuvenation, suggesting energy is a little low key, and, that your efforts are now well directed to the more surreptitious affairs, tackling unconscious behaviours or habits that aren’t doing you any good.

Identify loyal friends, or those that have played a part this year that are reliable, to help you on your path…

For you, Leo, the gas giant can draw on your fears and the way you make yourself and your resources (money, energy or time) available to partners.

Grapple with ways you might share or pledge what you have, to arrive at a mutually beneficial outcome, or to see your legacy (or inheritance) flourish.

Return to familiar practices that help you surrender, knowing what works for you and who warrants your loyalty – no need to be all-inclusive in your private life, see where the lines are blurred…

Consider incoming circumstances refreshment for your soul… The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what you might devote yourself to in 2022…


Jupiter dips into your opposite sign and elevates your gaze around the ways you might collaborate, partner (romantically or in business or platonic settings) or team up and involve a plus one. Bolster the attention you lavish on your counterparts!

Make room in your world for relationships to blossom, particularly if you’re looking for love or to marry “the one” – or expect your other half to feature largely… This transit can help develop greater awareness and experiences with others, so open your door to all kinds of unions…

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It’s also possible to plan a celebration in the months ahead, wedding nuptials to honour togetherness! Plan an event for another, a birthday or funeral…

Jupiter shifts into Pisces – and your house of partners – making it one of the most significant days of the year!

For you, Virgo, the gas giant appears across the horizon, elevating your awareness around a significant other, or notions of intimate relationships.

There’s a window of opportunity for social occasions thanks to Mars in Cancer in your eleventh house, with focus around special, endearing friends within your community with buoyant Jupiter in your 7th house.

Anticipate how you might grow (together) – the year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what – or who – you might devote yourself to in 2022…


Jupiter dips into your streamlined sixth house of daily duty, health and wellness signalling a time of growth at work, in your approach to employment matters (and employers), managing your habits and overall wellbeing.

Note that in weeks ahead you may become increasingly enthused bringing order to your schedule (and those around you). It can be a positive time for getting your world in order, particularly to enhance the way you’re seen…

With Mars in Cancer – and your aspirational tenth house of ambition, notoriety, public image and professional life – you could be driving ahead to accomplish something significant, and get ahead. Now, consider what might create a sense of fitness to be able to more easily reach your goals? [fit for the task and you calling].

A practical, productive overtone (or undertow) prevails courtesy of Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in the more capable sectors of your horoscope.

For you, Libra, the gas giant can draw on your organizational skills and aptitude, healthy living – and boosting efficiencies you’re able to make. Note positive habits and working practices, with the largest planet now in your house of ritual, purification, and daily life.

Consider where you’re best employed and useful, and devote yourself to lifestyle practices that enable you to feel at your optimum in your position. This trend toward staying well is a preview of what you might tend to in 2022…


Jupiter dips into fellow water sign Pisces, and your fun fifth house of fertility, personal passion, and gratification, signalling a window to enhance playful creativity and to romance yourself!

Indulge in those things that bring ultimate joy and let love rule as this ‘lucky’ planet graces your house of pleasure – be sure to look further afield for inspiration, as your ruling planet Mars presently appears in Cancer.

This suggests that you’re pursuing interests, adventures or specialist subjects that take you outside yourself, and your usual environment.

For you, Scorpio, the expansive gas giant can create a lust for life and invigorate your sexuality, your passionate side, and elevate what you might do to find enjoyment as an extension of yourself – perhaps pregnancy is on the cards or your own children bring out a sense of play!

Explore mediums for artistic expression, and your desires…

Do cast your gaze toward people, places and things that open your mind and allow your heart to burst wide open thanks to a journey, cultural pursuit or educational path – even your religion, faith or opening the spiritual floodgates may help you enjoy your affections and heartfelt pleasure.

Remind yourself that your sex and happiness is our birth right – God given!

The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what you might devote yourself to in 2022…


Jupiter–your ruling astrological guide and lucky star–dips into Pisces and your fourth house, heralding a window to devote yourself to domesticity, nesting, parenting or encouraging you to sink deeply into your home and the past…

There’s a generous chance drop anchor, expanding on your roots, and with Mars in comfort-driven Cancer you could be eager to commit to people or circumstances that help you feel even more secure!

Make space to deepen your loyalties and sense of place, turning towards important people or arrangements that tether you emotionally and literally.

An emotional overtone (or undertow), courtesy of Mars, Jupiter and Neptune in the more sensitive sectors of your horoscope,

Make space to nurture yourself and others – perhaps working in the capacity of ‘caretaker’ or tending to the office kitchen, as optimist Jupiter dives into watery Pisces and your hidden house of home. This is a significant and illustrious spell, which also sees your commitments heightened, too!

Planets in the water signs steer you to consider where you settle & stand, and your relationship to the past: your lineage, parents & domestic environment – why some things feel comfortable and others are unsettling to you. Perhaps you’ll see sense in a certain house hold arrangement, and make a move…

The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what you might devote yourself to in 2022…


Jupiter dips into sociable seas until July 27th, appearing in Pisces and your third house of kindred spirits, skills building and curiosity. In the coming weeks, pay attention to those around you, notice new relations and friends to add to your inner circle!

As Mars now appears in your opposite sign, Cancer, you might be feeling brave about initiating contact, or find you’re coming head to head with key people on your horizon. Perhaps there are issues in your neighbourhood or a reason to mobilise and pick up proficiencies that will help you navigate…

For you, Capricorn, the gas giant can elevate your connection to those in local areas and improve communication skills, helping you blossom as a key figure in the discourse, conversation or your neighborhood – or among siblings!

The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what you might devote yourself to in 2022.

Engage with those in your surroundings, focused on partners, and explore your options, asking others to meet for tea – or simply pick up the phone! Use your voice!


Jupiter dips into your second house of self-worth until July 27th, signalling a boost to your role and income, or even another revenue stream to devote yourself to!

Perhaps interest around what you can do – what you’re capable of – will swell, with opportunities for your net worth or personal value on the up and up, potential to increase your wealth…

With Mars in Cancer you’ll be able to streamline with efficiency and bring order and organized sentiments to plans and projects.

Look ahead and get current with your material world, financial position, role and contribution–all hold prominence, as well as lending energy to work, wellbeing & daily duties that prove lucrative. Don’t sleep on this one, Aqua!

For you, Aquarius, the gas giant can expand your earnings or bolster interest around what you do – how you make a living or find yourself rewarded for your input and contribution.

This sense of self-worth may not solely be monetary – there may be an artistic or charitable lens to look through

The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so adjust your sails and steer your gaze to find fortune and lucrative opportunities! Consider this a preview of what’s to come…


Your traditional ruler, Jupiter dips into your sign signalling a new beginning – and fresh start to veritably blossom!

See this as a window of potential to embody wisdom, knowledge and embark on great feats of interest – and with Mars in Cancer get creative!

You can soft launch a venture now, road test any big plans, or take the first, steps on a big journey! If you’ve been developing, gestating or preparing (or studying) somewhat hidden from view come out of your shell…

A new chapter, think of setting sail, Pisces, and consider this a preview of what’s to come in 2022, when this large, entrepreneurial, educating risk taker [Jupiter] moves permanently into Pisces (well, until May 2022!).

Generally speaking, focus on your own passions and priorities, thanks to Mars, Jupiter and Neptune activating your solo potential.

The gas giant can propel you into feats of great interest and success, and broaden your outlook; the planet of education, travel and risk-taking, you could find it easier to consider a leap of faith!

Turn the page, claim a fresh start with high hopes – though know you will get a second bite of the apple as 2022 begins. If it’s time to start anew on your own, or present the real you – or a facet of yourself – be confident (jubilant!)

The year concludes with Jupiter permanently entering Pisces so consider this a preview of what you might devote yourself to… [Have a baby, be single, sign up to college, start the business, go travelling, take the first step…]

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