Future Forecast: Your Pluto In Aquarius Horoscope…

Discover key dates for the transit of dwarf planet Pluto through this air sign!

Scroll down for your Pluto in Aquarius horoscope by sign…

A major shift occurs with Pluto’s move into Aquarius!

Although the tiny planet only spends until June 11th here (re-entering Aquarius for the final time in October 2024), we’re afforded a taste of Plutocracy in this scientific air sign.

We might ask ourselves “who rules the airwaves, digital spaces and outer space?”

As Pluto can be shadowy and reveal hidden agendas, we might see networks crashing, private data harnessed, or Tech Bros stepping up and into greater power!

Perhaps we’ll lift the curtain on UFO research, with a reveal about alien lifeforms… More machines will lead us to purify and detoxify our air, new communities will be established with revolutions underway!

Here are the dates:


  • enters Aquarius 23rd March 2023 (00º00′)
  • Stations Retrograde 2nd May 2023 (00º21′)
  • re-eneters Capricorn 11th June 2023 (29º59′) 5.35 pm AWST / 10.35 am BST
  • Stations Direct 11th Oct 2023 (27º53’ Capricorn) 2.10 am BST
  • re-enters Aquarius 21st Jan 2024 (00º00′) 12.56 am UT
  • Stations Retrograde 2nd May 2024 (02º06′) 6.47 pm BST
  • re-eneters Capricorn 2nd September 2024 (29º59′) 12.57 am BST
  • Stations Direct 12th October 2024 (29º38′ Capricorn) 1.32 am BST
  • re-enters Aquarius: 20th Nov 2024 (00º00′).

There’s a lot of back and forth between the last degrees of Capricorn, and the first few of Aquarius…

While Pluto in Capricorn exposed Capricorn’s R. Kelly and Ghislaine Maxwell, this tour might see some Aquarius come to trial!

Here are some major aspects that will occur…

  • Saturn in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius (05º09′) March 28th 2026 7.55 pm UT
  • Uranus in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (04º29′) July 18th 2026 3.20 am BST
  • Jupiter in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius (04º26′) July 20th 2026 2.55 pm BST
  • Neptune in Aries sextile Pluto in Aquarius (04º20′) July 24th 2026 4.55 pm BST
  • Saturn in Taurus square Pluto in Aquarius (08º23′) June 24th 2028 4.20 am BST
  • Jupiter in Libra trine Pluto in Aquarius (06º32′) September 24th 2028 7.18 pm BST
  • Saturn in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius (13º29′) June 11th 2031
  • Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Aquarius (14º50′) February 4th 2033 9.48 pm UT

Your Pluto In Aquarius Horoscope…


Be ready to transform your social influence and online clout Aries! See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul dealings with community and societies at large.

Look to common goals, aspirations you have for the human race – hopes and dreams for all might be intensified… Groups and networks may stand out; life in a communal, municipal setting can be underscored; a union or industry objective may have a stronger sway… There may be a few trolls, toxic associations or friendships! Despite your capacity to be inclusive, a fellowship could present frustrations. Be inspired by social interactions, see people (and friends) in power and consider you may be one of those shifting an industry agenda.

Look humanitarian goals, and pay attention to your outlook as an audience member, crew mate or ally (including digitally, or in terms of technology and online mediums).

Contemplate causes and social order – what’s important for you and your peers?

Imagine long-term plans for your people, wondering how you might be resolute about the group consensus, and note what’s ready to be revealed about digital networks, too… ‘Team spirit’ could look very different in two decades!


Be ready to transform your outward facing image, your public profile and the way the world sees you, personally or in a professional arena.

See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul your direction and ambitions, your status and reputation!

Look to your future goals and avenues you’re taking that end in ‘success’ or validation according to you and those whose opinion you respect.

You might rise up and into prominence, overcoming a challenge in your work life, or around your position of authority… 

Note your relationship to those higher up on the ladder, and what you hope to accomplish through perseverance, determination and your own hard work.

Pluto’s move into your tenth house can signal a time to touch on where you’re headed, and that could have everything to do with a spouse and their sense of accomplishment, too.

Perhaps outwardly you’re seen on the arm of someone powerful, or maybe you’ll shift into single status and back again in a profound way over the coming years!

As Pluto moves into your vocational sector, contemplate your career and personal aspirations. Who do you want to be seen as?

The next two decades could see you step up into power, and might also reveal shadows, corruption and the dark side of people who are ambitious or linked to your path in the public eye. You may have to overtake others…

You might enter into a position of prominence that sees you deal with folk that are wealthy, or could have a brush with authority figures which has you re-evaluating what success means to you truly and honestly…


Be ready to transform your global position and your outlook on culture and foreigners.

See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul dealings with those based internationally, and your approach to international affairs!

Align with powerful people globally, overhauling your understanding of what is ‘right’ or wrong, and contemplate the way you encounter folk from a totally different social scene, background or start in life.

Look to your own education and a course of study, travel or philosophy. Wisdom and moral undertakings, political views, religion, and a profound search to alchemize your truth can push you to go even further than you thought possible, on a quest to know and understand…

A specialism or place can become an obsession, or freedom to think and explore a compulsion!

Perhaps you’re drawn to go deep into research about an interest.

Opportunities to publish, broadcast and share your views with the world may be met with enthusiasm yet you could also find fierce foes or opponents are willing to stand up for their beliefs too, therefore you might like to become allied with groups or schools who agree with your philosophy…

Look to be enlightened! There may be educational gifts people bestow on you, thanks to a totally alternative standpoint – you might want to convert (religions) for a spouse, or fight for someone important, raising important issues in a legal sense.

You can work hard to know more about societies around the world, paying attention to your dealings with those that are different to you.


Be ready to transform your understanding of intimacy, close bonds and investments. See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul dealings with other people, and the resources they (and you) have to share. Trust issues may force you to encounter the darker side of life, with this powerful planet’s move into your eighth house of mortality and fears, so see what’s between you and outside parties is ‘above board’ and kosher.

Financial negotiations, applying for a loan, getting expert advice to safe guard your future interests may be pertinent, as you inch toward a new chapter for commitments and long-term security. Note contracts that bind or tie you in…

With Pluto in the sector that rules shared assets, you could be dealing with what’s owned (or owed) by you and a partner.

It may seem you’re faced with an alliance who ‘holds the cards’; don’t shy away from asking the question “who holds the reigns of power?”

Spending from a joint account, a joint mortgage or jointly held assets (and co-parenting your kids) could be intense; be mindful not to be lured into underhand schemes or deals that are too good to be true! Deep dive into money matters, willing to master financial issues, including taxes, inheritance, loans or mortgages. Confront your own mortality, and what kind of a legacy you’ll leave in the ‘ever after’.

Investments and protecting your money, passive income and ways to profit through partnerships is something to be slowly explored over time.

There may be brutal revelations around lending money, your property or possessions, as you unify and merge what you have, loan or commit a sum of cash. Be mindful of pledges, and find you can gain control of what’s borrowed or expected of you.


Be ready to transform your intimate relationships and unions. See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul dealings with a partner or spouse, and even enter into therapy to broach one-to-ones! Look to unearth truths about a marriage, or your approach to key individuals in your midst, and note a competitive slant to those you meet or encounter at a personal level.

There may be an opportunity to recognise where other people bring out the worst in you. Sensing faults in others could be the darker side of yourself (i.e. a sense others are jealous could be your envy!) Pluto in your opposite touches your marriage vows and platonic relationships.

You may encounter the dark side of life (and death) through a partnership, forcing you to grapple with power dynamics.

You may attract powerful people, or find yourself obsessive and seduced or captivated, personally or professionally. Common people (and your audience) and the way you see certain strangers or family members may be intensified too.

One-on-ones won’t consistently spell drama, but expect times over the next two decades that impress a struggle between you and a significant other.

Note the introduction of powerful people to work with, people who are corrupt or above the law, or, domineering types.

Perhaps you’ll find the area of ‘relationships’ tough to face, as people that you encounter may bring extremes that are uncomfortable.

If you tend to work with clients at a very personal level or in an intimate setting you may find you have to take a step back until you’re able to face your own shadow side. Issues of control and dominance could be exposed through a partner!


Be ready to transform your health, routines and approach to wellbeing and employment.

See the next two decades as a stretch to overhaul what you do day-to-day – as a consistent practice or scheduled maintenance!

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Look to unearth the truth about your body, constitution, how you approach work life, your job, chores or habits.

There may be an opportunity for a major lifestyle change. Sense what must be purged or eradicated.

Now in your sixth house, Pluto also touches the relationships you have with hired help, assistants, ‘servants’ and those sent to support you.

It’s on you to identify what could be subbed out or completed by someone else.

Employers and employees, doctors, hairdressers, a PA, accountant, web support or dog walker could all be pertinent in due course, so be kind to those who may be useful to you, or see you as a useful friend! There will be facets of your professional life that must be altered and changed for maximum efficiency.

Broach the truth of your lifestyle, what you really do that serves you and others. Take a look at your work life, physical constitution, diet and be prepared to be wrong!

You may be doing a lot correctly, yet trust the universe will always want to reveal more. Listen to advice on organisation, systems and admin. Be mindful of toxic people in your office or regimes that are wearing on you!


Be ready to transform your personal interests, passion projects, talents and creative output. See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul your dealings in the arts, love, sex and fertility! Look to your own happiness, what you’ve created and might conceive, with greater intensity around the issue of pregnancy and your kids.

You may find a stronger sway moves you to protect what you love and adore.

Lord of the Underworld, Pluto is the ancient God that presides over the shadowy areas of life. Now in your sector of self-expression, sexuality and playmates, you may find you’re in the grip of a great love story. There may be an obsessive quality to dating, mating, procreating and finding the one, or, you may encounter the darker side of life through playmates.

Your children or affections for a mate may bring out a controlling side to you, best dealt with in psychotherapy or detaching for psycho analysis.

What feels good to you now might undergo a profound shift over the next two decades, so contemplate how and who you cherish and adore.

Deep dive into hobbies, your passions or find you’re compelled to express who you are in an artistic medium (including online, through your social media presence, or putting yourself forward for projects that showcase your natural talents (and build them more!)

Pluto taps into entertainment, recreation, your sense of joy and what you experience as fun. Consider games or team sports you like, and how you might make space in a professional setting for your interests (& leisure).

You might go to the extreme for the arts, sacrificing something to get what you want or do what you want. Getting your own way may become important!


Be ready to transform your foundations, security, stability and home life.

See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul your base, and the way you approach property issues, where you live and settle.

You may be forced to encounter the darker side of life through your land or space, or through family issues, potentially drawing on your survival instincts. Perhaps you’re ready to go back to your homeland to rake over ancient history, which could be fuel to see you rise from the ashes, stronger.

Consider your roots and origins. A parent relationship or your own parenting style may bring out a controlling side to you, best dealt with in psychotherapy or detaching for psychoanalysis. The loss of a caretaker may now be ready to be faced, or coming to terms with your lineage may be an intense issue (including sensing the way you are physically or personally thanks to the imprint your elders have left on you).

Be reminded that friends can be family, that you can make your own family of choice through non-blood ties that are just as important as the family line you’re born into.

The area of property and nurturing may feature over the next two decades, with the potential to work in renovation, the transformation or sales of homes, or, you may be fighting for your right to live and reside somewhere (protecting those under your roof).

Housing, building a home or understanding your heritage, ancestry and shifting your understanding of the past, empowering yourself by safe guarding yourself in your space may be thematic too. You might find you’re keen to control familiar environments, setting yourself up so you have maximum security measures in place. Question who has control or holds the reins of power under your roof…


Be ready to transform your mindset and understanding of communications with those around you. See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul dealings with close ties and folk in your environment. Neighbourhood dealings, familiar people, relatives and local hangouts may feature. Pay attention to people just like you.

Look to those you happen to find yourself among. Work on communication skills! Note the issue of learning, teaching, speaking, writing and language.

Rapport might be intensified with associates and colleagues, cousins, or folk in your social scene. Pull back the curtain of difficult conversations.

What you say and mean may be loaded, with lessons around social causes (i.e. pronouns or political choices, racism, body shaming etc).

Over the coming two decades you can potentially master an authenticity in the way you relate, with a far more genuine way to convey what you mean…

Even folk on your commute or shared spaces at work could be pertinent, with a conflict or power struggle. A cousin or sibling may present hidden agendas, or those that feel as familiar as a brother or sister may present an unjust side of life. There’s a chance to meet powerful types in your area. But also to encounter corruption or domineering, extreme friends.

You might come to know the power of your words, how what you say impacts others. Societal issues and entitlement can be touched upon in your inner circle.

Pluto in your third house offers the opportunity to find your voice. However, it could also be challenging, as you discover the shadow side to what’s said and inferred.

There’s a chance to understand the nuances when you speak up, message or make a statement.

Close kin may be competitive, a brother figure may push back! 


Be ready to transform your role and understanding of what you do, your value, ways you’re effective and appreciated! See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul your own worth.

Look to the position you have that’s potentially valuable or profitable. Money, wealth, riches and power are significant. You might not be able to turn away from the power a paycheque has over you! Although uncomfortable, you may become acquainted with theft or errors around digital banking or online currencies…

You might also wield power through your assets or a sum accumulated. Perhaps you’re in a position to help those in society that need a helping hand…

You might have a practical part to play in the transformation of social spheres – communities, groups and societies.

Perhaps you can manage human interests from a business perspective. Note a community role you could step into. Find you’ve value showing up for everyman (i.e. old folk in your area, your network). Consider what having ‘more’ than the next person gives you? Can you ‘pass it on’ for the greater good?

With Pluto in your sector of earnings and income, making a living may hold a tight grip!

You may wrestle with what you have, what you deserve, or what’s coming to you. Look to what you can make or build in the future.

A loss of potential earnings may have to be navigated. Personal investments and the value around your assets might be something you become obsessed with!


Be ready to transform who you are inwardly (and outwardly). Take a stark glance at power: your own power, clout and how you operate in power dynamics. Assess the moments when you’re powerless. Where do you give your power away? The next two decades could see you overcome domineering characters or situations! You may change your look to be more in control!

See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul your sense of self, your identity and image. You may even be dealing with a personal reckoning and identity crisis!

Perhaps your physical self will require a transformation. Shift into a more empowered state, even if you’re far from it in your body. Your mind may need to take the steering wheel!

Perhaps your capacity to influence others will alchemise. A controlling side may be revealed.

It may be your time to rebuild. Start thinking about how you want to rise up, stepping into a true and authentic version of you.

Will others stand by loyally if you speak and affirm your truth? Perhaps you’ll lose a few false friends if your dark side is revealed. Be prepared to shine a light on the shadows, and let the chips fall where they may. Be sure to soften around those you don’t want to give up…

You may step into a digital, technical or scientific role or see more control if operating in this space. Find greater instincts around decision making and ‘making the call’.

Perhaps you’ll brush up against corruption and find you’re fighting unethical, dishonest folk. Or, if you’ve been shady may get pulled up on untoward behaviours… 


Be ready to transform your approach to closure, endings and loss. Take space to explore buried facts, your own hidden depths and blind spot!

See the next 20 years as a stretch to overhaul dealings within (down deep) …

You may undergo a situation that pushes you to your limits. A charitable feat could draw on your selfless side. For example, tending to a family member, your kids, or even being of service in a professional sense. Perhaps you’ll work more with death, nursing or looking out for someone vulnerable.

A mysterious situation, superstition, or many secretive sagas may play out, prompting you to uncover a need to heal…

Be open to what wants to come up for air!

Ready yourself for great shifts and awakenings, around power and control issues that are well concealed… While you may be stronger and wiser for going through this ‘dark night of the soul’, there’s bravery required upfront. You’re being called to face your fears and allow a spiritual solution to fill the gaps.

Try to attune to where others are using or preying on you.

Note where you’re overlooking certain behaviours or glossing over or ignoring what’s going on behind closed doors. At times you may favour isolation and solitude, at others there’s space to embrace community with a fresh perspective. Secrets may take time to come out. You might find yourself hiding or healing.

Really recuperate. You might strike gold and diamonds if you chip away and dissipate shame, fear, guilt and buried matter. They may be gifts or treasure!

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