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Shopping Inspiration – Your Aquarius Gift Guide…

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Aquarius is your zany, quirky, futuristic friend.

Popular with everyone and prone to unusual and far-reaching interests it can be a challenging to buy for Aquarius, to say the least. They’re truly the radical innovators and forward-thinkers of the Zodiac, with their finger on the pulse of what’s new, weird and wonderful.

Gadgets and gizmos, fluorescent or space-age touches, or items that help the environment tick a box. They could also be into avant garde styles, loving edgy, rebellious touches about the wardrobe or accessories.

Still struggling? I’ve got some recommendations ready for you, should you want to use the stars as your guide…

Flowers and fragrance for Aquarius…

A fail safe to make anyone smile, flowers and fragrance are always a winner. Aquarius has rulership over blue and white flowers, so create a bouquet to delight them.

Their fragrance notes are Acacia, Frankincense and Myrrh, as well as the Gardenia fragrance.

Futurama – Space Age & Into The Unusual & Unknown…

This sign is a lover of innovation, future trends and forecasting; they love to keep their finger on the pulse and be in the know. In fact, they have a natural affinity for what’s in Vogue, although because they like to go against the grain they won’t always follow conventional fashions.

Truly edgy and evolved, this is the sign that led the hippy movement and the ‘Age of Aquarius’, which saw psychedelia popularised and become mainstream.

Buy your Aqua friend that loves beauty a set of bindis, body paint and third eye glasses for their next festival excursion.

Co-ruled by both Uranus and Saturn, the sign Aquarius is drawn to the unusual, so when choosing a present go for the oddity, the quirky colour, finish or print. This sign appreciates the out of the ordinary – they themselves are different, they stand out in one way or another.

Be Cool, Be Chill…

Aquarius is the coolest sign of the zodiac, and is fascinated with all areas of science. They’ll love these abstract drink chillers, great inspiration to impress your boss or boyfriend.


Your typical Aquarius is an eco-warrior at heart, and will appreciate household items that help him or her save the planet!


Electric Dream

Gadgets and gizmos galore entertain your Aqua friend – they’ve usually got the hottest equipment available, furnishing themselves with the latest gear but ask them if they need any add-ons.

They’ll appreciate the thought and you’ll probably learn about the newest technology known to man!

Watch It!

Amethyst Is Their Crystal…

The crystal of choice for this zodiac sign is Amethyst, so you can buy your friend born under this sign a gemstone they’ll adore.

Or Shoes.


Makeup Your Mind!

Social Calendar – Forever Friends

This isn’t a soppy sign, however to Aquarius their friends are everything.

The most sociable zodiac sign in astrology, the Water Bearer has rulership over groups, social networks and gatherings. Treat your Aquarius buddy to a surprise birthday party! Splash out on an up and coming new venue they’ll love to support.

The subject of astrology falls under Uranus, planetary ruler of Aquarius, so you could also buy them a calendar to track the seasons, satisfying their scientific mind…

Stellar Soundtracks For Your Get Together…

It’s not only the 5th Dimension that sing about Aquarius– for the record, Metronome have a record that’s perfect for an Aqua sing-a-long…


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