Capricorn’s Lucky Color – She’s A Beauty In Black…

Black, dark brown and charcoal grey are the best colours across Capricorn fashion choices.

These are the shades of winter, as the nights draw in and animals hunker down, the tree branches grow bare and barren.

Metaphorically, this time of year represents death and severity, it can be a long cold Winter before the new shoots of springtime burst forth.

Perhaps that’s why our Capricorn sisters look so striking in starker colours, because the sentiment of this sign is seriousness and formality.


Other favourable hues for Capricorn fashion styles are deep moss green or olive, inky French navy, and, this crew can also carry a clean white better than most.

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The truth is, black can look awful on a lot of skin tones. Many of us will look washed out wearing these draining hues. Not so Capricorn, who usually carries this colour with flair.

So Symbolic…

As the colour of the grim reaper we traditionally associate black with funerals, death and it signifies finality and even infertility in some cultures. Avoid if you’re in need of uplifting energy, lighthearted cheer or, if you want to be silly. This is a serious colour for when you’re in work-mode.

Black symbolises power and commands authority, it is a colour for laying down the law and offering protection.

We see this exemplified today as policemen and security guards don black, and judges, barristers, vicars and rabbis and Batman all have their sombre uniform.

So, wear black to assert yourself at work, or feel free to perform crowd control at a party if you’re in a LBD…

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