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What are the best colours for your zodiac sign?

Discover lucky shades for your sign!We know that fashion and what we wear affects how we feel – we can be uncomfortable, awkward and just plain miserable if we’re wearing something we don’t really like, or that doesn’t suit us.

Thankfully the right dress can transform us into a total babe!

Certain shades look simply stunning and will bring out the very best in our features, even our character…

If you’re struggling to find a knock-out colour to suit you read on (and rest assured, there is one).

Colour In Astrology, Use It Or Loose It!

Did you know we can quite literally draw energy from the spectrum of hues, which are in turn linked to the characteristics of the star signs? Hmmmmm, sounds dubious.

Well, nature has long guided us with colour; we know red can signify danger (don’t touch that viper!!) It’s designed to alert the senses, stand out and grab our attention. Green symbolises healing and renewal, while black is shrouded in mystery, concealing the unknown…

We use the language of colour instinctively every day – hospital wards are painted cheerful yellow to lift the spirits and health brands will promote their products with clean aqua colours. We’ll turn to gold if we want something to look expensive, embellishing to give a more exclusive air.

Understandable that each star sign has colours associated with its archetype, and that we can take on the energies of the sign through the power of colour! Find out more about the zodiac and colour in astrology, discover the shades for your star sign…

Quick Cosmic Colour Guide

What’s the lucky colour for your zodiac sign?

Aries: Ravishing In Rouge, Rams = Red

Taurus: Pretty In Pink!

Gemini: Say “Yes” To Yellow

Gemini: Bright White Is Right!

Cancer: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon…

Leo: Go For Gold…

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Leo: Sizzle In Burnt Orange

Virgo: Totally Tawny

Virgo: Fresh Green Dreams…

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Scorpio: Maroon

Sagittarius: Plump For Purple

Capricorn: Beauty In Black

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Aquarius: Turn On The Turquoise

Pisces: See Her In Seafoam

Pisces: Love Her In Lavender


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