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Ashley Nicolette Frangipane known by her stage name Halsey, is an American singer who found fame recording cover songs and posting them on YouTube. She has a musical background, growing up playing the violin, viola, and cello then moving onto the acoustic guitar when she was 14…

What’s Haley’s Star Sign?

Born September 29th 1994, Halsey was born when the sun was in the constellation of lovely Libra, making her zodiac sign Libra.

However Halsey could be better suited to reading a horoscope written for Scorpio!

Planet Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto were all passing through the zodiac sign Scorpio when Halsey was born, lending a lot of Scorpionic forces to the singer’s thinking, dress style and much more.

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Scorpio is a deeply mysterious sign, interested in the darker sides of life and with Mercury (the thinking planet) in Scorpio Halsey will be much more mentally attuned to the characteristics of sexy Scorpio.

Venus sits with Jupiter in Halsey’s birth chart (below), giving an excessive quality to Venusian energies. Jupiter makes everything it touches bigger, Venus represents femininity, love, what we like and how we dress up. People with this astrological aspect are likely to be popular, kind and generous – they could be too giving or overly sympathetic.

This pairing of planets could also be linked to her big musical talent!

The moon travels the circuit of the zodiac very fast – a whole turn during the month. Our moon sign is equally as important as the sun, and Halsey’s moon in its own sign, Cancer, which means she could be incredibly sensitive with a great need for emotional security. Her moon is closely aligned with Mars, which indicates her feelings are incredibly important and strong.

Halsey’s Horoscope – Birth Chart


Born 29th September 1994 In New Jersey, USA

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